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Iori Nomizu Live in Kuala Lumpur

UPDATED 21 October 2016 – added official image & audio show reel!!


2 months ago as I was looking if any date had been set for the reopening of the Lot 10 Isetan after it’s closing in 2015. Of course I’m excited to read that Isetan has inked an agreement with Cool Japan to help promote Japanese (Pop) Culture and in Malaysia the Lot 10 outlet will be transformed… But “date please! anyone?”. Then I read about the target date being October 2016… huhu Great news for us & our country!! MALAYSIA YEAH! “Everybody say YEAH!”

Anyways then later about 5 weeks ago, a little blue bird told me that there might be a seiyu coming down to KL for an event… again my reaction is “Everybody say YEAH!”. Whether it’s true or not… still “Everybody say YEAH!” haha Well there are different ‘little blue birds’, some are hopeful ones, some are disillusioned, some are mental and then there are the few who when they say ‘maybe’ or ‘might be’ it actually means = reliable sources are already at work in making it happen…51% of work is already done. Now these are the mostly the ONLY little blue birds in whom I would like to meet up, work with and whose words I will take heed of 😀 Reliable people are HARD to find! God bless them more please! haha

Anyways the time has come to announce the event itself & will great excitement + anticipation … here it goes (according to the official info):


Popular Japanese Voice Actress & Singer, Iori Nomizu is coming to Kuala Lumpur as part of the grand opening celebration event for Isetan The Japan Store (at Lot 10) to share the story of voice acting industry and anime production! Fans will get to experience the voice acting training with Iori and be able to take photo together and get an autograph from Iori!

There will be total of 4 shows and it will be held on

29 & 30 October 2016
CUBE 4, 3rd Flr Isetan Lot 10, KL
2pm – 3:30pm & 4:30pm – 6pm.
Ticket RM150 per person.

For booking please PM Toybox Projects
or email tickets@toybox-projects.com

人気声優で歌手の野水伊織さんがクアラルンプールへ、伊勢丹 The Japan Storeのグランドオープニングイベントの催し物の一つとしていらっしゃいます。



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So Iori Nomizu is a star singer & seiyu from Japan who was born in Gunma & now resides in Hokkaido. Her most notable credits are Yoshino who is the main character from the anime Date A Live, Haruna the main character of the anime Is This A Zombie?, supporting characters in Heaven’s Lost Property (in which she started her career), Kantai Collection: Kancolle, Stein’s Gate and Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing.

She has also contributed her singing talents to most of the series she has started in notably Date A Live, Heaven’s Lost Property, Is This A Zombie?, Kantai Collection: Kancolle and more. Gamers on the other hand might know her for being the Japanese voice of Cecilia A. Mercury in the hit fighting game series BlazBlue. She also appeared as a support in the Atelier games series – Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk and of course the Kancolle game.

Here is her ‘show reel’ as we call it! It’s basically just a sample of some of her works 🙂 Can you spot which characters from which series she is playing?


For more detailed resource you can check out: Anime News Network, Wikipedia, MyAnimeList.

THE EVENT – So whats happening at this event?

  • Industry Introduction – there will be a short introduction on Japanese Anime Production and the Voice Acting Industry.

  • Practice & Practical – try voice acting, get tips from our guest and see how an expert does it.

  • Meet & Greet – photo and autograph session with the artiste.


About the Organiser

So basically KADOKAWA Contents Academy (KCA) belongs to the Japanese media conglomerate KADOKAWA, which in it’s group of subsidiaries include publishing (books,manga, magazines), film & visuals (anime, movies) and cross media (digital content, internet, mobile). KADOKAWA has recently become the new owner of Gempak Starz in Malaysia.

KCA aims to cultivate youngsters with the passion to be creators by offering education courses in all aspects of the Japanese creation expertise

Among the KCA courses available are Manga, Character design, Card game illustration, Light novel, 2D and 3D animation, Voice acting and so forth.

KCA has already opened in Taipei (Taiwan), Bangkok (Thailand) and will be looking forward to opening more education bases in Asia over the next few years.



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