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Cosplay Corner 2016 – 10 Reasons to GO!

It’s just hours away to the debut of the event Cosplay Corner! This is a first time event but it’s not the first event that the organisers are put. Personally I was not for the idea of them after they debut their successful 3DS Corner just last year. It’s pretty quick to embark on a new genre… especially one that’s already been very saturated!

After a short chat with the event director it was clear that Cosplay Corner was not going to be yet another “All in One” ACG event. It’s fundamental design is one that is very close to our heart here at Cosplay-Fun too! “A cosplay centered event to enjoy with friends and fans”.

When the Captain first started cosplaying in 2006, there were no MEGA* events yet except for Comic Fiesta who drew a crowd of 6,000+ folks over 2 days (please correct me if the number is wrong). Events back then were smaller, cozy and had enough space for cosplayers to mingle… chit chat. Avid cosplayers & photographers will know what I’m talking about.

*by mega events – we mean ACG events that can pull in more than 1,000 in attendance*

So we are really excited about Cosplay Corner because it is intentionally designed to be a “cosplay centered” event. Cosplay competition, cosplay market, cosplay performance, cosplay tutorials, cosplay photo competition… even cosplay emcees!! = COSPLAY CENTERED event! 🙂 So with the organisers being gamers at heart + coincidental event date – they are parking the 3DS Gathering 2016 x Pokemon Go Launch at the Cosplay Corner event… at absolutely no extra charge to the entry fee!

Here’s 10 reasons to check out Cosplay Corner! Full article here.

  1. Cup Cat Studios is setting up a sample of background for attendees.

  2. The GG Twins are the Guest Emcees.

  3. Cosplay Stage Competition

  4. Cosplay Photo Competition

  5. Community Activities

  6. Cosplay Tutorials

  7. Cosplay Performers

  8. Guest Videographer

  9. MonHonCoser! (Monster Hunter Cosplayer) Benefits!

  10. Pokemon Go Launch Party! (blog post here)

There is a very nostalgic “humble begins / origins” vibe to it! It’s feels like it’s going to be a place to cosplay with fans & friends… as well as have the chance to meet and make some new ones too!

One of the things Cosplay-Fun always wanted to do was to have cosplay-centered event. This is so lacking in events today which usually opt for the “all in one” event concept style. The other irony is that, for the ACG pop culture genre that is the most visually impressive, crowd pulling and has magic like charisma… it doesn’t get their centered event or rather is NOT the highlight of their own event. And to a certain extend cosplay gets snubbed too at some mega events.

Is the “all in one” better than the “centered” event? We can’t say for sure. Maybe after we’ve organised a mega “all in one” event & a mega “centered” event we can give you some feedback. One thing we can say however, is that if your event is literally your own baby aka brain child, then you should stick to vision / goal in which you set out to achieve.

To all pop culture event organisers out there, keep up the good work! Event organising is a tough job. It’s not meant for everyone… and not everyone who is in it survives for long. Have a good 2nd half 2016!

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