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Manga Festival and JAPAN Weekend – MALAYSIA

Heard that there was a Manga Festival happening in KL & 4 artist will be down signing autographs…. WOW! Excited but couldn’t find much info about it then… but a couple of days ago I managed to tie them all together & figure out why things were the way they were lol šŸ˜€

Anyways I talk faster then I type… & can post faster then blog so to grab all that info about:

  1. Manga Festival in Malaysia 2016 – What’s happening? And where?
  2. Suddenly got J POP Signature concert? And it’s free?
  3. Why so sudden? Why so short notice?
  4. Why so last minute leh?
  5. Don’t wear Team Valor & Team Mystic shirts
  6. “Ada apa dengan JAPAN Weekend?”
  7. Overloaded event weekend!

The Official artwork & promo poster at Suria KLCC – Facebook Album

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