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A tribute to Narukids

I’m so crushed this Monday afternoon to hear of the passing Narukids Deadfish. She lost her  3rd battle with cancer this morning.  I can’t really function to do the tasks I set out to do for today. Maybe after I do this, I can move on.

I said 3rd is because she managed to beat it twice before. And as she decided not to go thru a 3rd battle using chemotherapy again, doctor only gave her 6 months. Mind you doctor told her this early last year. So I’d say she still won this round too! hehe Managed to beat what the doctor said too haha. Maybe he got on to a bonus level or soemthing.. but that what I wanna believe 🙂 I think she got in 14 months & more.

She was a VERY very loved person in the community. A friend, cosplayer, colleague, sister, kakak, adik or adek… she was always very gentle, helpful, funny, and HUGE Harry Potter fan aka Potterhead! One of the real “senpai” in our local cosplay community. These days the word ‘senpai’ is thrown around very lightly but I believe that she is one of the few authentic ones. 

Time out from photo shoot to makan cake sambil bergaya!

In my opinion, being a ‘senpai’ is not just about how much one has accomplished but also how much one has accomplished for others. Giving some back to the very community that we are apart of. For me part of what ‘community’ means is that we help each other. We may not know all the youth culture types in Malaysia…. but one thing we do know is that we cosplayers know what the cosplay community in our city is like 🙂 One cannot help everyone single person but we do what we can, with what we have. 

She’s been cosplaying for 11 years but still a humble & simple person … very ‘king of the background’ as she likes to be. She helps others with their cosplay projects, she helps her buddies with competition preparations, becomes stage ninja and even attends cosplay events to support her friends who are competing. Once she even came to help us (Cosplay-FUN event) to jaga beg during one of our events because there just wasn’t anyone else around… let alone one who wanted to do something so unglamourous. 


“She appreciated beautiful things and in return was beautiful”.

I remember she saw this pic I took of her & she like it. Then she asked me for it :>

The only comfort for me right now is to know that you are in a better place. A place where sickness, illness & pain can’t harm you ever again. You will always be remembered with the sweetest & fondest memories. To the one and only Narukids Deadfish, my Siti Dura ❤ Till we meet again….. will miss you much!

– Every death is a lost but let it help us contemplate our own mortality as we live on –

A tribute to a good friend Lisa Alice, gone too soon. -The Captain-

#Narukids #NarukidsDeadfish #LisaAlice #SitiDarliza


It’s not good bye but a DEPARTURE from this world… Okuribito! This version with the London Symphony Orchestra is so beautiful!


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