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Special Offer Japanese Artist audio CD Albums

UPDATED 5 October 2016 – Looks like the offer is still on … here’s what we’ve found at Speedy Video – Ikano Power Centre (IPC). #MikaNakashima #YoshidaBrothers #Piko


Hey friends & fans,

18 August 2016 – Was going by the usual rounds last month & walked into Speedy Video and saw that they were having (still having checked yesterday) a special offer price for Japanese Artist audio CDs! I think the highlight offer was more for the K-POP stuff… but the part I was only interested in the Japanese CDs section which is really …. really …. really few. All these offer stuff is going for RM31.90! Not particularly amazing price but if you’re a fan of getting the original CD of your favourite band then – EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!! –

Normally these Japanese artist albums range from RM60.90 – RM90 which is way out of my average budget. Even if you buy directly from Japan online… you’ll still have to cough up numbers like this. So with this latest offer price, it is very much welcomed! I hunted down many of the Speedy Video outlets because I’m such a SCANDAL fan and I wanted to see what I could get. So far these were my prized find! The SCANDAL Osaka Jo Hall 2013 concert DVD is such a bonus! I didn’t know they even brought them in. Again – EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!! –

Here are some other nice finds that you all might like:

  • Eir Aoi – Aube (1 Utama & Leisure Mall)
  • Haku – Wonderland (1 Utama)
  • Kalafina – Consolation / The Best “Red” (1 Utama)
  • Scandal – Queen are Trumps (1 Utama & a few others) / Encore Show (only 1 at 1 Utama)
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (can’t remember which one) (Leisure Mall)
  • Ikamono-gakari – Baradon / Newtral / Hajimari no Uta / Members Best Selection (Leisure Mall)
  • Angela Aki – Blue (Mid Valley, Great Eastern Mall)
  • Yui (can’t remember which one) (Leisure Mall)

Happy hunting!

#Jpop #JRock #JapaneseMusic #SpeedyVideo #Scandalband #Scandal #EirAoi #Haku #Kalafina #KraryPamyuPamyu #Ikamonogakari #AngelaAki #Yui #QueensAreTrumps #EncoreShow #EverybodySayYeah #CosplayFunMY

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