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AK Collectors Festival 2017 – Visit

26 April 2017, Kuala Lumpur:  Yesterday was the start of the first ever Prime 1 Studio mini exhibition in Malaysia (mall event). It is being held at on the busy ground floor of  Avenue K, right in the heart of the golden triangle of shopping, in KL.

There’s a collectibles area with lotsa Hot Toys, SH Figuarts, Cosbabys etc. for sale. Our local Marvel store SuperHeroes United is also there with official licensed #Marvel apparel / accessories for sale, plus a buy 3 – 1 free offer!!

#HasbroMY is also here with the #Nerf blasters for you to try out. There is also a Injustice: God Among Us on the PS4 to duel it out!

The highlight of the event are the premium format prototypes of the up coming Spiderman 2099, Venom & Anti Venom! #Prime1Studios items are brought to us by Shioktoys Collectibles #ShiokToys


Other content scheduled to take place are:

1) Cosplay Competition
2) A talk on Toy Sculpting by Blackz GBC
3) A talk on Customized Costumes & Props by Helios-E
For more info on whats happening go to the Avenue K page:http://avenuek.com.my/www/akcf/

It’s really nice to see western pop culture stuff popping up at an event… and it’s most refreshing to see a western pop culture event all by itself!! Some may say that it is small… but hey! We’ve got to start some where!! High traffic venues are not just throwing themselves at organisers… nor is free $$$,$$$ falling from the sky xD haha Kudos to ShiokToys Collectibles & team with Prime 1 Studios, for continuing to be active to promote the passion for pop culture heroes!

More photos in our FB page: AK Collectors Festival 2017

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Animax Carnival Malaysia 2017

animaxcarnivalHey everyone, This is the Captain and I just wanted to write a short message… in which most of you already know the answer too.


  1. I think most of you have already seen the buzz on Facebook 2 weeks ago about Animax Carnival Malaysia 2017. At least 3 different people have PM the official FB page (https://www.facebook.com/animaxasiatv) and have gotten replies that there will no Animax Carnival this year.  Yes, the people running the page are just moderators / admin blah blah… but still they can’t reply with permission from Animax Asia themselves… so again – I think this is a firm NOT Animax Carnival Malaysia 2017.
  2. Despite having Animax Carnival Malaysia from 2012 – 2016, their announcement always came fairly late (compared to other conventions) which is around end of February, for an event which usually takes place on the last weekend of March. So as time passes… end of Feb… and now – the beginning of March… it is safe to say (together with point 1. ) that there will be no Animax Carnival Malaysia 2017.

Now, whether there will be an Animax Carnival Malaysia 2018 or whether there will never be another one? We really don’t know. However, if we Animax gets in touch with us… or their official spokes person, we will be sure to let you all know by announcing it on our FB page or here on our blog.

For those of you still waiting for an official announcement / statement from Animax regarding the Carnival not happening… you guys might be waiting a long time xD Personally I don’t think they ‘owe’ us any announcement or any explanation on the “why”s of this & that. If I was the boss, I would but then again, I am not.

So everyone, just set your eyes on the next event closes to your location and prepare for that. The list of events in Malaysia just keeps on growing & growing so don’t worry on that part 🙂 The reach of these cosplay events also keep growing! It’s already a staple for (outside the Klang Valley) states Penang, Kuantan, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kluang, Ipoh, Seremban, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and as of last year even Miri!! 🙂 So till the next event, have fun everyone!

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NOTE – *The Captain started collaborating with Animax Asia at the Inuyasha: The Final Act event at Berjaya Times Square in 2009. Later, he was hired to run the cosplay competition of the first ever Animax Carnival Malaysia 2012.*

Pop Watch List 2017

As the new year starts to set in & we start to go about our business-as-usual… I have put together a Pop-Culture Watch – Movie List for 2017. This is something we always wanted to do as movie fans since back in the day, when the most of us chilled out at the MySciFiFan Outpost Cafe in the mid 2000’s located at the former Cineleisure Damansara… now know as e@Curve. Nowadays, it’s not only the movies that we are looking forward too. TV / Cable channels like Astro, Hypp TV, Iflix and Netflix also have many of our pop culture icons like Marvel & DC Comic characters! So here is my Pop Culture picks or to watch list 2017 in the CINEMA & on CABLE! I present to you The Pop Watch List 2017!!


12 Jan – Arrival*
19 Jan – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
26 Jan – xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage

*Whats ‘Arrival‘? Well in short, this is a Sci-Fi movie directed by Mr. Denis Villeneuve previously known for his gritty hardcore drama Sicario (2015), starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin. He did so well here & the above mentioned Arrival that the trustees of Sci-Fi icon movie Blade Runner (1982) have given him the Director duties for the up coming sequel Blade Runner 2049. Hollywood already has rumours that Mr. Denis is also being considered to take on yet another Sci-Fi movie icon – Dune (1984). Sicario (2015) was a really gripping, intense & brutal take on a common theme – “US border war on drugs”. Arrival was released in the USA on 11 November and think it was a definitive movie in which convinced the powers that be to hand him Blade Runner 2049. So The Captain is really looking forward to watching this!! 😀


9 Feb – Lego Batman Movie
9 Feb – John Wick 2: Chapter Two**
9 Feb, 9pm FOX HD [Astro Channel 724] – Legion (8 Episode TV Series)*
18 Feb – Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
23 Feb – Guardians (Zashchitniki)#

*What is Legion? Legion is the FOX (2oth Century Fox) mutant entry into the TV series genre. This is a mile stone achievement as this is show will be the first collaboration between Marvel & FOX! So far it’s the closest Marvel will get to their mutants on an screen! So the story follows a guy named David Haller… aka Legion, who has many different powers, commanded by different personalities. In the comics he is also know as Professor Charles Xavier’s son and a member of the the X-Men. Legion is an Omega Level mutant, who can bend time & space at will if made whole with all his powers!

**What is John Wick 2? Have you not seen the first one? To quote http://www.imdb.com – John Wick is a story about an ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him. Sounds familiar, common and “we’ve seen it before”??? But wait…. it’s much more about how he dispatches his enemies and the cinematography it was caught in that is the highlight. The director is a highly aclaimed stuntman, Chad Stahelski, which makes him have a different eye for fight scenes! And the irony of Keanu Reeves… who performed the all new ultra stylistic fighting sequences from the Matrix Trilogy movies is now in this role! Class act! I have not seen such cool fighting gun play since the ‘Cleric gun kata’ style from the movie Equilibrium (2002). Enjoy!!

#What is Guardians? No this is not related to Guardians of the Galaxy in any way. Guardians is a Russian movie called Zashchitniki. Basically it’s a story of the Russian government putting together a team combatants… enhancing them to super hero levels… to battle super villains! Sound familiar? Well I like to call it Russian Super Soldiers which also sounds like the Marvel’s Soviet Super Soldiers consisting of the Red Guardian, Darkstar, Vanguard, Ursa Major & Crimson Dynamo. There were the equivalent of the Russian Avengers haha Well, this one is totally original… though I’m sure there will be a lot of borrowed ideas but I’m still looking forward to it. That character that is a mix of Ursa Major & King (Tekken) sold me! So typical Russian liking towards bears huhu! Also I enjoyed Night Watch (2004) & Day Watch (2006) so why not this movie!


2 Mar – Logan
9 Mar – Kong: Skull Island
17 Mar on Netflix – Marvel’s Iron Fist (13 Episode Series)
23 Mar – Power Rangers
30 Mar – Ghost in the Shell


13 Apr – The Fate of the Furious (Fast 8)
27 Apr – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


10 May – Alien: Covenant
10 May – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
25 May – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
27 May – Resident Evil Vendetta


*What is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword? Well in short it’s Mr. Guy Ritchie doing a medival tale of England’s greatest knight movie! Mr. Ritchie is the Englishman Writer / Director famous for producing great crime genre stories from Locked, Stocked and 2 Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2 (soon to be 3) then did a 50’s spy style Man from U.N.C.L.E and now this! All in all I like his directorial style, his cast & his story telling so I’m in!!


1 Jun – Wonder Woman
1 June – Baywatch*
8 Jun – The Mummy
15 Jun – Kingsman: The Golden Circle
22 Jun – Transformers: The Last Knight

*What is Baywatch? Well seriously if you don’t know what this is then you may not be at the legal age to watch those 18 above movies xD hahaha Baywatch is a TV cult classic… ICON! It opened the eyes of guys all around the world to what really was THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. If it’s today… it would be Ryan Seacrest job! hehe pun (he often confesses this about his job). Anyways, this movie will attempt to reboot that TV series that ran from 1989 – 2001 in a movie format. Let’s see how it goes!


6 Jul – Spider-Man: Homecoming
13 Jul – War for the Planet of the Apes
20 Jul – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets*

*What is Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets? Well in short, this is Mr. Luc Besson’s return to directing a Sci-Fi genre movie. This movie is based on the iconic French anthology comic Valérian and Laureline  that later became the landmark in European comics / pop culture. This graphic novel has influenced many elements & alien designs in the Star Wars saga & The Fifth Element. The Frenchman is famous for writing (occasionally directing) some great crime action movies with exciting car chases… with the occasional Sci-Fi movie. His previous works you may have heard of are Taxi 1 – 3, The Transporter 1 – 3, Taken 1 – 3, Lucy and his most famous Sci-Fi outing The Fifth Element (1997) staring Bruce Willis & Milla Jovovich. With all said above we have a good feeling going! With the primary roles being Mr. Green Goblin (Amazing Spiderman 2) & Ms. Enchantress (Suicide Squad), I think they have the range to deliver a good one here! Am looking forward!


24 Aug – Gintama (Japanese Live Action of the popular anime)


TBA on Netflix – Marvel’s The Defenders
TBA Sept in selected IMAX – Marvel’s Inhumans (and on ABC America) [We hope to get it on FOX HD Astro Channel 724]


5 Oct – Blade Runner 2049


2 Nov – Thor: Ragnarok
16 Nov – Justice League


15 Dec – Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Thanks for reading! If you like it please share! More details or titles could be added to the list as time goes by. Having list like this in front of us, definitely gives us something to look forward to in the days to come. Have a good time in the CINEMA & on the COUCH watching your CABLE series!! This is The Captain signing off!!

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Big Bad Wolf Sale 2016 – CosplayFun Recon

Here are the good stuff that caught The Captain’s eye at this years @BigBadWolfBooks Big Bad Wolf Books Sale! Pop-Culture ICONs, Comics, Gaming, Cosplay, TV, Movies, Sci-Fi and classics!!

Here is the selection from DAY 0 aka Preview Day of this years Big Bad Wolf Sale! Do take advantage of the 24 hours opening times to comfortably browse, explore & shop. It’s very obvious to frequent goers that there a wider selection of books in each of the standard categories of the sale. Including a new area with Japanese & Thai books too!

Say good bye to the elaborate choice of food & drinks on the mezzanine floor! There is just only 1 source of food & drink which is a little cafe like place where the kids books usually is.

THE POP CULTURE GOODIES!! There are loads of new trade paper back comics or as they categorised it under – “Graphic Novels”, that we have not seen before. Most often we find the Marvel titles & comic strip cartoons but this year had a good deal of Dark Horse titles of old & new. DC was also decently represented with some nice hard cover collectibles like The War Years Superman & The War Years Wonder Woman, DC Super Villains etc. There is also the emergence of gaming ART books like The Art of: Uncharted trilogy, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Dragon Age; and reemergence of movie ART books – The Hobbit: BOFA, Book of Life, Penguins of Madagascar, Mr Peabody & Sherman, Blue Sky Studios etc. A lot of these goodies seem to be the similar stuff on offer at Book Xcess itself. However I could only manage to compare the Halo trade paper back comic & it was cheaper by RM 5. So it would be most gratifying for a bargain hunter / trift shopper if you knew the Book Xcess price then compare here at the BBW sale so your decision will be swift haha 

Here is our Top 3 Finds of Day 0!

  1. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Mini Comic Collection – What’s this? Well if you collected these He-Man figures from the 80’s, you will know that each figure had a mini comic inside. The figure you bought would star in that comic, in that particular version whether good or evil. I thought it was a very cool way of extending the fandom in between watching the cartoon series. Anyways, my mom threw away my collected of mini comics & this is a very sweet redemption. The surprise part is that I never knew they made a compilation like this till now!! It’s in my hands haha ^^ RM 30 WIN 
  2. Star Trek COSTUMES – Outpost Commander flashed this new book to us which he picked up last year in America. This book is a whopping US$40… times 4.43 to our Ringgit = not going to buy… untill now! This book was released in 2015 in which it would feature costumes from 5 decades of Star Trek including the soon to be released latest feature film (at that time) Star Trek Beyond! RM85 WIN! 
  3. Game of Thrones: A Pop Up guide to the Westeros – Now is was the coolest thing I found at the whole sale – Game of Thrones 3D POP up book! I don’t watch the series but this pop-up book was uber cool with ideas I have not yet seen in pop-up books! Each page has a center piece then mini pull-outs + mini pop up in the pull out. All 7 kingdoms are represented & then the magic of which it ALL folds out together! RM50 for this almost magical collectible! 

As always it’s a MUST-GO!.. at least once event hehe! The check out counters are arranged differently & the queue looks to be a killer long zig zag…. however it does move fairly quick.

*IMPORTANT TO KNOW when paying – just know that there are 2 MAIN queues, the left line is CASH which is a lot shorter than the right line Credit Card. CASH queue is an ‘L’ shape & the Credit Card queue is the zig zag zig zag. 

Check out our all the photos here on FB: Big Bag Wolf Sale 2016

Have a good one!!

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Manga Festival and JAPAN Weekend – MALAYSIA

Heard that there was a Manga Festival happening in KL & 4 artist will be down signing autographs…. WOW! Excited but couldn’t find much info about it then… but a couple of days ago I managed to tie them all together & figure out why things were the way they were lol 😀

Anyways I talk faster then I type… & can post faster then blog so to grab all that info about:

  1. Manga Festival in Malaysia 2016 – What’s happening? And where?
  2. Suddenly got J POP Signature concert? And it’s free?
  3. Why so sudden? Why so short notice?
  4. Why so last minute leh?
  5. Don’t wear Team Valor & Team Mystic shirts
  6. “Ada apa dengan JAPAN Weekend?”
  7. Overloaded event weekend!

The Official artwork & promo poster at Suria KLCC – Facebook Album

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Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch – Malaysia

With the recent launch & utter success of Pokémon Go, most folks… young, old and older… are once again on the mission called “Gotta Catch’em All!”.  Then there is all the buzz about which team you have chosen – Team Mystic, Team Valor & Team Instinct.

In the previous post we mentioned that a few diligent, relentless and capable event organisers have keep pursuing official endorsement from Nintendo & Pokémon for the 3DS Community here in Malaysia (Wii… Wii U fans included too). And this event will mark their greatest achievement to date – succeeding in getting the official endorsement of Nintendo, the Pokémon Company and Maxsoft! So this event will be Malaysia’s first 100% OFFICIAL Nintendo & Pokémon event…. with many more to come I hope!



This fact is enough to get us at Cosplay-Fun Malaysia excited as the very purpose CPF was created was to promote the positive exposure of cosplay + extend the boundaries how cosplay and pop culture can benefit today’s society. Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

Ever since the event’s official announcement, the organisers have continued to release more & more highlights for the event day that it is certainly going to live up to the tagline it’s been quoting – “Malaysia’s Biggest Pokémon Event”.

In short this is our short & sweet pick of what at this event.

10 Things The Captain is looking forward to at the Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event:

  1. Pokémon Tretta Arcade machines! 
  2. Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo stations!
  3. Pokémon Go Plus demo station 
  4. Pokémon – Contest, Tournaments, e-Sports (Video Game Championships) 
  5. Pokémon e-Sport International Panel Talk 
  6. Pokémon Official Merchandise – direct from Japan 
  7. Pokémon Trading Card game 
  8. Pokémon Wii U games – Pokkén Tournament & Super Smash Bros 
  9. Pokémon Cosplay – Runway, Cosplayers, Photo contest 
  10. Pokémon Celebrity Fan – Ying Tze 

For the full list of content & the details, there are 20 of them actually, do check out the official FB event page below or you can click here – EVENT HIGHLIGHTS

Pokemon Sun & Moon Official Launch – MALAYSIA
19 – 20 November 2016
KDU Damansara Jaya Campus

#Pokémon #PokémonGo #PokémonSun #PokémonMoon #Nintendo #3DS #Nintendo3DS #YingTze #Maxsoft #PokémonCompany #Wii #WiiU #PokémonTretta

Here is the official Press Information:

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA, October 28, 2016 – Pokémon Fans in Malaysia are really excited about the Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event! This is the first launch event in Malaysia to be officially supported by Nintendo, The Pokémon Company & Maxsoft. The event would also be Malaysia’s Biggest Pokémon Celebration as it includes every aspect of the Pokémon Universe! The Pokémon Event, will take place at KDU College, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya on the 19th and 20th November 2016. Doors open from 10am to 6pm on both days. 

The Pokémon Universe is huge! From the 3DS games to the Arcade Games, from the competitive Pokémon e-Sports to the casual Pokémon GO, from Pokémon Cosplay to Official Pokémon Merchandise. The Pokémon Event has a lot of things to offer and there will be a lot of things for participants to do!

The event highlight anybody can take part in is called “ The Point System” where participants are rewarded with “ points “ in the form of stickers as they explore the Pokémon Universe with activities like “playing Pokémon Tretta the arcade game”, “trying out the Pokémon Sun & Moon at the Demo Stations”  & “trying out the Pokémon GO Plus”. These points can be used to redeem Official Pokémon Merchandise.

Of course, as an Official Launch Event, copies of the latest 3DS game; Pokémon Sun & Moon will be available for sale by Impulse Gaming at the event. For 3DS players, not only there will be the “ Catch Them All Contest ” but there will also be daily Pokémon Tournaments! Pokémon Esports, formally known as Pokémon VGC ( Video Game Championships) will get the spotlight during the International Pokémon VGC Panel where the event has invited Guest e-Sport Speakers from Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia.

There are also a lot of things for Pokémon Fans without a 3DS to do! This would be the among first events in Malaysia to host Pokémon Tretta! Participants are invited to enjoy the arcade game at a discounted price of RM 3 per session. In collaboration with Kaga Amusement Sdn. Bhd., there will be a special Pokémon Tretta Tournament on Day 2 where each contestant will receive a special promo chip only obtainable during special events! The prizes includes exclusive Pokémon Tretta Merchandise from Japan!

Rukia Plush Heaven will be setting up a Sales Booth where they would sell Official Pokémon Merchandise imported from the Pokémon Center, Japan! Hardcore Pokémon Fans are strongly against bootlegs and are celebrating the availability of originals goods which are both cute and of high quality.

Besides that, the event will also have Pokémon Wii-U games like Pokkén Tournament & Super Smash Brothers. Unlike the traditional turn-based Pokémon games, these games are extremely fast-paced. Participants are invited to enjoy the games, free of charge, as controllers will be provided.

The event has a special collaboration with Toysbar whom will be conducting a  Pokémon Trading Card Game Tutorial & Challenge Booth. Participants, even those who have not tried trading card games before, are invited to play a simple game of Pokémon TCG  with the demo deck provided by Toysbar.

Pokémon GO players are really excited for the Pokémon GO Plus Demonstration. The special bluetooth device has been imported from Japan and participants are invited to be among the first in Malaysia to be testing out the device. Not only that, there will be a 16 hours Pokémon GO Lure Party from 10 AM – 6 PM on both days. There will be a lot of Pokémon to catch at the event!

Speaking about catching Pokémon, the event features several Guest Cosplayers to be a part of the event! Talented cosplayers including Micho Teh, Sally Teh, Mindy Mica, Kino Mikii and many others will attend the event dressing up as the new characters from the Pokémon Sun & Moon game and also old time favorites like Ash & Misty. Luna Lorrain, an international violinist who has performed in China, Indonesia and Singapore, will be having a Violin Performance on both days ; featuring Pokémon Songs : goo.gl/CbtOVw .

Besides the Guest Cosplayers, you can expect a lot of Cosplayers and Photographers to be present at the event as there will be the Pokémon Themed Cosplay Photo Competition and Pokémon Themed Cosplay Runway Competition both sponsored by Cup Cat Studio (Malaysia’s Number #1 Cosplay Photography Studio) & Comic Fiesta (Malaysia’s Biggest ACG Event Organisers). The event venue is a fantastic spot for Photography as it has a lot of natural lighting.

“ To many people, Pokémon is their childhood. It is something they hold very dearly to their hearts. The Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event will be a place where Pokémon Fans can gather and celebrate their love for Pokémon and discovering the side of Pokémon they may not seen before. ” said Syafiq Nizar Radzi, the Event Manager.

The Pokémon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event is proudly sponsored by Impulse Gaming, Kaga Amusement, Comic Fiesta, Toysbar, Cupcat Studios, Rukia Plush Heaven, Moeco Designs and KDU College.

Official Facebook Event Page : www.facebook.com/events/890065381137857/ || www.fb.com/teampika
Normal Entrance Fee : RM 10 per day || Early Bird Tickets : RM 15 for both days : goo.gl/tP5JDD or goo.gl/psWyWe

Syafiq Nizar Radzi ( Event Manager ) || E-Mail: syafiqnizarradzi@gmail.com  || Mobile: +60 016-263-0716
Wilson Choong ( Event Director) || E-Mail:  choongkinhong@yahoo.com  || Mobile:  +60 012 302 2160

Established in 2006, Team Pika is the Official Pokemon Tournament Organiser in Malaysia. It has been running Pokémon Trading Card Game and Video Game Championships events for several years. With the support from the overall community, Team Pika is proud to kick start and organize Malaysia’s first Official Video Game Launch Event.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Midnight Launch – Malaysia

Just when I was thinking… it’s been a big gap from the last gaming event, the Uncharted 4 midnight launch Malaysia, came the news of the launch of the next chapter in the EPIC first person shooter games – Call of Duty! Well for me I wasn’t feeling the gap that much because I managed to head down to Singapore for South East Asia’s premiere gaming event -Game Start Asia 2016! huhu That was fun & yet another LEGIT “Convention” in Singapore.

Anyhow I was starting to feeling the gap for the Malaysian friends & fans as maybe its more than time to get out & about again! Klang Valley folks were fortunate get a bonus *Pokemon Go Launch (fan event) which was parked at the recent Cosplay Corner. But other than that it was kinda quiet. Then came the news from PLAY Interactive of confirmed date, time & VENUE of the next game launch. Woo hoo! Great timing.

*On another note, thanks to the guys (fan event) who were diligent & relentless (I might add) at pursuing official endorsement for the local 3DS Community – we have the chance to experience a bonus gaming event later this month. More of that in the next article!*

Now, Call of Duty & Medal of Honour were games I thoroughly enjoyed playing on the Playstation 2 (PS2). It really fueled my undiscovered passion for first person shooters & the desire to be a head-shot sniper! xD The only things to fear in the early games were MG42 & tanks. Anyhow after those were over & the life of the PS2 had end I had no desire nor the extra funds to buy the next gen console (then) Playstation 3. Then while hanging out at the uber cool – Outpost Cafe at Cineleisure Damansara (now E@curve), good friend of mine ask to play the latest rendition of Call of Duty called Modern Warfare. OMG I got hooked & just had to get a PS3 to play this game & have continued ever since. No Playstation 4 for me yet… but I guess some where down the line.


So yet another EPIC franchise launches it next chapter & HURRAY for the local fans & friends that we get to get out & geek a out again! 

Looks like the organisers like Sunway Pyramid! But the cool twist this time is that it would take place in GALACTIC LASER, Sunway Pyramid! The theme made sense, the place was relevant & the space was good! Great choice guys!

So folks who had pre-ordered their game could come to the event to pick up their game as soon as the stroke of midnight. By pre-ordering you got 5 extra goodies to take home – a movie size 2-sided glossy poster, a tee shirt,  a tactical themed watch, Bonus Map “Terminal” and Zombies in Spaceland!

There were 3 bundle of the game:
1) Standard Edition – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Game Disc)
2) Legacy Edition – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Game Disc) + Modern Warfare Remastered (Digital Download)
3) Legacy Pro Edition – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Game Disc) + Modern Warfare Remastered (Digital Download) + Season Pass + Collectible Steelbook + Digital Game Soundtrack + Additional Digital Content 


For those who attended there were 2 major bonus treats! First it was the PLAY & Redeem challenges. You needed to complete 4 simple tasks to get 4 stamps on your card in which you could later redeem a Playstation goodie bag 🙂 

The next treat was epic – all attendees would get the chance to play Galactic Laser … team group death-match for free!! All you had to do was to line up & wait your turn. Of course each game last 10 minutes so it was limited to how much time that was available for everyone to play. But all in all it had the right theme & the right GAMERS!

For the full album of photos go to our FB album: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Midnight Launch – Malaysia

*HINT*: A little blue bird told me that there will another Playstation 4 title launch event before the month is over!! So we gamers get 3x more in November! Reward for waiting so long? Maybe hohoho!

A BIG thanks to PLAY Interactive Asia & Playstation Asia  for organising this event. Will be looking forward to the next one!


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