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DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe – Pavilion KL Opening

KUALA LUMPUR – Thursday, 2 June 2016 – The DC Superheroes flagship store in Malaysia just got better! Part of the store was converted into the cafe & despite the first DC Superheroes Cafe already existing in Sunway Putra Mall, the Cafe extension of it also just got BETTER!

So to start off, the menu from Putra Mall got an upgrade with the new choices of Main Dishes. There added Pizza, Spaghetti, Burgers etc. Check out the shots of the menu! 

The Sunway Putra Mall menu had mostly coffee, tea & snacks on the menu. the Menu was shaped as the Daily Planet or the Gotham City Times. At Pavilion, it’s a comic with pages from some famous issues of DC comics i.e. Action Comics #1, Action Comics #252 etc. 

Food portions are pretty substantial for the average persons empty stomach. Us the 2 honchos at Cosplay-Fun turning 40 this year, ordered the Suicide Cordon Bleu & the Black is the Knight with a drink each & we were stuffed. We didn’t order any appetizers or soup… we went straight for the main dish since it was the new editions in comparison to the Sunway Putra Mall (SPM) outlet.

Suicide Cordon Bleu

The Secret of the Ooze! haha tribute to the recent TMNT & Batman comic!

Black is the Knight

The drink called What’s Left of Krypton akan Ice Mocha

This is called Yuzu Clark, Yuzu. I thought it was Aquaman’s… oh that’s just me haha

However, we did take a short break, had a chat with the owner & some other friends. After that we had a little space for the recommended dessert on the menu, the chefs specialty, his creme brulee aka The Justice 3. Wow that was yummy & apparently it is the chefs signature forte after having a study under a dessert chef.

The Justice 3

This is called From the Seas of Krypton

Food is premium, tasty & with a touch of DC Comics! Price is also premium for the menu also offers premium ingredients like Smoked Duck, Mussels, Scallops, Ciabatta Bread, Australia Beef, Charcoal Black Bread, Squid Ink Spaghetti etc. I think of it as geek fine dining! Why? Well because if you wanna talk about the fine dining atmosphere… then this place is a geeks den for a DC baptism!

This is called OA Flavoured

What I liked best about the entire dining experience was:

  • The food was good & tasty. My senses could savour the quality in the ingredients which should happen in a fine dining restaurant experience.
  • It was quite an immersive experience being able to chill out at a food place surrounded with licensed collectibles of your favourite heroes or even villains.
  • This geek den was so immersive that after a while sitting here it started to feel quite inspiring. Ideas started bubbling haha!
  • Rare but 100% possible you might bump into someone famous. Not just famous – famous… I mean Hollywood famous!!

    Tazito Garcia – multi talented pro athlete, model, stunt man and actor. You will see him soon in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

    Superman? Or more recently Mr. Ray Palmer aka The Atom! Now this sight would really freak me out because he is my favourite Superman alive (RIP Mr. Christohper Reeves), Mr. Brandon Routh!

All in all it really reminded me of the charm that was Myscififan Outpost Cafe (2007 – 2010) at Cineleisure Damansara (aka E@Curve). It was a geek hang out,  cosplay hub, hobby demos… a community gathering location for board gamers, video gamers, collectors, movie buffs & all things pop culture. I think it the idea & concept was way ahead of it’s time. If it was open now, I think it would be doing extremely well. What is the myscififan Outpost Cafe? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66NBDGc2LjA Those of you who want to open or has already opened a Geek theme cafe… could learn a thing or two from the folks at the former Outpost Cafe 🙂

Anyways, that’s in the past, whats in the now is the spiffy new DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Pavilion! Their kitchen folks, baristas & chef are all ready for the challenge to take your orders. Speaking to the owner, he has heard of all the troubles & complaints at the initial outlet in SPM, so this time round he has prepped them ready. It is actually very cool to see the owner there himself on the first few days of the cafe’s operation.

This is only the beginning! I’m looking forward to more exciting offers, dishes & event activities in the days to come… not to mention a Suicide Squad making it to the big screen.

Full event photos here: FB Album DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe – Pavilion KL opening 
A BIG Thanks to JT Network, DC Comics Super Heroes MYS  and of course the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Pavilion for having us 🙂 

#DCComics #Batman #Superman #JusticeLeague #DCSuperHeroesMY #DCCafe

@BrandonRouth #BrandonRouth


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