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Spider-man: Into The SpiderVerse – REVIEW NO SPOILERS

WOW! Sony Pictures… Sony Pictures Animation is really playing with our spider-senses man! Just in October they threw the movie VENOM at us in which had a mixed review… but the box office takings says other wise…as it is STILL raking in the MONIE$. It’s cross US$800 million. Fans were divided because everything was so Spider-man World… Spider-man Universe = Eddie Brock, Venom Symbiote, Planet of Symbiotes, Carnage, Riot, Daily Globe = all so synonymous with Peter Parker + Spidey… doesn’t have any mention in the entire movie. It’s like some horrible mistake that most fans would question or just blame Barry Allen for messing with the timeline!
Personally I didn’t care much for VENOM movie, because I felt they changed to much just too accommodate NOT having (Peter Parker) Spider-man in a live action movie – due to the agreement with Marvel Studios. After the first trailer the prediction was pretty straight forward – Eddie gets bullied, then unites with Venom.. then Venom vs. many armed guards… FINALE Venom vs. some other symbiote xD Done. Anyways, those who loved VENOM, the Blu-ray releases just before Christmas on 18 December.
SOOOOOooooo after a whole movie of Spidey teasing but no Spidey….. NOW Sony Pictures Animation throws us a Spider-man animated movie with not one but SIX Spider-man. Yes, not 1 but 6! “6”. Boo yeah! Spidey Fans! You didn’t have to wait long!
This movie is a WOW over load. It felt that the writers & producers were able to too fully utilize the advantages of story-telling with animation and optimize it. Thru out the whole movie, it did not feel like the ‘cartoon’ or ‘non real actors’ were ever a weakness to delivering an excellent comic book tale!
One Spider-man would be great but now they’ve upped the ante with Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Spider-man Noir, Peni Parker and my favourite part of the debut – Spider Gwen! ❤
In short with no spoilers – the story was great! The voice actors were A-Class folks – 2 Oscar winners, 1 Golden Globe Winners, 2 Oscar nominees in my count.
THE SPIDEY & MARVEL FLAVOUR – Peter Parker is from Queens, Miles from Brooklyn… Steve Rogers is from Brooklyn. New York City – Daily Bugle… New York Bulletin, Manhattan – Stark Tower, Avengers Tower, Baxter Building… Hell’s Kitchen… Harlem…. all near by, all in the neighbourhood. NO, these places are not all mentioned. I’m just saying if you’re a Marvel fan, these famous comic landmarks will cross your mind when you mention this cities – NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan. I’ve never been to America but I’ve learn so much American Urban geography from the Marvel Universe 😀
I love the outright homage to the earlier Spider-man stories. I have a soft spot it because paying homage is nostalgic firstly to the fans who remember. It also is like a public declaration of gratefulness – acknowledging the previous contributions as a way to honour them! And there’s lots movie fans, comic fans and even the cartoon series fans will be satisfied! spiderman-intothespiderverse-webmontage-700x289
I’m not a hard core Spidey fan but I thought Spider-man (2002) and Spider-man Homecoming (2017) had great realisation in capturing the fluid acrobatic movements of Spider-man. It’s a battle of Science Fiction vs Peak Human Ability vs Physics… where is this line? The answer is there is none! It’s just left to all of us who have read countless issues of comics… to IMAGINE it. To put in motion those comic panels drawn by those visionary pencilers – Jack Kirby, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larson, John Romita Sr & Jr, Gil Kane, Mike Zeck and of course Steve Ditko the co-creator! I dare to say there may be some scenes / effects / moves done in this movie that probably could work in a live action MCU movie!! The Acrobtic movements the best I’ve seen than in any other Spidey rendition – ITS AMAZING & SPECTACULAR!!
Did you know that Spider-man is so popular that it had a broadway musical? It’s called Turn Off The Dark 😀 I have the soundtrack on CD hehe. Anyways, as mentioned Miles is from Brooklyn and the music really met the mood. Aside of that the original score is also as AMAZING as the action itself! Original sound track by UK born Daniel Pemberton. Who? Well the guy who scored The Man from Uncle (2015), Steve Jobs (2015) and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017). If you’ve the recent King Arthur, you would realise that the movie was ok-ok-only-lah but the song choices… damn! A whole lot of mood of swag. Thank you Mr Daniel! I think the MCU is really lack this element 🙂Much hope was lost when James Gunn was lost.
Nowadays I sort try not to read fan predictions, fan theory of a movie synopsis or other early movie info. On the other hand, with 3 kids, I’m kinda short on time too lah hehe. So honestly I just went into the premiere knowing it’s a Sony Pictures Animation movie of Miles Morales Spider-man.
After the movie – WOW! What an excellent movie… what an excellent feature film! This being an animated movie takes away nothing… and in some ways takes the awesome to another level! Story, fan service, homage scenes, voice acting, fluid animation, sound track, action sequences… OMG everything is awesome!! Lo and behold I dug up the names of writers / executive producers, producers, directors… and found this – Christopher Miller and Phil Lord… indeed EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. These are the visionary brains behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 & 2, The Lego Movie. These are the rising talent that even the Star Wars brand wanted a piece off. Unfortunately the Star Wars brand chickened out on their vision of what the Han Solo origin was supposed to be. I would think the Star Wars heads found asked for something adventurous, funny and stylo… but found it to outrageous / strayed too much away from what the bosses could brain. Chris Miller & Phil Lord can elaborate a children book into a feature length film and create an epic story about sets of yellow educational building bricks for kids… damn! They gotta have some talent haha.
So it is my opinion that these 2 guys had a big hand in making an amazing + spectacular character movie = AWESOME! Thanks guys!
Well if the movie Venom can gross US$800 million with not a single Spider-man… I hope this movie tops Venom six times over 😀 It’s really hard right now to think “WHY THIS MOVIE IS SO AWESOME?”. Could it be because we’re all MCU fatigue? All too familiar with the MCU formula? Could it just be a familiar characters made by some other folks like your restaurant favourite dish cooked by a different but talented chef?
At the moment, I would say – Don’t think so much… just go watch it and enjoy it. Honestly, I was wondering if this movie came in 3D format haha because I like 3D. The rep from Sony Pictures Malaysia gave me the sad truth, ‘No’. Well maybe if it does well, the next one might be in 3D haha
28EXTRA SCENES = 2 !! One mid credits and one post credits…. yes after everything haas finished rolling. I’m not sure about this, but I think this may be the “longest post credits scene” yet?

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse opens in Malaysia 7 December in all cinemas. Thanks to Sony PicturesOutpost Productions and TGV Cinemas.

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CONFESSION = I’m so in love with Spider-Gwen now!! xD33


Doctor Strange (2016) – Review NO SPOILERS

Welcome @DrStrange Doctor Strange to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Caught it in @IMAX @TGVCinemas and apparently everybody should because the movie was specially formatted to be watched in IMAX.

Right from the start we were already caught in awe! That spiffy new MARVEL STUDIOS reveal!! Oh BABY! You had me at …*sound of pages flipping*

FULL REVIEW later but in short:
– It had all the best parts of what I remembered from my dads Dr. Strange 3 in 1 comic digest – translated from the Steve Ditko art of the 70s into todays CGI!
– the casting choice was very spot on again from Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange to Mads Mikklesen. A great caliber of acting talent… even Rachel McAdams! in case anyone wants to comment she is just eye candy!
– We saw “Inception”- like effects & was worried if Marvel copied, but rest assured Marvel made it their own.
– A big welcome to Marvel multi-universe & parallel universes
– To watch in normal or IMAX 3D? Well it was specially formatted for IMAX so it would make sense to got watch it in that format. The score sounded great in the TGV 1 Utama IMAX hall. However the fighting scenes were quite close up and the city flipping & merging is really huge… so you might want to choose a good seat behind for IMAX 3D. If the timing or the price is not really working for you then just catch the normal version… in which I think it doesn’t weaken the overall impact or integrity of Marvel’s first mystical outing.
– Director @ScottDerrickson Scott Derrickson did a great job balancing the bar between creepy and “splat pack”. Pace was good, story line was clear &… witty!!
– Score Maestro @M_Giacchino Michael Giacchino showing yet again another facet of his musical arsenal! Amazing!
– Catch all the easter eggs & the name drops.

**2 extra Scenes at the end – 1 in Mid Credits and 1 Post Credits**
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Ghostbusters (2016) Review – NO SPOILERS

Wow! Where do I start? Well I guess – THANKS – is always a good place to start from. So first of all thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia for the invite to the press screening! Cosplay-Fun was able to catch this reboot ahead of all the folks but also getting to experience it in IMAX 3D. So next would be a big thanks to TGV for hosting the press screening at their IMAX 3D cinema.

As you may already know this movie is not part 3 in the series but a reboot of the 80s cult classic movie series Ghostbusters (1984). I was fortunate to be able to catch it’s sequel in the cinema, Ghostbusters II (1989). I think I caught it at Cathay on Jalan Bukit Bintang, haha a hint at how old I am haha. This movie franchise had an interesting mix of comedy, science fiction & the paranormal. What I liked about it was that the cast of the Ghostbusters team played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson had a very good chemistry of humour and character stereotypes that didn’t demean race or ethnicity. And the other thing that is subtle but obvious was that the common folks / geek / nerds / socially weird (but brilliant) triumph over the ‘professional’ folks – aka they SAVE THE DAY! SAVE THE WORLD! Now that is always something to cheer for.


Look at those? I’ve watched all of them, watched the animated ones & also played the game (PS3).  I also have the soundtrack of Ghostbusters II on cassette if any of you still know what that is! Haha I just dropped the verses of Spirit by Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew just to refresh my ‘semangat’ for the movie. It had a good feel.

Now back to what is called Ghostbusters 2016 – just like any reboot or pop culture icon made in to a movie… there will be persecution! Again, let’s start at my favourite place – THANKFULNESS. So first of all thank goodness Uwe Boll was no where near this project because we all know how that would turn out.

In short this movie was great! It was not only a reboot (or some would say ‘genderswap’ reboot), it was also a current day & age UPDATE… if not an UPGRADE! There is so much apt tribute & respect to the franchise. This movie even fills in evolving issues of equipment, gear, locality and socially that even the original movies by passed. It felt more ‘well thought of’ as a whole journey.

TRIBUTE & RESPECT to the franchise – with original writer Dan Aykroyd & original Director Ivan Reitman still around, any fan should be fairly confident the originals will be respected.

Here is the sign of the level of tribute & respect – CAMEOS! The number of cameos is off the charts! Look for familiar faces, places, things, apparitions, names, gear & even lines – “Who you gonna call?”. There’s also tribute to the 80’s as Ghostbusters was an 80’s pop culture icon for a few reasons. MTV started 1981 & music videos were introduced to the Television world. However it always had a bias against black music artist & by 1984… it could no longer ignore the exploits of Michael Jackson hit songs & elaborate music videos (1983). The other hit it could not ignore was Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Who you gonna call?).

CAST – Interesting fact is that Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong  are Saturday Night Live (SNL) regulars and Bill Murray + Dan Aykroyd were SNL stars in their own right. Melissa McCarthy has hosted SNL 4 times. Well this means that they have a knack for comedy! This movie has 6 Oscar Nominees!

I found that these funny ladies did well as a team. They had a comedic chemistry & were able to pull off their character back stories given to them. I’m happy they didn’t do a Battlestar Gallactica – Starbuck in which the 70’s character was a guy & the 2004 series character of the same name is now a girl. So the names Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddmore will be left untouched & this series will be about the adventures of Yates, Gilbert, Holtzman & Tolan.

Two things that stood out for me – the cast performance made me feel empathise with these characters about ‘successful woman’ in this day & age. I thought it was a very important & relevant theme. They win your heart & will get you to root for them! If you think they are weak & powerless = which equals ‘lame’ then this movie is not for you haha The other thing was to break the stereotype of funny people (actor) playing different character genre i.e. Melissa McCarthy: plays a smart mouthed thief (Identity Thief), plays a accidental spy (Spy), plays a old skool street cop (Heat) etc. So for this movie, it felt that the team had some shoes to fill… character guidelines… source material to live up to in which it Melissa McCarthy & team did! Kudos!

*OMG Kate McKinnon! You stole my attention every single time!!*

Kudos! Let’s not forget the talented Chris Hemsworth who was able to show the other side of his talents in his native accent! Great casting. Enjoy his dudsy ‘beefcake’ performance!

Just in case you’re still uncomfortable with the fact that this beloved 80’s icon has become this 2016 ‘genderswap’ reboot, the Ray Parker Jr. classic music theme will not only help usher you along the journey but becomes almost a sort of lay motive for this movie to bridge the old & the new. Tribute again! This really works for me.

DOWNSIDE – Just a 2 minor snags I didn’t like: I was not a fan of the new PKE (psycho kenetic energy) meter haha I like the animated series one! 

To quote Mr. Ray Parker Jr. on the latest Ghostbusters song by Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliot – “It is interesting”. I’m not sold on it but I’m not a narrow minded purest either haha I really enjoy the Ghostbusters II soundtrack! Fans would remember Run DMC did their version of the title song there too. Keeping to another Ghostbusters tribute  which is being a located in the BIG APPLE… New York City! I felt Run DMC was a cool choice!! Ironically Ghostbusters was never shot in NYC xD haha TRIVIA!

CONCLUSION: From my point of view as a fan of movies and pop culture, there’s much to praise & enjoy about this movie. Being a child of the 80s also helps as it was a really exciting era for media, music and technology! Sharing more than the above would give away spoilers and we at Cosplay-Fun would definitely want to save that for you all to experience ON OUR OWN… I mean – on you own. (GB II Soundtrack pun). Girls / ladies / women are here since Day  6 of the Genesis creation and they are here to stay so I don’t see why can’t they get some light of day in Hollywood! Get over it!! Hahaha! Strong relevant themes of friendship, team work & people diversity should be something championed for in this day and age where almost everything surrounding us is trying to divide us. No bikins, skippy clothing, lingerie, cleavage, hot young girls were used to communicate this message either! So I echo again by saying that this 2016 GB Team is an update or even an upgrade from the 80s.

Kudos to Director Paul Feig on a great job as well as surviving the onslaught of death threats by hardcore purist . This gets my 8/ 10 STARS for being more than just a movie to pass the time in the summer! It’s interesting that Paul Feig said that the initial cut ran 4 hours 15 minutes long & now the theatrical release is 1 hour 56 mintues… so I am wondering will there be an extended version later?? ala Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition? hehehe We’ll see!

Watch it in IMAX 3D or 2D digital is not much of a difference but if you like a closer encounter with apparitions & ectoplasm (slime) then go watch it in IMAX 3D.


BUT WAIT!! THAT’S NOT ALL!! Do stay back  when the credits roll to see more pleasant surprises… and 1 POST CREDIT SCENE!! Mind you this is not a Marvel movie!! haha!! It’s a short but good one so stay back hard core fans!!!

Ghostbusters opens in Malaysian Cinemas 14 JULY 2016

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For more festivities check out the Ghostbusters Adventure Live! at Sunway Lagoon that launches this very week! 

Also did you know that we have our very own official Ghostbusters Malaysia fan club… costumes, props, gear available!! Now pass the Proton Packs! huhu After 27 years…. “Busting makes me feel good” again!! 



X-Men: Apocalypse – Movie Review [NO SPOILERS]

It was 2 weeks till the opening of X-Men Apocalypse and I got a message from Outpost Productions main man that there will be an advance screening of the movie. Would I like to go? You’re darn right I would… and would like the chance to bring my missus too!

This marks the 3 part of the comic to movie ‘VERSUS’ series for 2016. What’s this rambling? I’m talking about the ‘big battle’ movies… the comic book heroes face off on the big screen! It started in March with Batman V Superman! Then April it was Captain America: Civil War time! And May is the ‘Mutant WAR’: X-Men vs Apocalypse and the 4 horse-men.

THE STORY SO FAR – Since the First Class (some what reboot) it’s been a much better X-men ride! Infusing the mutant story in to natural history has always been a big hit… just think of Forrest Gump! (he does fit many ‘superhero’ criteria) hehe

Then there was the bomb that Fox gave us at the end of Wolverine 2… I kinda felt that Fox was finally getting a hang of their mutant franchise. I mean X-Men can be a whole comic universe by itself! The title is still the top 4 selling comic titles in America.

So with this I would like to repeat the distinction between the beloved mutant saga X-MEN and the Fox movies by Bryan-Singer-Xmen aka S-men. Byran Singer was the reluctant director chosen for the year 2000 debut. Then he dropped directing the finale X-Men: The Last Stand to direct Superman Returns (bombed), then return to producing X-Men. He himself is a pretty good director & a pretty good superhero director. X-Men might not be his best movies but my case in point is that he does well with the titles in which he believes in – case & point Superman Returns (2006). I have watched Superman Returns & I thought it was good. Later hunted down the blu-ray and watched all the behind the scenes segments & saw how involved Bryan Singer can get, which is good. Then I watched Man of Steel… and when looking back, this movie made Superman Returns becomes an even better movie. Critics all over world slammed both… but I’d rather listen to passionate + COMpassionate fans. On the down side Bryan Singer is very poor in consistency in the timeline continuum. S-men fans who stayed fans I think have come to terms to with all the unexplained stuff & actor changes for the same character. On the other side of the coin the S-men franchise is one of the earliest Marvel movie successes not to mention first Marvel movie trilogy!

As a casual X-Men fan, I know only a fair amount on the X-Men. Of course it doesn’t help the franchise that the folks making the movies stray away from the comic source. No one is perfect but some how the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is doing a good job & the young uprising DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is doing fair. Most critics will say that the X-Factor (pun intended) for comic book movies is always respect-the-source-material!

After catching the 3 trailers… i felt that the make or break X-Factor (pun still intended) for this movie would be… how they defeat Apocalypse (& his 4 horsemen). This would be the deciding factor if the movie was good or not. Next, it would just be a matter of HOW good it is – decent / good / great / amazing / unbelievable.


First of all I would like to thank Outpost Productions for the invite. I actually owe it to FOX (20th Century Fox) but then again with the countless staff changes & the insignificants of my existence through the past 10 years… I think it doesn’t matter right? Haha OK, so let’s cut to the review.

CAST – First Class was a great story & become great avenue for the producers to amend the mistakes of the past. The franchise got an update (younger) & upgrade (budding talent) in its cast… & with youth, there is more ground to grow or extend the universe beyong 3-and-done format. To quote the man of the year (mutant), Deadpool… “Steward or McAvoy?”. Haha to add a Marvel flavour of the year to this, I’d phrase it as Team Steward or Team McAvoy haha

James McAvoy was already established in 2011 but from then till now just take a look at the carriers of Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult! Michael Fassbender proved from the start that he is an equal foe & force to James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier as both rivals and best friends. To date, Jennifer Lawrence has 1 Oscar & 3 Golden Globes to her name, nuff said. My close buddy said he felt that Nicholas Hoult stole the show with his role in Mad Max: Fury Road! I quite agreed with him!

As you all may know this movie reintroduces Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Night Crawler, Jubilee, Angel and debuts Psylocke, Caliban, and Apocalypse. The ‘new mutants’ (pun intended) look great in the sense of their overall youthfulness. This movie has a “how they first met” kind of story arc, something even that iconic series like Star Trek (TOS the original series) never even touched till the series got a movie reboot in 2009, 43 years later! So I think this “how they first met” arc is always a fun & popular aspect to work on.

On the down side I still don’t like how Apocalypse looks like… or should I say FOX-pocalyspe. Fox has a way of making the favourite Marvel villains look weird. Remember the recent Doctor Doom? Or should I say FOXtor Doom? ‘Eeeyeeerr’ is the appropriate Malaysian expression for this. A pop culture organiser event told me, it’s hard to excite fans with character appearance because the movie doesn’t have iconic uniforms that when u see it, you know it’s this character.” Compared to the MCU, u see a guy in blue + red costume & a white star… you’re already saying Captain America. All they have are these black suits haha Point taken!

I did feel also that in the cast of characers, Olivia Mun may have looked the eldest among the youthful cast. I’m not sure what they want to do with her character Psylocke but I hope to see her again because Psylocke is a fan favourite charcter! The lesson learnt from the S-men franchise – “cast younger actors for better continuity”. Look at the MCU choice of Tom Holland as Spidey! I’m hoping its not another Famke Jansson – Jean Grey mistake.

All in all this cast looks good to continue to take the franchise into the ‘NEW’ future installations of the mutant saga!

STORY – The movie picks up right from X-Men: Days of Future Past which means its set in the 80s! There’s a lot of effort making it look right & as child of the 80s too, I really enjoyed all the pop-culture branding of the era! Now the first fact I noticed was Batman V Superman (BvS) ran 2 hours 33 minutes, Captain America ran 2 hours 26 minutes and now X-men: Apocalypse runs 1 hour 57 minutes. As I mentioned earlier my personal X-Factor for this movie is how they are going to defeat not only Apocalypse but also his four horsemen. Now looking at the running time, gosh! How are they going to do all this + reintroduce Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Night Crawler, Jubilee, Angel and introduce Psylocke, Caliban, and En Sabah Nur. It seems that FOX really wants to push the envelope & put it to the test. In the end, I felt that they did well in balancing it all out. There’s a bit of show, a bit of tell, a bit of ‘fans should know from watching the S-men’ and bit of ‘fans should know from the comics’. The actors needed to go a great job to sell the parts because screen time is very limited. On this first watch of the movie, all the acting was decent & it managed to rally the audience till the final battle.

There is so much CG in this movie that I as time passed I wish they would use some on Poe Dameron… oh I mean En Sabah Nur to make him look more menacing.

The look inspired from the Power Rangers Ivan Ooze?

OMG LOVE THE CAMEOS & EASTER EGGS! Look out for locations, listen out for names, look out for comic references and the BEST cameo will be one you CANNOT miss… and everyone will enjoy!

SOUNDTRACK – in my Days of Future Past review I said that John Ottman MAKES the X-Men complete with his sound track. John Ottman’s score is the X-Men sound track. It has become a staple & being consisted that the music tone, mood & feel keeps it right. This is one of my top comments against the Iron Man 1 – 3. Each had a different composer. The first movie is so memorable because of all the right music, tone & feels… (*salute Mr. Ramin Djawadi) which I think the 2nd lacked. The 3rd had to revert back to the first… a sort of sign they learnt from the mistake perhaps?

CONCLUSION – Some of my favourite moments was that they had Storm in a Mohawk. She looked bad a$$ back then in the comics at that year & date and she still looking intrend with that do!! I also like seeing Angel as Archangel! Angel’s transformation to Archangel was what first drew me to read some of the En Sabah Nur stories in the comics. I also felt Tye Sheridan (nor James Marsden) still didn’t have the long face & flat jaw iconic to pull off Cyclops but that’s just me nit picking haha. Quicksilver is quicksilver! huhu

In my opinion, this is a movie accessible to anyone who has been following the First Class & Future Past. I think if the hardcore fans would over look the canon stuff & continue to forgive Bryan Singer (& his S-Men)… they would really enjoy this movie of GODLY proportions . I am thankful & happy that there is a new X-Men movie out… it’s doing well and the fans, cosplayers, cinema owners, movie producers, comic writers etc all have something to be excited about. The overall youth in the cast will suggest there’s more to come in the mutant saga. Don’t forget that Marvel studios recently successfully negotiated for Spider-man (from Sony Pictures) to join in the MCU… then Marvel is teaming up with FOX to produce two mutant TV series, Hellfire and Legion. So who knows what ‘NEW’ turn of events will surround the mutant saga in the coming years!

So friends & fans be optimistic, be thankful and by all means be filled with excitement as X-Men: Apocalypse opens in Malaysia in a matter of days! Some critics are already calling this movie the best comic book movie of 2016… personally I would go that far hehehe (Captain America: Civil War still tops my list, followed by X-Men: En Sabah Nur and then BvS in which their universe is only 2 movies old… still young). Pop-culture & comic fans still have plenty to be excited about!

IT’S NOT OVER TILL IT’S OVER! That last 2 minutes of the movie – BOO YEAH!!

POST-CREDITS SCENE – Only one extra scene in the end but it’s a MAJOR one! You all have to stay back thru all the credits in order to get to it. If u weren’t already blown away by the cameos, then this will be the cherry on the sundae! Hope you enjoy is MUTANT chapter! I heard they already announced the next movie! #NEWmutants #XMenNewMutants

THE VERDICT: a solid 9.0 /10

The Cosplay fans at the Advance Screening event. Photo by John Gullidge


X-Men: Apocalypse opens in Malaysian cinemas nationwide 19 May 2016.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

Again we would first like to thank Pacific Licensing Studio (MY) and Pavilion KL for making this event happen and also the chance to watch the premiere of this EPIC movie 2 days ahead of most parts of the world 🙂 Haha me putting my best Ben Affleck chin foward! 

There was much anticipation for this movie whether people care to admit it or not. 2 of comics longest running and most successful characters Superman and Batman… FACE OFF in an EPIC live action movie made with 21st century cinema production technology…. AND introducing the an even bigger cast aka the Justice League! Much WOW!

Superman first introduced to the world – Action Comics #1, June 1938
Batman first introduced to the world – Detective Comics #27, May 1939

Lots of history with them & in between them. Lots of movies & reboots between them too but never before a FACE OFF movie or even as they say – a live action movie with them in the same universe! 


There was so much buzz & bizz surrounding this movie that it couldn’t equal or exceed that which surrounded Star Wars: The Force Awakens! So many theories & so many plot guesses. Countless fans & movie sleuths disecting interviews, trailers & photos. The best I had the time to read was this one by this Brazillian pop culture editor Rick theorizing that BvS was going to unveil an ultimate master mind twist that would blindside us all. This surfaced in cyberspace when the 1st full trailer rolled. Though it sounded far fetch… all the evidence presented was very convincing and with merit. His theory was that Ben Affleck was Slade Wilson and not Bruce Wayne… How BvS Links with the Suicide Squad etc. An epic read (http://moviepilot.com/posts/3586492)

Ok, lets just cut to the movie review with NO SPOILERS!

NATURAL SELECTION – In my opinion, the make or break factor of these new emerging “shared universe” or “Cinematic / TV universe” is what facts / elements / source will the producers / directors / writers choose to pick and make as their universe CANON!

The DC movies just got a reboot with the Man of Steel (2013) movie forming what will now be known as the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) – the shared DC universe based on movies only. Apparently the TV series DC titles will be a universe of their own, with that specific set of actors.

Now, after CANONizing the Superman origins for the DCEU with Man of Steel (2013)… BvS is suppose to CANONize Batman’s origins for the DCEU and also set the stage for the other Justice League characters…. on it’s way to the 2 part Justice League movie slated for 2017 & 2019. Now ladies and gentlemen…. this is a tall order with just 2 hours and 33 mintues air time. 


SOURCE MATERIAL – Nothing gets fans going more than RESPECT and HONOUR for the source material. Batman & Superman have 75+ years of successful source material to piece together… some even with reputation as greatest comic literature of all time. Now the spiffy new DCEU is at a pivotal point because it not only needs to choose what becomes CANON for Batman but also for a whole lot of other characters too namely Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash. At first glance I assumed that BvS was going to be straight outta (Compton pun*) Frank Miller’s: The Dark Knight Returns comic (1986) but No… but also, yes haha Like I said DC is establishing their DCEU so they will pick and choose from what source material to be CANON! 

HOW DID THEY FARE CHOOSING SOURCE MATERIAL, TRIBUTES AND EASTER EGG: I found it engaging and presented well in terms of a plausable story plot in this day & age. The nod to iconic comic poses and name dropping was pretty cool too, keeping us on our toes through out the movie. 7.5/10.

THE BAT OF GOTHAM – Since this movie has much about BATMAN. So a question on peoples minds would be ‘How is Ben Affleck as Batman?’ Recently after a chat with a friend I found that it’s actually a 2 part question since there are 2 personas involved! So the question to ask for fans would be – How was Ben Affleck as Batman? and How was Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne? With some 75+ years of Batman, it’s really cool that each actor can have their own rendition of the 2 personas and still be good. Unlike Christian Bale, only Michael Keaton had the chance to play the Bat more than once in a movie. The downside that comes with that is that the actors might not have the time make it great… then again I guess if you have the chops or if the character works for u…. you don’t need that much screen time haha. 

HOW DID BEN FARE AS BRUCE? I liked his performance. A much welcomed version of Bruce compared to the intense & uptight Bale version which we watched for about 7 years. There was even some time to put in a sense of humour this time. 7/10

HOW DID BEN FARE AS BATMAN? I like this presentation of Batman. For lack of a better word, I felt he was more organic. The words ‘Batman – vigilante crime fighter’ comes to mind to. I like how this Batman moved, fought and bulk. Gives me the Tim Burton – Michael Keaton vibe 8/10. 

WONDER WOMAN – What can I say about Gal Gadot as Diana Prince as Wonder Woman but.. ❤ Wow! Gorgeous Amazon Warrior Princess on the big screen. She says she’s been away for 100 years… but we feel that even 100 years ago… it was never like this! It was great to have you grace the screen. Can’t wait for 2017! 10/10 


DIRECTOR – Honestly, I am a big Zack Snyder fan but Man of Steel did not hit home anything amazing for Superman. The most it did for me was to urge me to go out & buy the Superman Returns blu-ray so I can watch it again! And again quite frankly I prefered Superman Returns to Man of Steel. Yes, despite the many flaws in Superman Returns (story… pacing… Kate Bosworth etc) … it had some amazing moments… that Airplane rescue… every single scene where Superman is flying!! haha Anyways, in my opinion Zack Snyder is really masterful at telling a tale as if it was surreal. Like if the event was a true or real event… told with some fantasy elements. No example is greater than his lone original movie Sucker Punch. Filled with bizzare dream sequences of some bizzare folks in a some what real scenario. How would translate that into a superhero movie? Answer: The Watchmen and even 300. I mean he made Owls look kick-ass awesome in the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. All these positives then Man of Steel… ho hum. I wonder if Executive Producer Chris Nolan is cramping his style haha. 

HOW DID THE DIRECTOR FARE? Much better than Man of Steel though some annoying things from that movie has been brought over. I definately saw some Snyder swag here. Fast & slow pacing used well. Some Zack cool angles evident. The future looks promising. OK to watch in IMAX!! More ok than a J.J. Abrams flick. 7/10.


CONCLUSION – all in all go in with a open slate mind or rather a clean slate mind… just as DCEU is trying to engrave it’s CANON material. Allow the film makers to take you where they want to go, and then judge that journey. Most of you might think there’s GAPS in the story line or loop holes that don’t add up, like they left some stones unturned. From what I gathered in my first watch of BvS and watching the 2nd movie in the DCEU series…. I go on the record to say that I think they purposely left GAPS and loop holes…. skip thru facts & details…. just so they can fill it in objectively in the various up and coming movie titles! 

HOW DOES THIS MOVIE FARE? As a total package of Studio goals, DCEU build & continuity, fan service, story telling swag… this is one of the best alternatives to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Brilliant 8.8/10. I am looking forward to a 2nd watch!

CROWD GOES WILD – THAT MOMENT when the (what is now dubbed as) trinity appear on screen of the first time. Priceless! 

*NO MID or POST-CREDITS SCENE* (as experienced during Premiere)

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens nationwide (Malaysia) 24 March 2016

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X-Men: Days of the Future Past – Review


Just caught press preview of X-Men: Days of Future past. Wow it was amazing! I mean if you liked First Class then this is yet another step in the right direction despite that direction being towards an- APOCALYPSE!

CAST – We already know it’s has amazingly talented cast we already know it has more comic heroes in it than the Avengers. So what is there still to be taken by surprise? The CAMEOS! To me they were uncountable & almost impossible to catch in one seating. You gotta catch it again!

STORY – First Class wasn’t really a reboot but maybe more of an origin story… since the franchise likes this “ORIGINS” thingie. For me it was a very deep redeeming factor for ‘Singer- X-men’ or ‘S-men’… get it? You know like it’s “BAY-Formers” & not “Transformers”? hehe Anyways, I still wouldn’t say that Bryan Singer is brilliant because of the consistency factor of his X-movies (S-men), but since First Class… it has been a redemption of sorts or even a justification of why he was given this beloved mutant saga in the first place.

In my opinion the story & timeline tie ins are the strongest element of what draws me into the new S-men trilogy. I didn’t expect this chapter to be so moving but its tear shedding revelations further ground our ties with our beloved characters.

DIRECTOR X-Factor: In my opinion… I think Bryan Singer a good SUPERHERO director. He has his own way with things that he deems important or that he is very particular about certain things that are not normally paramount (just watch the behind the scenes featurettes on the Superman Returns blu-ray). He has his quirks… but by now after watching 7 of his movies, I’ve kind of gotten more accustom to his STYLISH ways. I once said the same thing about Zack Snyder… he knows how to GLORY heroes in action sequences… until Man of Steel. I thought Man of Steel would have be all that but it was missing the remainder 70% of glory. Anyways, I’m in a place to enjoy his style & this movie has both action & drama. Not convinced he’s got a Directors SUPERHERO MOJO? Just check out how quick silver is portrayed! Bryan Singer 1 – Marvel CU 0. Now lets see how marvel handles it. 

SOUNDTRACK: John Ottman soundtrack is there to keep it in the right mood. After 7 X-men movies (2 Wolvy), I’ve grown accustom to feeling that John Ottman’s score is the X-men score. It may not be amazing to everyone but to me it has been significant & wouldn’t have the same feel with out it.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This is more “THE LAST STAND” then x3 even if it meant 3 times the X! Fans get ready for trip back in time which naturally means paradox theories & rules. FAN TRIBUTES galore!! Many “Oooos” and “Aaaa”. Popular shout outs – “BADASS”! The roaring 70’s! 


So enjoy the continuation of the epic mutant saga, a fitting middle tale to setup the finale X-men: Apocalypse. If you’re a fan or not a fan… go in to watch with an open heart. Bryan Singer is not the best story writers Stay till all credits finish rolling! Fox Studios has caught on to the Marvel trend! A nice reveal for the FOX Marvel Universe! The FUTURE looks bright!! Hurrah!

THE VERDICT: a solid 9.0 /10

X:Men Days of Future Past opens nationwide in Malaysia on 22 May 2014.

-The Captain-

Cosplay Friends at the Premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past at GSC 1 Utama, 20 May 2014.


The Captain Reviews…

I was fortunate to watching this advanced screening & the following 3 words are the way to describe it – SELENE IS BACK!!

I was really blown away by the first movie. It introduced me to a concept of how the werewolves & vampires can be related. Underworld has been imprinted in my head as ‘The story of Vampires & Werewolves IN the Matrix with Kate Beckinsale” J

The first Underworld really had a very edgy story line with back stories & uber cool action sequences. Lycans as guardians of the vampires, death dealers, UV Rounds, Silver Nitrate rounds, The Hybrid… all pretty captivating for the year 2003. Oh & NOT to forget Kate Beckinsale in a cat suit “flipping & killin” baddies. She literally IS the whole franchise!

The sequel Underworld: Evolution was fair with more Double-Auto-Pistol action & brutal demise of baddies. By this point there is a whole new meaning to the popular movie phrase “Say hello to my (two) friends” when you see an Underworld movie poster. In my opinion she has now topped Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft for MOST BAD-ASS Hot-Chick to wield the double-pistols!! The pair of auto Beretta 92FS Inox with extended magazines or her Walter P99 is now synonymous with Selene / Underworld /Death Dealer / Kate Beckinsale, take your pick!

The third installment was a prequel, Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans. I thought it was a very interesting idea to make a prequel after the sequel. Another daring note would be to NOT have their STAR, Selene, in the line up. It was a back ground story well told & illustrated. It’s contents was pretty solid because we all knew how it was going to end, but we did not really know how it came to that point. On a good note we see more of Viktor & also Lucian where both actors (Bill Nighy & Michael Sheen) go head to head with former Tomb Raider Model, Rhona Mitra, on the sidelines… who does draw a remarkable resemblance to the Selene.

FIRST LOOK – I thought that marked the end of the series but now comes Underworld Awakening!! And guess what? SELENE IS BACK!! Double-Auto-Pistol action!! Brutal disposing of baddies!! Uber cool action sequences!! Kate Beckinsale in a cat suit & trench coat “flippin & killin”… yes yes… I’ve mentioned it before but this time it returns IN IMAX 3D… oh yea!! What a way to make a return. Of course the other versions also available – standard film, 2D Digital & 3D Digital (Active & Passive). Like I said in the beginning, I was fortunate to catch this movie in the new IMAX 3D cinema hall in TGV Sunway Pyramid! It was very impressive.

CAST – The cast of Underworld 4 is not stellar but they do deliver what’s required of them. The storyline to carry on the movie series was decent though I did think it borrowed too much from “a video-game cum movie releasing its 5th chapter this year staring Milla Jovovich” haha (NOT a spoiler). This might be a 2nd boost to the movie series to extend the franchise even further & I think it will do just fine though I do hope for a cast upgrade.

SOUNDTRACK – What was really stood out in this movie, aside from Kate Beckinsale STILL kicking ass, was the soundtrack. It was a very good compliment to the action & also to the mood / setting of the movie. It was like futuristic industrial, if I were to categorize it. Paul Haslinger is the man behind the score of the previous Underworld 1 + 2 and known for movies like Shoot ‘em Up, Crank and video games like Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 & 2.

Haslinger’s techie / future score did mix well with the movies setting & the style of Swedish Directors Mans Marlind & Bjorn Stein. This made the movie did have a European flavour much like Night Watch, Day Watch, Bourne Identity etc.

THE VERDICT: a solid 8.5 /10

It would be 8 stars but since SELENE is back!! I’m giving it 8.5 Stars out of 10.

Underworld: Awakening opens in Malaysian cinemas nationwide, 3 days ahead of America on 17th January 2012.

Soon after, it will arrive at the IMAX 3D screen in TGV Sunway Pyramid.

The Captain… signs off *salute