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Official Captain America appearance in Malaysia

Well just hours after I posted my blog about how much the local Captain America: Civil War road show in Malaysia lacked content, Sunway Pyramid dropped this bomb of a poster. Sunway Pyramid kept this as a surprise & only revealed this on the premiere night of #CaptainAmericaCivilWar in Malaysia on Weds 27 April. Obviously it wouldn’t be Mr. Chris Evans himself appearing or else they would have about a months worth of promotion haha not to mention the tons of $$ involed. So based on experience, my best guess was that it would be “an official licensed costume worn by a kuai-lo model”. In the end I was right… but then again there was so much more to it than that.

What was interesting (cute funny) was that the Sunway Pyramid FB page didn’t really know how to phrase what was going to take place. I don’t know whether they wanted to keep certain things ambiguous so to keep the shoppers in suspense or was it a licensee guidelines… I won’t know but I just felt that I must go! The sign above phrased it “Meet & Greet Marvel’s Captain America”. The Sunway Pyramid FB page coined it as “OMG! MARVEL’S CAPTAIN AMERICA CHARACTER IS COMING TO SUNWAY PYRAMID?” and “Come take a picture with Marvel’s Captain America character this 28th April to 2nd May…”. Marvel’s Captain America character? Hehe that caught my attention.

Here are some pics at the special appearance of the official Captain America mascot at the Sunway Pyramid – Captain America: Civil War road show.


He kindly obliged to pose like the image on my tee shirt! 😀 And I think I was the only one from the crowd who understood when he said “Let’s do 2 poses… first one back to back”… haha cosplayer talk xD I must admit.. my right arm felt missing a shield xD


I was telling him I wore the right shirt in my collection for the right version of Cap – the Avengers 1 version designed by Agent Phil Coulson

Why is this so special?

  1. This is the official movie costume, made by the same production house in California who made the Avengers 1 wardrobe. YES, the shield too. It is the aluminium metal promotional shield use for media appearances, not the stunt shield (rubber) or the actor shield (carbon fibre). Whether the costume & shield is screen-used, I don’t know. But it was awesome. His glove alone had all those blue patches like seen in the actual prop display at SDCC 2012.
  2. The Captain America talent is the official contracted individual to represent the character of Captain America at Disneyland theme parks worldwide. In short, this means in the Disneyland Universe, when you say “Captain America is coming” it means this guy is coming! Like how in the MCU, when they say Captain America himself is coming to Singapore…. it means Mr. Chris Evans!
  3. Professional? The appearance team was flown in all the way from Anahiem, California… home to the first & original Disneyland (now Resort too)!
  4. Professional? The appearance is conducted, run & overseen by Disney folks from the South East Asia Regional office and Anahiem, California.
  5. Professional? You got to hear about the working guidelines & ethics from the event production folks. Very educational & inspiringly insightful.

If you haven’t caught it yet do head down to Sunway Pyramid because this professional & official sanctioned appearance is only for a limited time only = 28 April – 2 May.

Appearance is 4 times daily: 12pm, 2:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

Blur photo yes… but it is a key moment as a fan. It’s the same feeling I had when I read in the comic where Captain America meets with President Roosevelt after a successful mission & it was President Roosevelt that presented Cap with the gift of the new round shaped shield to replace the old one! In awe

I’d rather take a picture saluting him but we’re only allowed a short time on stage & only limited to 2 photo clicks… apparently.

Captain Ameica: Civil War is showing now in Malaysian cinemas nationwide!
#TeamCap #TeamIronMan #CaptainAmerica #CivilWar#SunwayPyramid

*YES! Thanks to special previleges, I was allowed to touch the real, screen prop, movie shield!*


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