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Doctor Strange (2016) – Review NO SPOILERS

Welcome @DrStrange Doctor Strange to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Caught it in @IMAX @TGVCinemas and apparently everybody should because the movie was specially formatted to be watched in IMAX.

Right from the start we were already caught in awe! That spiffy new MARVEL STUDIOS reveal!! Oh BABY! You had me at …*sound of pages flipping*

FULL REVIEW later but in short:
– It had all the best parts of what I remembered from my dads Dr. Strange 3 in 1 comic digest – translated from the Steve Ditko art of the 70s into todays CGI!
– the casting choice was very spot on again from Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange to Mads Mikklesen. A great caliber of acting talent… even Rachel McAdams! in case anyone wants to comment she is just eye candy!
– We saw “Inception”- like effects & was worried if Marvel copied, but rest assured Marvel made it their own.
– A big welcome to Marvel multi-universe & parallel universes
– To watch in normal or IMAX 3D? Well it was specially formatted for IMAX so it would make sense to got watch it in that format. The score sounded great in the TGV 1 Utama IMAX hall. However the fighting scenes were quite close up and the city flipping & merging is really huge… so you might want to choose a good seat behind for IMAX 3D. If the timing or the price is not really working for you then just catch the normal version… in which I think it doesn’t weaken the overall impact or integrity of Marvel’s first mystical outing.
– Director @ScottDerrickson Scott Derrickson did a great job balancing the bar between creepy and “splat pack”. Pace was good, story line was clear &… witty!!
– Score Maestro @M_Giacchino Michael Giacchino showing yet again another facet of his musical arsenal! Amazing!
– Catch all the easter eggs & the name drops.

**2 extra Scenes at the end – 1 in Mid Credits and 1 Post Credits**
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