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Animangaki Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Malaysia’s 2nd largest ACG event is back and this year marks the 10th ANIMANGAKI! What started out as a first time event for the Sun-U Anime Club (SUAC) on 27 – 28 June 2009, has now become a staple August month convention event that’s drawing 18,500+ people over 2 days (2017).

The first 4 years were tough, as the SUAC club kept changing presidents each year as the students graduate. And then from the 5th year on they made the jump from Sunway College hall to Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre!


Of the top 3 colleges (with ACG events) in the first decade of the millennium, only Animangaki remains consistent (without skipping a year) and thriving with their Sunway Anime Club roots in tact.

So I salute you guys! Keep up the good work team!! -The Captain-


Here are some of the highlights for this years event!!



AniManGaki 2018 Theme: Role Playing Game (RPG)

Marks our 10th year in the scene, and is expected to be our biggest one yet. It will be held at the SUNWAY PYRAMID CONVENTION CENTER on 18th-19th August 2018. New expansions to the event include an LED screen on our stage and additional play space (Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall LG2 Central Avenue). We are projecting 20,000 attendees and 100,000+ foot traffic from Malaysia and its neighboring countries in 2018.


1) Cosplay Competition
Sponsored by Warlord, Armaggeddon & TokyoNinki

An abbreviation of ’costume’ and ‘play’, cosplay is an increasingly popular hobby worldwide. Fans usually attend the vent in their own tailored costumes and role-play as their favourite character. One of our anchor activity as participants perform sketches on stage and make their best impersonation of the cosplayed character. Winning team of this competition will compete against other Malaysian cosplay champions at the annual Cosplay Invitational.

2) AniManGaki Idol
Sponsored by Warlord & SonicGear

Another popular anchor activity in which contestants show off their singing skills and compete in front of a judge panel and live audience. The longest of its kind in Malaysian ACG events, also jumpstarted the career of many local ACG singers. This year, we will be doing a Battle Royale in which previous winners of AniManGaki Idol from years 2010-2017 will return to stage and compete for the ultimate AniManGaki Idol Champion title.

3) Art Competition
Sponsored by Artisul

Pre-event activity in which participants submit their artworks online. Winning entries will be featured at our gallery area on event days. Champion wins a drawing tablet, and will have their artwork featured on the back page of AMG 2018 event booklet.

4) Doodle 4 AniManGaki Contest
Sponsored by Sakura

For those who love to doodle, attendees may pick up a canvas from the Sakura booth and enter the contest for free. Winning entries may win up to RM1000 worth of Sakura products!

5) Omatsuri
Think of it as a mini fun fair, consisting of game booths. Attendees get to test their skills and try their luck at winning some prizes, by playing games like archery, shooting cans, and ball toss.

6) The Trading Card Game of Thrones
Organized by Yokozuna Card Game, attendees may participate in four special tournaments; Pokemon, Vanguard, Battle Spirits, or Weiß Schwarz.

7) Lawak Kampus 15th Anniversary Exhibition
Presented by Kadokawa Gempak Starz

Celebrating 15 years of Lawak Kampus by local cartoonist, Keith. Exhibition will be located at LG2 Central Avenue, Sunway Pyramid Mall.

8) Collectibles Display Hall
A collaborative work made possible by the Hobbies and Collectibles Community Malaysia, attendees can marvel at the large collection of figurines or action figures, learn from exhibitors about maintenance works or tips on starting their own collection, and even join a community that interests them.

9) Special Interest Panels/Workshop
A platform for collaborators to showcase their works and the opportunity to create awareness or educate the attendees on their company/products/services.

10) Doujin Alley (Artist Tables)
Artists set up booths to display their works, sell handmade crafts to attendees, and fulfil commission requests. We will have 120 artist tables at AniManGaki 2018.

11) Stage & Band Performance
Stage line-up includes Tokimeki JUMP (Singapore), Hayashiforest, Harmonia ACG, Nandemo ii, Mystical Mirage, The Crestfall Band, and 02 Pro.

12) Video Game Arena
A collaborative work made possible by Infinite Carnage Malaysia and Malaysian Touhou Brigade, participants compete live in several featured tournaments (i.e., games like Tekken and Street Fighter) to win prizes and earn the championship title of the year!

13) Exhibitor Booths
With over 60 booths, exhibitors consist of studios (gaming or animation), products/services, education institutions, merchandise sellers, and more.

Special Guests

Donna Bruke feat. Ganime Jazz (Singer/Musician) Official Page: https://www.donnaburke.com/ – She is an Australian singer and voice actress based in Tokyo, Japan. Her works include titles like Metal Gear Solid, Tokyo Ghoul, God Eater, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to name a few. – Ganime Jazz was formed in 2016, combined the free beauty of hazz with songs form the game and anime world. r3

Serg Loki Mirage (Cosplayer) Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/serglokicosplay/ – Hail from Russia, Serg has been highly notable for his portrait of several characters specifically for Thranduil from the Lord of the Ring Universe and Loki from Marvel’s Thor. He has won many cosplay competitions.


Moriyama Daisuke (Manga Artist) Official Page: https://twitter.com/dai_greyhound – A veteran comic artist from Japan. Best known for his work, Chrono Crusade series which was adapted into a 24-episode anime series by animation studio, Gonzo.

Chinnie (Cosplayer) Official Page: http://www.facebook.com/chinnie.cosplay – Chinnie is a Malaysian cosplayer who’s highly praised for her ability to portray characters realistically and her hard works in numerous cosplay projects.

Yugana Senshi Uon (Cosplayer) Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/yuganasenshi Presented by ColourVUE – Best known for her portrayals of scary characters, Yugana is no stranger to the cosplay community, this Malaysian cosplayer has been both a judge and guests at many events, local and abroad.

#kendylife (Cartoonist) Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/kendylife Presented by Sakura – Born at Kota Kinabalu and raised in Sipitang, the Sino-Kadazan’s childhood interest in art matured into a love of comic by his early twenties. He started outputting his keen observation skills and humour to use as a cartoonist and created #kendylife.

Rachelhofs (Illustrator) Official Page: Instagram.com/rachelhofs Presented by Pilot Pen – Rachel is a talented artist from Sabah, currently living in Kuala Lumpur. She specialises in visual development and illustration for animated films. Her drawings are heavily influenced by sights she sees in her surroundings, like street wear fashion & movies, which she then translates into her current drawing style.

Keith (Cartoonist) Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/keith.kahhwee Presented by Gempak Starz – A Malaysian cartoonist best known for his work, Lawak Kampus.

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What to expect at Asia Comic Con – Malaysia 2018?

Original article at Pop Culture Fun Malaysia here.

“What is this?” The buzzing question on every fans mind since our announcement of the event back in February this year! Scam… another Comic Con-Job… it looks like a Western Convention but is it yet another ‘comic’ event full of Japanese anime stuff? Who are the organisers? who are these people?

Related: Malaysia Comic-con Announced!

So many questions and next to no answers what so ever.

Anyways, the fans & folks are generally very nice as long as you don’t take their money (very obvious by the results of the recent general elections). Then FB sponsored ads of calling for vendors of the Malaysia chapter started popping up… then local exhibitors & vendors really started to get weary.

So I joined forces with some ‘PRO’ people to do some Jessica Jones sleuth work and this is what we gathered. As this is what we think we can share => The organisers originate from Thailand. And over there they have been in this industry for a couple of years already. So their new brand / event will be called Asia Comic Con.

Thailand will debut in June and Malaysia will debut in July. The Malaysia chapter will be managed by a local advertising agency – iHub Advertising. We received endorsement by some reputable folks so ‘PRO’ folks were satisfied to proceed to get a booth at the event.

One fail safe that would protect our hopes and dreams was the fact that the Asia Comic Con would FIRST debut in the homeland of Thailand a month before our in Malaysia. So far Thailand’s version of the page was doing a great job in announcing  and the guest was getting better and better by the day. One of the strongest factors was the announcement of  I Love Anisong (an Anime Festival Asia brand), was to hold their concert nights there. If you’ve not heard of Anime Festival Asia – AFA is by far, South East Asia’s ultimate Japanese Pop Culture experience. Began in Singapore in 2008, has now expanded to 6 other countries.


Then later I spotted the Gyu Creative logos on certain promo material. So that is another strong vote of confidence. Who are Gyu Creative? They are the folks from Thailand who brought us Japan Expo Thailand & Japan Expo Malaysia! Nuff said!!

Anyways, if all this was still not enough I had to send my British Intelligence operative… Mr. Bond… James Bond …. or rather it was because he was already going to be there that I sent him xD hahaha Oh yea, and no his name was not James Bond or Simon Le Bon but John… John Gullidge! 😀

16865000_416415348692513_5483563140860358150_n - Copy b&W
His full adventure here! <LINK coming soon!>

Related: Asia Comic Con 2018 – Hollywood Guest Announced

When Asia Comic Con Thailand announce their Hollywood guest, Ms. Nymeria Sand from Game of Thrones or as The Resistance Pilot Jess Testor aka Jessika Pava aka [Blue Three] from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and my favourite, she is one half of the Daughters of the Dragon – Colleen Wing from the Netflix Marvel Universe (NMU) Marvel’s Iron Fist and The Defenders…the beautiful and talented actor on the rise – Ms. Jessica Henwick!! I didn’t know if I should celebrate or cry. But to save my heart from hurt I have to keep my expectations low. More on Jessica later!

What to expect at Asia Comic Con Malaysia?

1:1 scale Galore! Batman: Dark Knight Tumbler, Batman Ninja, Batpod, Predator Throne and Magneto Chair!


This is no statue prop guys! This is a real working movie used prop! They have to drive this monster in & out the convention area!
This is no statue prop guys! This is a real working movie used prop! They have to drive this monster in & out the convention area!
Thai Spider-man non included!




Former Chemistry Teacher turn drug cook, might be there!





1:1 Scale Batman Ninja Statue

IDOL GROUPs Siam Dream and SWEAT16!



Nobuo Yamada (NoB-san) who is famous for the Saint Seiya anime series and Super Sentai series and Chie Nakamaru (mao-san) who is famous for Doraemon song.


With Make-Up, he recorded several songs for the anime Saint Seiya, including the first opening song Pegasus Fantasy and the first ending song Blue Forever. All songs were released in three albums Saint Seiya Hits I (which had the participation of Mitsuko Horie), Saint Seiya Hits II and Saint Seiya 1996 Song Collection.

In his solo career, he recorded the opening song for the Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

He also recorded the song “Never”, from the Saint Seiya anime-movie Heaven Chapter ~ Overture (Tenkai-hen Josou Overture).

In 1998 he formed P.A.F. (stands for Patent Applied For, named after the PAF guitar pickups) with X Japan guitarist Pata. In about one years time they released: two albums, one mini album, one live album and two singles.

In July 2007, he sang with Hironobu KageyamaMasaaki EndohYoko IshidaKouji Wada and MoJo at Anime Friends, the biggest anime convention in Latin America, in Brazil; it was his first time in the county and he has gone back there to perform several times not only at Anime Friends, but also in other events in other cities, such as Fortaleza and Brasília.


She is a highly skilled singer with unlimited imagination, featuring a world of strong poetry message through a lively and powerful singing voice,

She made her major debut singing a theme song for a very famous animation “Doraemon” when the song was aired in TV Asahi in 2007 – “Yume wo Kanaete Doraemon.

Her voice is also famous for many anime songs such as Hakuoki, Tamagotchi and the latest one is Lego Friends!


Celebrity cosplayer Pion Kim and Aza Miyuko



And other guests.

For more info & updates, go to their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/asiacomicconmalaysia/

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AFA and GameStart UNITE!

AFA x GSIt’s an announcement of SUPERHERO proportions!! Just days after I wrote a short piece about the 3 events, that I go to Singapore to get a professionally organised event experience that is well themed and immersive – GameStart 2018 Announcement – and now comes this major announcement!

The two organisers of South East Asia’s PREMIERE Anime event and Gaming event are joining forces!!

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – it’s called “Avengers Assemble”!

In the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) – Come together! – “Unite the League!”

In the DC TV Universe – it’s call “Team Up”.

In the official press release below – Anime Festival Asia organisers, SOZO and GameStart Asia organisers, Eliphant will move into a ALL-NEW strategic alliance, partnership and a spiffy new office in Paya Lebar iPark in Singapore.

Can you imagine what they now can achieve with their “powers combined”? (*Captain Planet reference* haha) The regions Best of Japanese Pop Culture + The Best of Gaming beefing up each others events… into new / newer territories? #OHMY

We can’t stop imagining so we’ll just leave it be till official announcements are released! Till then this is the official press release! -The Captain-


SINGAPORE, 1 MARCH 2018: The producers of Anime Festival Asia and GameStart Asia team up to further develop ACG (Anime, Cosplay, Gaming) contents in SE Asia.
Organisers expect new expansion of events in Asia together
Singapore, 28 February 2017 – SOZO, organiser of Southeast Asia’s largest Japanese pop culture event Anime Festival Asia (AFA), and Eliphant, organiser of Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention GameStart, have announced that both entities will form a strategic alliance to further strengthen existing events, and to create and develop new events in Asia.

The SOZO and Eliphant alliance aims to be the first step to roll out an integrated support system to further strengthen the community. By leveraging their strengths as IP innovators and event trailblazers, SOZO and Eliphant hope to provide new and inspiring ways for fans to enjoy their hobbies in gaming, animation and beyond.

With the support of SOZO, who has already established their presence in Indonesia, 2018 will mark the very first regional expansion of GameStart as they launch their very first: GameStart Indonesia. AFA will continue hosting its key events in both Indonesia and Singapore and hope to introduce more gaming content as part of their content offerings.

“Southeast Asia emerges as one of the fastest growing markets for gaming and content, we recognised that both AFA and GameStart audiences have diverse interests in both gaming and anime. With our partnership, we hope to work closely to bring even more exhilarating content and holistic experiences to both fanbases across the regions,” said Shawn Chin, Managing Director of SOZO and founder of Anime Festival Asia.

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring our event to various regions, with the support of our partners. We are determined to support the regional gaming industry, especially in esports and game development. We are positive that our partnership will provide more events and enable us to bring awesome content to both gamers and anime fans, ” said Elicia Lee, founder of GameStart Asia and CEO of Eliphant Pte Ltd.

As of 1st March 2018, both SOZO and Eliphant have moved to a new office premise together to further strengthen their alliance. Organisers expect an exciting year ahead and look forward to announcing more about 2018 calendar of events in the upcoming weeks.


About AFA – Anime Festival Asia (​animefestival.asia​)

AFA is a specialised business unit of SOZO. Started in 2008, AFA is the largest and most followed J-pop culture event in Southeast Asia. AFA has become a household name to J-Pop Culture lovers in the Southeast Asia region and is the leading and most effective content delivery platform, centring around allthings Japanese Pop Culture. In 2017, AFA partnered SOTSU to create C3AFA and has brought the event to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

C3AFA 2017 Visitor Tracking:
Singapore: 96,000
Thailand: 30,000
Indonesia: 50,080
Japan: 100,000
Hong Kong: 200,000

About SOZO (​sozo.sg​)
Tapping on Japan’s diverse wealth of entertainment content, SOZO has positioned itself to be the ‘bridge’, connecting Japan to South East Asia – by showcasing quality concerts, engaging retail experiences and creating meaningful online engagement to audiences and businesses across South East Asia.

Established in 2009, SOZO entertainment platforms include Anime Festival Asia, I Love Anisong, Japan Music Festival, and Anisong Fantasy Live. Previous projects by SOZO includes solo concerts for J-Pop artistes such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, May’n, SCANDAL, LiSA, and RADWIMPS, as well as festivals including Funan Anime Matsuri, Penang Anime Matsuri, and Creators Super Fest Jakarta.

SOZO is a Sony Music Japan group company.

About GameStart Asia (​gamestart.asia​)

GameStart is Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention and Eliphant’s flagship event. Organised by industry veterans who are themselves gamers, GameStart seeks to bring the latest and greatest games across all genres and platforms – from PC, console and mobile to VR and tabletop – to audiences in Asia. GameStart Asia welcomed over 24,000 visitors from Singapore and the region in 2017.

About Eliphant (​eliphant.co​)
Eliphant is the organiser of GameStart Asia, Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention, and since inception in 2014, has expanded its scope and operations to include its esports and live production arm, BEast of the East, SEA Major, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in Asia, and talent management agency VERSUS Talent.The company continues to play an active role in growing and supporting the gaming industry across multiple genres, including game development, knowledge-sharing, marketing, esports,
community building and event management.

Eliphant is the official organiser for the Capcom Pro Tour in Asia Pacific.

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GameStart 2018 Date Announced, Expansion Into Indonesia

Original article here: GameStart 2018 Date Announced, Expansion Into Indonesia.

Travels of A Captain
Most of you may know that I only travel abroad to 2 events and only events in Singapore. Reasons being:

a) Because I can’t get this kind of event experience (immersive) here in Malaysia.
b) Because I can’t get this kind of event experience – professionally organised & run.
c) Because of financial constraints (coz I have to pay for all my own expenses).

And what events in Singapore might you ask? Singapore, Toys, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC), GameStart Asia and occasionally Anime Festival Asia. It’s very straight forward:
a) STGCC – The current & international comic (not manga) artist guest.
b) GameStart – VIDEO GAMES… the betas, demos, simulators, VR
c) AFA – the one stop Japan Pop Culture Experience.

Fan, Friend, Follower
Now I have been following GameStart since it’s debut in 2014 and there fore it is one of the events that really close to my heart because of it’s content, the organising team and the fact that you grow together with it.

And with that, it brings me great excitement to announce that South East Asia’s PREMIERE Gaming event is back and is extending it’s reach to Indonesia too! GAMER FANS in INDONESIA… HOLLER!! It’s gonna be fun guys. I am so excited for you all!


Last year GameStart started adding an event theme which made evident in their logo style. Last years theme was ‘Cyber Punk’… which I wondered if it had anything to do with the LONG AWAITED movie sequel release – BLADE RUNNER 2049? Apparently its just coincidental hehe Can you all guest what’s this year theme?

============ Official Press Release ============

SINGAPORE: Eliphant, the organiser of Singapore’s largest gaming convention, GameStart Asia, is pleased to announce the date and venue for the 5th edition of the event, which welcomed 24,000 gamers and esports enthusiasts in 2017.

Visitors can look forward to a weekend of fun and games across multiple platforms, from PC to mobile, console and tabletop, which saw big success and positive feedback. Esports, cosplay and Founders Base, which provides discounted booths for startups, artists and indie developers to showcase their products, will continue to be a staple of the event.
resized 1
SEA Major, the top fighting game tournament in Southeast Asia, will also return to GameStart, with a game line up that includes Street Fighter V and Tekken 7, and more titles will be announced in the coming months at www.beastapac.com
We are also very excited to announce that GameStart will be expanding beyond Singapore shores, and plan to bring the GameStart experience to gamers in Indonesia later this year. More details will be announced in the coming weeks on our official channels.
GameStart 2018 Singapore
Date: 13 & 14 October 2018
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
GameStart Indonesia 2018 – To Be Announced

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Malaysia COMIC CON just announced!

Original article here: Malaysia COMIC CON just announced!

KUALA LUMPUR, 20th February 2018 – As the all the Lunar Celebrations….visitations and feasting is starting to subside. I just caught wind that a legit “Comic Con” is gonna make it’s debut in Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre to be exact, 13 – 15 July 2018. (http://www.asiacomiccon.com/)

ACC resized

The Origins
Not to be confused with ComicCon Asia (https://comiccon.asia/), the Manila SUPER event that Stan ‘The Man’ Lee is  headlining, Asia Comic seems to be hailing from Thailand… which in the past has a been another source for pop culture fans to rejoice – *WINK Thank you* Japan Expo Malaysia 2017 and *WINK Thank You* Japan Expo Thailand 2018 (which featured AKB48… fans went nuts). Despite Thailand having 2 existing ‘Comic Cons’ – Thailand Comic Con and Bangkok Comic Con, only the former has managed to survive since it’s debut in 2014 . Bangkok Comic Con ran from 2015 and stopped at 2016. In 2018… Bangkok Comic Con returns with a twist… they are joining forces with Thailand Comic Con for a mega event on 21 – 23 April!

So despite these 2 existing Comic Cons hailing from Thailand, this Asia Comic Con that’s being held in Bangkok and in KL is NOT organised by the initial two folks haha I mean that’s from what I can gather anyway. Anyone know more?

Which brings me to my first question? So who are these guys? And then my second question – how can I help them? The latter is kinda impossible since I don’t have the answer to the first question haha

Great Expectations
Anyhow from what it reads, the event is promising a “WORLD CLASS Comic Con” experience. For my expectations? I am expecting quite a bit!! Haha I am expecting (hoping rather) that missing element that even Singapore’s STGCC doesn’t have – Hollywood Star power guest! This elusive element is really what I think makes a legit “Comic Con”… especially if you are referring to San Diego Comic-Con aka Comic-Con International…. the longest running comic convention in the world.

Can’t Hardly Wait
With the event just 5 months away, I SO looking forward to the guest announcements in the days to come! Fellow friends and fans will be holding on to the dream of a legit Comic Con in Malaysia, REJOICE… and again I say rejoice! And to the organisers, whoever you are – THANK YOU!!

– The Captain –

Dear Asia Comic Con organiers – if you’re reading this please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you 🙂 We are fans, we are excited & we want to help. Thank you! 😀 = popculturefun.my@gmail.com

#AsiaComicCon #ComicCon #TheCaptain #PopCultureFunMY #ThailandComicCon #BangkokComicCon #SunwayPyramid #SunwayPyramidConventionCentre #Thailand #Malaysia #ComicConMalaysia #MalaysiaComicCon

Marvel Legends Black Panther series arrives

r8Kuala Lumpur, 1st February 2018: A fortunate stroll thru Toys R Us let to this discovery!

THE 2018  VALENTINE MOVIE: With the movie coming soon… I was wondering when was the new Marvel Legends series will hit shelves. I’m sure the specialty stores would have already got them but that’s not what I post about here anyways xD Of course if any of your speciality stores wanna work together with us, do let us know! Our email is PopCultureFun.MY@gmail.com

“..get this man a shield!”
We’ve already got friends posting photos of the Avengers: Infinity War ML figures from Australia… with the greatest reveal being, besides what characters / version, Captain America’s new shield …aka the Wakanda shield… aka “get this man a shield!”. *Honestly, as a Captain America fan I am guessing that this shield included in the Avengers: Infinity War ML figure is the shield that Cap initially uses to fan off wave 1 of the baddies… then later in the movie T’Challa will say “…and get this man a shield” – which will end up with the reveal (which MCU boss Kevin Fiege is saving for us) Caps new shield!! I am guessing it will be Caps Energy Shield or Caps ‘The Captain’ Shield (black, red, white)… or a bit of both… being Caps energy shield with ‘The Captain’ design or colours!! I think bossman Kevin Fiege is too intelligent to let something like Caps shield leak via Hasbro Toys / Lego!! After 10 years and 15 movies… their are very sneaky… very sneaky indeed! Haha Fun trivia. So you heard it first here as The Captain is calling it!!

Anyways… again, our post here at Pop Culture Fun – Malaysia is about a) What toys we can find straight on the retail store shelves b) Right here in Malaysia. 😊

r9So again, I was fortunate enough to walk into a Toys R Us only to see the new Marvel Legends Black Panther series about to be put on the racks!! Woo hoo! If you’ve seen the ML Civil War series Black Panther then you’re probably not all that curious to know what this figure looks like. And again since only 3 of the 6 new figures in this wave are actually from the upcoming Black Panther movie… the Hasbro guys are gonna split the ‘movie’ selection into two as they did with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 figures.

One of the happy feels to be present and actually see what’s in the box / case / carton is to know for sure what’s there. Knowing the methods of the Hasbro folks, they might do a switcheroo in the packing! The Americana reviews or intel could be different from the Asian markets… just as how pricing and selection can be different between Malaysia & Singapore. – see article: Star Wars Toys Malaysia Doesn’t Get!!

In the box are 2x Black Panther, 2x Erik Killmonger, 1x Nakia, 1x Black Bolt, 1x Invincible Iron Man, 1x Sub-Mariner. The Build A Figure (BAF) is Okoye. r7

Looking at the Black Panther in the box, it looks pretty similar to the Civil War series version but if you put them side by side… then the details, patterns and ingrained textures become more evident. Surprisingly eve the silver lining on the helmet / mask is significantly different. The ‘movie’ version comes with an extra pair of hands (fists) and a unmasked head sculpt with beard / goatee… compared to the ‘civil war’ clean shaven head with no extra hands. r4

From what I have briefly read online, fans have said that the newer version has better pose-ability compared to the ‘civil war’ version. This will be a crucial point for the collector fans… those who leave them in the box & those who take the figures out of the box 😀 I am the former, so it most likely means I won’t  be getting this version or any of the characters from the movie.THE OTHERS IN THE SERIES
With that said, the other non-movie figures are looking very VERY nice! After revisiting the comics & watching the entire 8 episodes of the TV series INHUMANS… this is the Black Bolt, I know… and this this the Black Bolt I remember! Worthy to carry the title KING of the Inhumans!! r2

Inhumans Fantastic Four 83
Some Jack Kirby art from Fantastic Four #83

Also, that Sub-Mariner figure! Fuyo! I think he might the least clothed Marvel Legends figure of the Hasbro era… and he is totally pulling of the buff bod compared to DC’s King of the Seas! Again, the Sub-Mariner is a of some royalty being the Prince of Atlantis.


Just like this figure, he doesn’t need some fancy shiny armour to make him look badass. It’s just naturally present! John Buscema and Sol Brodsky did a great job setting this precedence, SALUTE!

Sub-Mariner #1

Some trivia for non-fans… as a Captain America fan, I read a lot about Namor The Sub-Mariner because he was very tied with the rediscovery of Captain America in the ice. Later, he also teams up with Cap as a member of The Invaders against the axis powers! Then I also read the Fantastic Four whom also had a lot of encounters with the Sub-Mariner too… most notably kidnaping Sue Storm twice in attempts to court her. DUDE! What chu doing lah? Haha

The Invaders #1

Here at Pop Culture Fun MY, we don’t just want to post news of what the world is getting and what Malaysia is NOT getting -__- so as the titled says – this is the stuff that has LANDED here in Malaysia retail outlets… and we’re not talking about specialty toy stores either. They would have their own FB page website.

This article is not sponsored by store, supplier or even Hasbro themselves. However if any of you guys are interested to collaborate, do email us at popculturefun.my@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! Please LIKE and SHARE! 😊 Have a good week!

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Events List 2018


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We added a version on Facebook too on our sister site Pop Culture Fun – Malaysia. This list however, only includes events that have been announced in full as in it the event has a name, date, venue and a FB link to direct the fan enquiries to!
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[Happy 15th!!] JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL 2018 by Japan Foundation KL at Golden Screen Cinemas.
Klang Valley: 6 – 12 Sept [Mid Valley, Pavilion, 1 Utama, Nu Sentral]
PENANG: 13 – 16 Sept [GSC Gurney Plaza]
JOHOR: 20 – 23 Sept [GSC Paradigm JB]
Kuching, SARAWAK: 4 – 7 Oct [GSC CityONE Megamall]
Kota Kinabalu, SABAH: 4 – 7 Oct [GSC Suria Sabah]

Shows & Times: https://www.jfkl.org.my/japanese-film-festival-2018/index.php


Cosplay Commuter 2018
15 September
Kelana Jaya LRT Line

Comic Fiesta Mini (Penang) 2018
15 – 16 September
Straits Quay Convention Centre, PENANG

Pekan Kartun 2018
14 – 16 Sept
Silveritage Ipoh

StamaX (Sandakan, Toys, Anime, ModelKits, Action Figures Expo)
15 – 16 September 2018
9am – 9pm
Dewan SRJK Chi Hwa

COSFEST SEA: The Majestic Voyage of Dreams
16 – 19 Sept 2018
Singapore – Phuket

WESG SEA Malaysia Final 2018
21 – 23 Sept
Quill City Mall,KL

Alexandros Live in KL 2018
22 Sept
KL Live

CTFKL Car Boot Toy Fair
22 Sept 2018
Ara Damansara LRT Station

Momiji Halloween 2018
22 – 23 Sept
New Era University College, Kajang (SELANGOR)

Publika Bon Odori 2018
22 – 23 Sept
The Square, Publika

Popcon Asia 2018
22 – 23 Sept
Indonesia Convention Centre (ICE), INDONESIA

Aki Fest 2018
28 Sept (FRIDAY)
Taylor’s University Lakeside

Saiko X Stream
29 – 30 Sept
Capital City, Tampoi JOHOR

KotaKomik 2018
TBA September
Level 1, Metropoint Complex, Kajang (SELANGOR)

Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert 2018
TBA September
Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Anime & Cosplay Event (ACE) 2018
TBA October
HELP College of Arts & Technology (CAT)

Ballare – Suit Up & Dance
7 Oct 2017
Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya

KL Sci-Fi Convention 2018
TBA October
Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil

Game Square 2018
KDU Glenmarie Campus

Malaysia Hobby Expo 2018
6 – 7 October
MAEPS, Serdang

RAGE 2018
6 – 7 October
Elements Mall, MELAKA

13 – 14 October 
10.00am to 8.00pm
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 401 – 403

MGACE 2018 ~Flowery~
20 – 21 October
Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara

UTAR Bunkasai 2018
20 – 21 October
UTAR Sg Long Campus

Halloween Town: Yokai Festival 2018
27 – 28 Oct
Dowtown East, Pasir RIs

Indonesia Comic Con 2018
27 – 28 October
Jakarta Convention Centre

KL Comic Week Mini 2018
Midsummer Night Cafe, Taman OUG, KL

Japan Manga Otaku Exhibition (JMOE) by TARUC
TBA October 2018
Tunku Abdul Rahman Uni College, KL

Cosmart 2018
TBA October
MyTOWN Shopping Centre, KL

Level Up KL 2018
TBA November
Venue: Connexion Conference & Event Centre, Bangsar South, KL
Link: https://www.facebook.com/lvlupkualalumpur/

CXM (Cosplay Exhibition Miri), SARAWAK 2018
TBA November
Venue: Bintang Megamall, Miri

OHARA Cosplay Competition by Citta Mall 2018
TBA November
1 – 5pm
CITTA Mall, Petaling Jaya

Western Assemble 2018
TBA November
KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH), KL

Comic Play at Publika 2018
Publika, KL

UniKL Cosplay Day 2018
TBA November
9am – 5pm
Universiti Kuala Lumpur

Festival of Animation & Games (FANG) 2018
TBA November
Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan Malaysia (ASWARA)

J-Fest 2018
TBA November
9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Foyer Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam

East Coast Collectors Toy Fair (KUANTAN) 2018
TBA November
8am – 7pm
Caribbean Room, Bukit Gambang Resort City KUANTAN

DOTA 2 -The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018
16 – 18 Nov
Axiata Arena, Bkt Jalil

C3 AFA Singapore 2018
30 November – 2 December
SUNTEC International Convention & Exhibition Centre SINGAPORE
Site: http://www.animefestival.asia

Gunpla Expo 2018 Malaysia
Gunpla Builders World Cup
TBA December
10am – 9pm
MyTown Shopping Centre, KL

Anime Saiko Johor
TBA December 2018
Forest City, JOHOR BAHRU

Otakyun! 2018
TBA December
City One Convention Centre, City One Megamall

Cosplay Party 4.0 by Klang Parade 2018
TBA December
1pm – 5pm
Klang Parade, KLANG

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2018
TBA December
Mines International Convention Centre (MIECC)

HobbyCon XII
8 – 9 December 2018
ITCC Penampang, 1st Flr Exhibition Hall,

UMS Japanese Cultural Night Bon Odori 2018
TBA December
Padang Kawad, UMS

Comic Fiesta 2018
22 – 23 December
KL Convention Centre, KLCC

EOY J-Culture Festival 2018
29 – 30 Dec
Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 403

Bounenkai 2018
TBA December
The Whiteaways Arcade


=================Past Events===============

Marvel Fan Assemble Day by Cosfest Asia
13 January
Madame Tussauds, SINGAPORE

Malaysia Cyber Games 2018
13 – 14 January
Dewan Tun Hussein Onn, PWTC KL

Otaku-Con 2018
20 January
Level 4, Summit USJ, Subang Jaya

ESL One Genting 2018
26 – 28 January
Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting

Japan Expo Thailand 2018
26 – 28 January
Central World, Bangkok

Miyamoto Saki 2nd KL Fan Meet 2018
27 January
Isetan The Japan Store KL

Anime Majime Cosplay Gathering 2018
27 January
11am – 7pm
Level 1, Era Square Terminal 2 (SEREMBAN)

Pokemon Run Carnival Carnival SINGAPORE 2018
27 January
2pm – 8pm
Marina Barrage, SINGAPORE

Featheronium 2018
4 February
MPH, Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya

24th Harajuku Fashion Walk 2018 (SINGAPORE)
10 February
4 – 530pm
Merlion Park, SINGAPORE

C3 AFA Hong Kong 2018
9 – 11 Feb
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Kartun dan Hobi (KEDAH)
1 – 5 March
Ruang Legar, Star Parade (Alor Setar)

VBG Japanese Animation Merchandise Fair
2 – 11 March 2018
Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

UNMC Bunkasai 2018
3 March
11am – 6pm
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) Semenyih

Cosplay Festival 2 (Selayang Mall)
10 – 11 March
Selayang Mall, Batu Caves

Animuzic Night 2018
10 March
7pm – 1030pm
Skyark Event Spaces, KL

Penang Yosakoi Parade 2018
10 March
4pm – 11pm
Esplanade, PENANG

Coswalk Convention SAIKO 2018 (C2S)
17 – 18 March
Straits Quay, PENANG

Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden
17 – 18 March
Gardens by the Bay,, SINGAPORE

HY Live in Singapore 2018
17 March
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore

Dataran Pahlawan Anime Fest 2018
24 – 25 March
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Spring’s Subcultures 2017 (SABAH)
24 – 25 March
Dewan Foo Chow, Kota Kinabalu

ComicCon Asia
24 – 25 March
SMX Convention Centre, SM Mall of Asia

CTFKL 4 (Collectors Toy Fair KL)
31 March
Menara TM Convention Centre, KL

Crtl+Alt Gaming 2018
31 March – 1 April
Jeffrey Cheah Hall, Sunway College

Amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018
31 March
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore

MIYAVI “DAY 2” World Tour Singapore 2018
1 April
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore

TAGCC (Toys Anime Games Comic Con) 2018
7 – 8 April
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

HaruFest 2018 by GACC 2.0 (MELAKA)
15 April
10am – 7pm
Exam Hall, Multimedia University Melaka Campus

Dollfest Malaysia 2018
28 April
11:30am – 5pm
RUANG, Subang Jaya

JL Fest 2018
28 – 29 April
SJKC Lai Meng, Bukit Jalil

Bangkok Comic Con x Thailand Comic Con 2018
27 – 29 April
Royal Paragon Hall @Siam Paragon, BANGKOK

OMG – Otakus, Makers & Gamers (SABAH) 2018
TBA April
10am onwards
Exhibition Hall, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Season4Otaku 2018 – Summer Party
5 – 6 May
10:30am – 6pm
Grand Pacific event hall, Evolve Concept Mall, PJ

Star Wars Run SINGAPORE 2018
5 May
F1 Pit Building

5 – 6 May

Anifest 2018
12 – 13 May
Summit USJ, Subang

Call of Duty: World War II – 2018 Asia Championship
12 May
11am – 6:30pm
Battle Arena Malaysia, Jaya Shopping Centre PJ

PlayStation League Asia 2018
(FIFA 18 Global Series Qualifiers)
13 May
Battle Arena Malaysia, Jaya Shopping Centre PJ

HYDE Acoustic Concert Tour 2018 – Live in Kuala Lumpur
12 May
MCA Hall, Jalan Ampang

Creators Super Fest by AFA
12 – 13 May
Pullman Grand Ballroom, Jakarta, INDONESIA

MY Idol Party Vol.1
13 May 2018
KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Momiji Riken Mura
19 – 20 May
New Era University College, Kajang

AMG-Chan 2018
26 – 27 May (postponed from 12 – 13 May)
Concourse area, South City Plaza (changed from IM4U Sentral)

Baozi & Hana Fan Meeting in Malaysia
26 May 2018
10:30am – 5pm
MyPrivateSpace.Asia, Kuala Lumpur

Linked Horizon Live Tour
(Shingeki No Kiseki Memoirs)
Mini Live Show in Singapore
26 May 2018
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore

NAFA x Cos-A-Fair
26 May 2018
NAFA Campus 1, Foyer SINGAPORE

World Cosplay Summit SINGAPORE Prelims 2018
27 May
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore

Gunpla Expo Malaysia 2018
1 – 10 June
East Atrium, MyTown KL

MOEPA 2018
9 – 10 June
Dream Mansion, PENANG

Asia Comic Con
8 – 10 June
Royal Paragon Hotel, BANGKOK (THAILAND)

Kaijucon (Table Top Hobby Convention) 2018
9 – 10 June (postponed from 5 – 6 May)
KDU University College Glenmarie (campus) Shah Alam. https://www.facebook.com/events/2106591246292258/

Asia Game Festival 2018 (SINGAPORE)
9 – 10 June
Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

JMP Natsu Rock 2018 in Singapore
22 June
Siloso Beach, SENTOSA Island

Natsu Matsuri 2018
22 – 24 June
Klang Parade

Kikasai 2018
23 – 24 June
USCI University (KL Campus)

Cosplay Festival 3
23 – 24 June
The Rift, Mid Valley Megamall

GAX (Game & Anime Expo) 2018 
23 – 24 June
Berjaya Times Square, KL

Japan Otaku Matsuri 2018
30 June – 1 July
Summit USJ, Subang Jaya

Comic Art Festival KL 5 (CAFKL5) 2018
30 June – 1 July
Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

Cosplay Junction 2018
30 June – 1 July
Cititel, PENANG

Natsu Bunkasai 2018
TBA June
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar PERAK

C3 AFA Bangkok 2018 Due to recent announcement  I ❤ Anisong at Asia Comic Con, this is redundant.
TBA June
Royal Paragon Hall – Siam Paragon, Bangkok THAILAND
Site: http://www.animefestival.asia

Penang Anime Matsuri 2018
7 – 8 July
Setia SPICE Convention Centre, PENANG

Cosfest 2018 Reunite
7 – 8 July
1 Pasir Ris Clos, SINGAPORE

Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore #27
7 July 2018
4pm – 6:30pm
Merlion Park


Asia Comic Con Malaysia 2018
13 – 15 July
Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

Anime Saiko 2018 – KL
14 – 15 July
Sunway Velocity, KL

World Cosplay Summit – Malaysia Qualifier 2018
14 – 15 July
The Rift, Mid Valley Megamall

Visual Arts Expo (VAX) 2018
21 – 22 July
Shah Alam Convention Centre

Bon Odori Shah Alam 2018
21 July
7pm – 9:35pm

Kompleks Sukan Negara Shah Alam (Panasonic)

Bon Odori Penang
21 July 2018
6pm – 10:30pm

LiSA Live is Smile Always – Asia Tour 2018
21 July
Siloso Beach, SENTOSA Island

Japan Expo Malaysia 2018
27 – 29 July
Fahrenheit 88 & Pavilion KL

C2AGE 2018 skipping this year
TBA July
HELP University (HU), Subang 2, Subang Bestari

Hotshotz Asia 2018 (eSports Festival Main Event)
TBA July
10am – 8pm
KDU Glenmarie Campus

AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2018
27 – 29 July
SMX Convention Centre, Manila PHILIPPINES

World Cosplay Summit FINALS 2018
28 July –  5 August
Aichi Arts Centre, NAGOYA, JAPAN

MARI Cosplay Event II (NCE II) 2018
4 – 5 August
Angsana Ipoh e Space Park

Japan Park Singapore 2018
(Chara Expo Mini was here)
4 – 5 August
SUNTEC Convention Centre

Comic Fiesta Mini (JOHOR) 2018
11 – 12 August
Capital 21 Shopping Mall, JOHOR

Trailblazer Gaming Fest
11 – 12 August
Sungei Wang Plaza, KL

OtaFair 2018 (OtaFuse Mini Event)
11 – 12 August
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, SABAH

Radwimps Asia Live Tour 2018 (SINGAPORE)
13 August
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore

Animagaki 2018
18 – 19 August
Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

Grand Merdeka Cosplay Fiesta 2018
18 – 19 Aug
Grand Merdeka Mall, SABAH

PlayStation Experience 2018 – SEA
18 – 19 August
GMM Live Hourse, Bangkok THAILAND

History Con MALAYSIA 2018 Probably not
TBA August
MAEPS, Serdang

Taylor’s Bunkasai 2018 – GAME OVER due to College + Uni merger as stated on FB
TBA August
Taylor’s College (SS15 Campus), Subang Jaya

C3AFA x GameStart Jakarta 2018
31 Aug – 2 Sept
Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)

Carmina In Nocté 2018
TBA September
5:30pm – 11pm
Level 4, Jeffrey Cheah Hall, Sunway College

YumeZone 2018
2 Sept
Asia Pacific University, Bukit Jalil

OtaFuse 2018
8 – 9 Sept
5th & 6th Flr, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2018
8 – 9 Sept
TBA Marina Bay Sands

Vocaloid Cafe 2018
8 September
10am – 4pm
Happ Cafe

Nowadays Anime Festival 2018
8 – 9 Sept
Quill City Mall, KL

Egoist Live in Singapore 2018
8 Sept
Zepp Bigbox Singapore