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Ghostbusters (2016) Review – NO SPOILERS

Wow! Where do I start? Well I guess – THANKS – is always a good place to start from. So first of all thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia for the invite to the press screening! Cosplay-Fun was able to catch this reboot ahead of all the folks but also getting to experience it in IMAX 3D. So next would be a big thanks to TGV for hosting the press screening at their IMAX 3D cinema.

As you may already know this movie is not part 3 in the series but a reboot of the 80s cult classic movie series Ghostbusters (1984). I was fortunate to be able to catch it’s sequel in the cinema, Ghostbusters II (1989). I think I caught it at Cathay on Jalan Bukit Bintang, haha a hint at how old I am haha. This movie franchise had an interesting mix of comedy, science fiction & the paranormal. What I liked about it was that the cast of the Ghostbusters team played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson had a very good chemistry of humour and character stereotypes that didn’t demean race or ethnicity. And the other thing that is subtle but obvious was that the common folks / geek / nerds / socially weird (but brilliant) triumph over the ‘professional’ folks – aka they SAVE THE DAY! SAVE THE WORLD! Now that is always something to cheer for.


Look at those? I’ve watched all of them, watched the animated ones & also played the game (PS3).  I also have the soundtrack of Ghostbusters II on cassette if any of you still know what that is! Haha I just dropped the verses of Spirit by Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew just to refresh my ‘semangat’ for the movie. It had a good feel.

Now back to what is called Ghostbusters 2016 – just like any reboot or pop culture icon made in to a movie… there will be persecution! Again, let’s start at my favourite place – THANKFULNESS. So first of all thank goodness Uwe Boll was no where near this project because we all know how that would turn out.

In short this movie was great! It was not only a reboot (or some would say ‘genderswap’ reboot), it was also a current day & age UPDATE… if not an UPGRADE! There is so much apt tribute & respect to the franchise. This movie even fills in evolving issues of equipment, gear, locality and socially that even the original movies by passed. It felt more ‘well thought of’ as a whole journey.

TRIBUTE & RESPECT to the franchise – with original writer Dan Aykroyd & original Director Ivan Reitman still around, any fan should be fairly confident the originals will be respected.

Here is the sign of the level of tribute & respect – CAMEOS! The number of cameos is off the charts! Look for familiar faces, places, things, apparitions, names, gear & even lines – “Who you gonna call?”. There’s also tribute to the 80’s as Ghostbusters was an 80’s pop culture icon for a few reasons. MTV started 1981 & music videos were introduced to the Television world. However it always had a bias against black music artist & by 1984… it could no longer ignore the exploits of Michael Jackson hit songs & elaborate music videos (1983). The other hit it could not ignore was Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Who you gonna call?).

CAST – Interesting fact is that Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong  are Saturday Night Live (SNL) regulars and Bill Murray + Dan Aykroyd were SNL stars in their own right. Melissa McCarthy has hosted SNL 4 times. Well this means that they have a knack for comedy! This movie has 6 Oscar Nominees!

I found that these funny ladies did well as a team. They had a comedic chemistry & were able to pull off their character back stories given to them. I’m happy they didn’t do a Battlestar Gallactica – Starbuck in which the 70’s character was a guy & the 2004 series character of the same name is now a girl. So the names Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddmore will be left untouched & this series will be about the adventures of Yates, Gilbert, Holtzman & Tolan.

Two things that stood out for me – the cast performance made me feel empathise with these characters about ‘successful woman’ in this day & age. I thought it was a very important & relevant theme. They win your heart & will get you to root for them! If you think they are weak & powerless = which equals ‘lame’ then this movie is not for you haha The other thing was to break the stereotype of funny people (actor) playing different character genre i.e. Melissa McCarthy: plays a smart mouthed thief (Identity Thief), plays a accidental spy (Spy), plays a old skool street cop (Heat) etc. So for this movie, it felt that the team had some shoes to fill… character guidelines… source material to live up to in which it Melissa McCarthy & team did! Kudos!

*OMG Kate McKinnon! You stole my attention every single time!!*

Kudos! Let’s not forget the talented Chris Hemsworth who was able to show the other side of his talents in his native accent! Great casting. Enjoy his dudsy ‘beefcake’ performance!

Just in case you’re still uncomfortable with the fact that this beloved 80’s icon has become this 2016 ‘genderswap’ reboot, the Ray Parker Jr. classic music theme will not only help usher you along the journey but becomes almost a sort of lay motive for this movie to bridge the old & the new. Tribute again! This really works for me.

DOWNSIDE – Just a 2 minor snags I didn’t like: I was not a fan of the new PKE (psycho kenetic energy) meter haha I like the animated series one! 

To quote Mr. Ray Parker Jr. on the latest Ghostbusters song by Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliot – “It is interesting”. I’m not sold on it but I’m not a narrow minded purest either haha I really enjoy the Ghostbusters II soundtrack! Fans would remember Run DMC did their version of the title song there too. Keeping to another Ghostbusters tribute  which is being a located in the BIG APPLE… New York City! I felt Run DMC was a cool choice!! Ironically Ghostbusters was never shot in NYC xD haha TRIVIA!

CONCLUSION: From my point of view as a fan of movies and pop culture, there’s much to praise & enjoy about this movie. Being a child of the 80s also helps as it was a really exciting era for media, music and technology! Sharing more than the above would give away spoilers and we at Cosplay-Fun would definitely want to save that for you all to experience ON OUR OWN… I mean – on you own. (GB II Soundtrack pun). Girls / ladies / women are here since Day  6 of the Genesis creation and they are here to stay so I don’t see why can’t they get some light of day in Hollywood! Get over it!! Hahaha! Strong relevant themes of friendship, team work & people diversity should be something championed for in this day and age where almost everything surrounding us is trying to divide us. No bikins, skippy clothing, lingerie, cleavage, hot young girls were used to communicate this message either! So I echo again by saying that this 2016 GB Team is an update or even an upgrade from the 80s.

Kudos to Director Paul Feig on a great job as well as surviving the onslaught of death threats by hardcore purist . This gets my 8/ 10 STARS for being more than just a movie to pass the time in the summer! It’s interesting that Paul Feig said that the initial cut ran 4 hours 15 minutes long & now the theatrical release is 1 hour 56 mintues… so I am wondering will there be an extended version later?? ala Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition? hehehe We’ll see!

Watch it in IMAX 3D or 2D digital is not much of a difference but if you like a closer encounter with apparitions & ectoplasm (slime) then go watch it in IMAX 3D.


BUT WAIT!! THAT’S NOT ALL!! Do stay back  when the credits roll to see more pleasant surprises… and 1 POST CREDIT SCENE!! Mind you this is not a Marvel movie!! haha!! It’s a short but good one so stay back hard core fans!!!

Ghostbusters opens in Malaysian Cinemas 14 JULY 2016

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For more festivities check out the Ghostbusters Adventure Live! at Sunway Lagoon that launches this very week! 

Also did you know that we have our very own official Ghostbusters Malaysia fan club… costumes, props, gear available!! Now pass the Proton Packs! huhu After 27 years…. “Busting makes me feel good” again!! 




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