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DC Comics Multiverse 6″ Exclusive – Batman Unmasked

The next 6″ figure in the @BatmanVSuperman DC series (formerly Movie Masters) is out with the new dreaded revised price too -__- only 1 new figure though. Personally I feel that if you’re bent on assembling / completing the BvS Batman grapnel blaster, you just have to buy this figure! From the cover it says that this figure is an exclusive add-on.

Else where on the internet it is mentioned that you can either buy this or a variant that happens to be Superman with alternate ‘heat vision eyes’. Both these figures come with the same “grappling hook” part of the BvS Batman grapnel blaster gun. This is one of the 8 parts needed to complete the grapnel blaster. This figure is unofficially figure number 5… which means 3 more to go.

Anyone of you collecting this series? Would you like to show us your collection?

 #BatmanVSuperman #Batman #Superman #BvS

#Mattel #GrapnelBlaster #DCcomics #DCcomicsMultiverse

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