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Batman V Superman Run Malaysia – CONTEST GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone, as promotional partners for this exciting run, we’ve already given out the special discount Promo Code in our previous blog post! Now we are going to giveaway 10 free passes to the Batman V Superman Run – Malaysia! In other words, if you are of the winners, your entry fee will be waived! So read on to see how to take part.

Team Batman

Contest Details:
Where? – the contest will take place on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cosplayfun). Wait for the contest post.
When? – the contest begins at 12pm, Thursday, 28 July 2016. Ends at 12pm, Friday 29 July 2016.
Results? – Winners will be announced on Saturday, 30 July 2016 at 12pm.

Team Superman

How to Participate?
1) First you have to LIKE the host page – Cosplay-Fun.
2) In the contest post ‘Comment’ section, please tag 5 fans or friends or runners who you think might like the Batman V Superman RUN & merchandise.
3) Tell us in not more than 30 words, why you’re excited about this run (in the same comment after tagging 5 friends).
4) You can also show us in a photo* – how excited you are about this run. (*Photo is optional)

For a complete entry – contestants need to complete 1) – 3).

Wit, creativity and fandom will be what the judges are looking for! So good luck! 

#BatmanVSupermanRUN #BvSRunMY #BatmanVSuperman
#TeamBatman #TeamSuperman #DCcomics #DC



Batman V Superman Run – Malaysia

Last year Penang got the first ever Justice League Run… this year we get the Batman V Superman RUN right here in the Klang Valley… in Kuala Lumpur to be exact. The classic running route of Padang Merbok will be the starting point for the Team Batman & Team Superman fans. Yes, that’s right… no Team Wonder Woman 😦 Sad but who says there won’t be one in the future with the new Wonder Woman movie just finishing filming in May 2016.

Here’s some of the details of the event. For more info just go direct to the official website http://www.batmanvsupermanrun.com.my or you can email info@batmanvsupermanrun.com.my

Runners Singlet


Limited Edition merchandise for participants – 100% Cotton T-shirts (*?*)


Limited Edition merchandise for participant – VIGILANTE / JUSTICE Design (*?*)

Limited Edition merchandise for participant – SILVER FOIL design (*?*)

Limited Edition merchandise for participant – THE BRAVEST design (*?*)


Additional goodies – Justice League T-shirts [Micro Fiber] (*?*) 5 different designs

Superman design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Wonder Woman design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Batman design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Flash design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Green Lantern design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)





So Cosplay-Fun has hooked up with the organisers for some special treats (3 to be exact) for friends and fans who follow our page and blog. First treat, here is a promo code to get a 10% discount off the entry fee. By the way, you can also use this promo code to get the discount on the early bird fee to making it RM81 (from RM90).

BvS Run MY promo code for CosPlayFun

2nd treat – CONTEST to Giveaway 10 FREE entries is coming soon… in the next 2 days. Announcement here on the blog & contest on our FB page

Act quickly as early bird price ends 31 July 2016 and entries close for good on 31 August 2016!

#BatmanVSupermanRUN #BvSRunMY #BatmanVSuperman #TeamBatman #TeamSuperman #DCcomics #DC











Were you all paying attention? If not then I’m still glad that you all read on till the end of our post. We left a Nygma trail for you guys to follow. Here is the 3rd treat for our friends, fans & readers… we have a special privilege that cannot be revealed publicly. Hint – ‘fan wear’. To find out more about this you need to go to our Facebook page & look for the post. click here…

Tanoshii Dezato – New Flavour for April 2016

The Cosplay-Fun Team was invited to sample their newest flavour of their premium softserve ice cream from Japan.
Launched in April Tanoshii Dezato new flavour called – “Haru Sakura” a sakura flavoured soft serve ice cream. So ngam for the season… the cherry blossom spring timing as well as the extra hot April weather 😀
Of course when we were there to sample, it was like a blind test. They didn’t give a any hint… it was like sit down, try, tell us what you think… guess the flavour! haha Which was really fun! 
I’m not the all out Japanese Foodie kinda guy but I’m a fan of good food 🙂 My first impression was that the ice cream was very fragrant. Refreshing fragrant and it was just nice with it’s sweetness. My guess was it was a sakura flavour ice cream & I was right haha. Much to the amusement of our host Ms Chew!
Now that was the ice cream test… next, they were going to let us try the full combo – the taiyaki (the stuffed fish shaped puff) + Haru Sakura + fruit!
If the earlier taste experience was WOW, this combo was WOW + WOW + WOW. There are 4 types of fruits to match with 7 types of stuffing for your taiyaki. Kiwi, peach, strawberry & banana to pair with your choice of taiyaki filling: red bean, custard, matcha, caramel almond, oreo crunch, chocolate banana, chocolate.
My wife & I had a chance to try Peach + Red Bean Taiyaki + Haru Sakura and Peach + Chocolate Taiyaki + Haru Sakura… did you get all that? haha
Firstly, it’s quite a lot to eat one whole combo on your own! It’s big enough to be shared with a loved one. Personally, we prefered the Chocolate x Sakura flavour because these 2 flavours complimented each other in opposites. The chocolate was a strong caster-sugar sweet coco flavour that was warm VS. the fresh fragrant flowery sakura flavour ice cream that was cold. Yummy! Oh and did I mention the chocolate oozes out of the warm baked puff? muahahaha >:D
Like the advert says this flavour is only for a limited time only (APRIL) so do head out to one of the 2 Tanoshii Dezato outlets (Tropicana City Mall & Da Men Mall USJ) and try it out!
#HaruSakura #TanoshiiDezato #Taiyaki

Dave Ross artwork for Sale

Hey everyone, it is such a privileged to have a veteran comic artist in our country for so many days. There was an informal get together on Boxing Day. Some fans & friends had managed to get their hands on Dave’s recent book the Free Hand Figure Drawing for Illustrators book at the near by Basheer Books, brought them for him to autograph.

Comic sightings! Today 2 fans brought comics which Dave drew. The first was Richard who brought out his Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive trade paper back. Then later was his buddy who popped out a Daredevil hard cover trade paper back of “Guardian Devil and Parts of a Hole”.

Now that’s 2 Davids we both have met & also 2 Davids autographs on that comic – the amazing story writer & chinese brush wielding artist Mr. David Mack & now… Mr. David H Ross! Matt Murdock would be proud!

For those looking to purchase his prints or his original comic panels you can browse here: Dave Ross artwork For Sale 2015

Above are the 2 pages of the original A3 comic panel from Catwoman / Oracle which Dave drew for DC Comics. They are for sale!

Above are the 2 pages of the original A3 comic panel from JLA: Act Of God from 2001, which Dave drew for DC Comics. They are for sale!

Go here for the full album – Dave Ross Artwork for Sale 2015.

This is the last chance to purchase & get it autographed / personalized by Dave is 4th January 2016 – 11:59pm. His next stop is Singapore with a book signing event at Kinokuniya – Ngee Ann City on 9th January 2016.

#Pekomik #DaveRoss #DavidHRoss #MarvelArtist #Comics

GSC Anime Showcase 2014

Out of the blue I saw this as I browsed the Golden Screen Cinemas website – http://www.gsc.com.my

Malaysian anime fans can get a chance to watch these 3 movies on the big screen!! Some of you might echo my excitement… then again some might not. Some of your might say – “why pay money to watch in the cinema? I just downloaded & watched on my PC” – and I will reply “awesome story bro!” haha. Well there are just 2 things I want to mention about this anime showcase:

1) Because it is screening in the cinema, you can actually get out of the house (away from the PC) + meet up with friends (in the flesh) + have a larger experience of your shared interest!! = ANIME!!

2) Viewing Experience – some folks like watching cinema rip movies, some folks like watching movies on their PC and some like to watch movies the day it opens in the cinema. It’s different strokes for different folks. I appreciate good movies & I appreciate the quality, effort & skill it requires to make one. So I prefer to watch in the cinema… on the BIG screen… in 2D DIGITAL… with Dolby ATMOS (when available). Different strokes for different folks.

For the past 8 years, the only chance Malaysians get to watch any Japanese movie in the cinema is wait for the International Screens selection or my favourite, the ever faithful Japanese Film Festival (ever September), both brought to us by none other than Golden Screen Cinemas. The first Japanese feature film I watch at GSC was Ultraman the Next in 2006 at the JFF – Mid Valley. It was an amazing experience to watch a childhood hero in action on the silver screen. I’ve been visiting & support the JFF ever since. It was very good to see the success of the JFF span to greater heights in 2013 as for the first time it was also held in GSC cinemas in East Malaysia – Sabah & Sarawak.

Here are the titles, show times & the synopsis links:

1) Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan: The Movie – GSC Movie synopsis

2) Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission – GSC Movie synopsis

3) Yoyo Nene – GSC Movie synopsis



Here is contest just for the fans & cosplayers! We’ve got official licensed stuff to give away courtesy of Golden Screen Cinemas. Don’t forget

Please take note – *This contest is open to ALL Malaysians, however the winners of this must come to collect their prizes at the Golden Screen Cinemas office located at: 1 Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Winners can send a representative.*

How to Enter 
1) Submit a cosplay pic of yourself (solo or group) cosplaying any character from these movies: Lupin the 3rd, Detective Conan, Hunter x Hunter or Yoyo Nene.

Character Name:
From which series:

2) The cosplay pic must have tag line (like 9gag) or a speech bubble with something cool, funny and (or) creative.

3) Answer a simple question: Why do you like this character? (in not more than 20 words)

4) Email entries to cosplayfun.my@gmail.com titled “GSC ANIME SHOWCASE PHOTO CONTEST 2014” along with your personal info:

Full Name (as in I/C):
I/C number:


1) Entries will be posted on the Cosplay-Fun Malaysia page on the Facebook platform.

2) Winner will be selected based on creativity & wit.

3) The winner will be chosen by the contest sponsors Golden Screen Cinemas or their representative. Please bear the winner is NOT selected by the number of facebook “LIKE”s when the pics are posted.

4) Contest Ends: 11:59pm Weds, 9th April 2014.

5) Winners will be announced & contacted by Mon, 14th April 2014.

1st Prize
1x Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan – A2 Poster
1x Hunter x Hunter – A2 Poster
1x Yoyo & Nene – A2 Poster
1x Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan – A4 Clear Folder
1x Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan – Memo Pad

2nd Prize
1x Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan – A2 poster
1x Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan – A4 Clear Folder
1x Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan – Memo Pad

Consolation 3 winners
1x A2 Poster of choice

CPF Promotion

To mark the 3rd Anniversary of Cosplay-FUN we have put together the 1st EVER CPF Promotion. Get a free imported (Japan) poster of T.M.R. (T.M.Revolution)– Undercover II, Scandal Japanese Band – Encore Show orsupercell with a minimum purchase of RM30 in a single receipt at Tenshi no Café. This is a promotion with CPF (CosPlay-FUN) x Sony Music Malaysia x Tenshi no Cafe – for the Malaysian Community ♥ For more details go to the Tenshi no Cafe facebook page… only limited number of posters available. Get yours soon!!

G18, North Side,
e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7732 9813
Email: tenshinocafe@gmail.com