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Cosplay Corner 2016 – Event Visit

I would have published this earlier but I just could not find the event photos. This is the first time since doing event coverage to misplace all my footage. So I must apologize for not having the photos to this event. #UPDATED – I’ve found the pics tucked away on a flash drive *phew*#

In my 10 years in the cosplay community, I’ve only been to KDU College (DJ campus) once. It’s not for lack of events but there was a golden era where the KDU Anime Club folks were really active. They loved to dance & would form teams to do dance performances / presentations. Mind you this is back in 2007 – 2009 era. Talk about the early stage of “group dance” performances we see today at ACG events haha. The cool part is that we still meet each other once in a while at events… it’s very nostalgic šŸ™‚

Anyways so after so many years have past, I make my return to KDU (DJ campus) hall for an event. Mind you the last event to take place here was a pretty EPIC… I would call it the first event ‘western’ comic con called – MGCCon… Malaysian Games & Comic Convention back in 2012. They had 4 – 5 guest artist who were or was drawing for western comic publishers like Marvel and DC.

So this time it was again nostalgic to walk thru this campus as all this history starts to enfold again, however the event at hand is Cosplay Corner.

From the small community folks who were semangat to not just go of events but to take on event organising, they started with what is known as 3DS Corner – a meet up gathering of friends & fans of the platform. Then 3DS Corner became a fan gathering ‘1 day event’ for enthusiast to meet but also have a string of activities to interact with the community.

After their version 2.0 fan gathering at CF15… the main man himself, Syafiq Nizar Radzi & his team decided to embark on another passion of theirs – Cosplay. To my understanding there has not been a event specific for cosplay. It’s also ironic but I’ve said this before that of all the yearly staple ACG events… none of the event names has the word ‘cosplay’ in them! Except for C2AGE by HELP University College! Yea, some might say “it’s just a name” but a name does say something about you & leaves an impression of you in the hearts of others!

Anyways, no returning to the story of Cosplay Corner. So in a very good way the very capable folks from 3DS Corner lead by Syafiq, put it in their mind to create a cosplay centered event. What’s a “cosplay centered” event? Well it’s basically an event in which it’s focus to cater for cosplay & cosplayers. Example: what activities are happening at Cosplay Corner? –Ā Cosplay competition, cosplay market, cosplay performance, cosplay tutorials, photography tutorial, photography contest, cosplay photo competitionā€¦ even the emcees are cosplayers!

In most other events, it’s like an “all in one” style content. It’s got a little something for everyone – original doujin artwork, doujin craft, merchandise, card gamers, cosplayers, live music, singing competition, toy display, cosplay work shop, video game competition etc. Nothing wrong with this but rather it’s a style preference by organisers.

=============EVENT REVIEW=============

16195025_1389756264402388_2588630499900254117_nThe atmosphere was like that of a very chilled out fan event! Folks are greeted with the CupCat Studios booth & back drops as you enter. After that is the special Monster Hunter back drop with props on display too! Then we had the Parallele Paraiso booth which was doing the great service of helping folks sell off their pre-loved cosplay stuff.


16142758_1389756617735686_1620660716658606901_nLive on the stage was the infamous GG Twins!! Cosplay competitors, competition winners and now emcee host too! The ‘bros’ were doing a great job holding down the mics thru the 2 days as there were many many activities going on. The Pokemon Go launch was a cool edition… but cool just doesn’t mean lucky haha It took some foresight as well as a gamble on Syafi’s part as the Malaysian launch date was not out when Cosplay Corner 2016 was announce. So he decided to make some extra preparations just in case the launch date was near Cosplay Corner. Lo & behold it did in fact fall near to this date & to put the cherry on the sundae, he managed to secure the officialĀ Pokemon GO freebies & merchandise for the folks who will attend.Ā 16114682_1389757191068962_668292354861523241_n

DOWNSIDE – There was a big huha on the first day because of the extremely limited parking space in & around KDU. Booth vendors had trouble getting parking which is absolutely a horror when you’ve got losta stuff for your table. However on day 2, the committee was quick to respond & come up with a solution to sort the situation.

16195084_1389756647735683_1978315809226517835_nCONCLUSION – Apart from the rookie mistake… and that they are not really ‘rookies’ haha there is much more to this eventĀ than just the event. Ā I really felt likeĀ it is the beginning on something special, which is why I really wanted to make it for this event. I think Cosplay CornerĀ goĀ somethings right – right from the start… which makes me believe it can becomeĀ  a great event.

  1. They have a vision.
  2. They saw a need &Ā responded.
  3. They are quick to learn.
  4. They areĀ fronted by a leader who is humble, appreciative, determined, and has the people (team & fans)Ā in mind.
  5. They are fans & enthusiast themselves.

Full photo album here: Cosplay Corner – Event Visit

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