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Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope u all had a great 2011. 2012 is HERE & we all look forward to more exciting times together as a community for a year that is promising lotsa of ‘level-up’ events.

2011 Marked a few milestones for cosplay in Malaysia as we were the 17th country to participate in the World Cosplay Summit held in Nagoya , Japan. With that we also had our first Malaysian team to represent us at the World Finals. Comic Fiesta has extended its doors with a bigger venue, KL Convention Centre & their attendance has also ‘leveled-up’ to about 15,000 visitors over 2 days, wow!

2011 also had its down side with various ‘dodgy’ events, cosplay community dramas as well as misbehaviours. So with this I hope we all can do better this year by showing a little more grace / care towards others. Show a little more gratitute & have a thankful heart = this would be a great way to start the year or start things a new. Sometimes we complain about everything… even the very thing we like too… cosplay. Example: 10 years ago there was NO cosplay event in Malaysia! There was no Tao Bao where u can buy your stufff from! There was no KLCC!… There was no affordable hi-res DSLR! There was no Air Asia! These are some of the things for granted sometimes… but if we have a thankful heart & be thankful for what we have, we’d probably complain less. Seriously, nobody likes to hear complains neither does complaining bring joy to our hearts! So try to be more thankful this year.


Here is our first post for 2012… none other that the EVENTS LIST for 2012!! The events in grey are unconfirmed but we are expecting 🙂 The ones with colour are the ones confirmed though the Anime Fiesta KL does seem a bit far fetched (unapproven first-time event) & to most of us who’ve been the community for a while now – get the feeling that it could be a ‘dodgy’ one! Though I do hope I’m wrong & that it becomes an EPIC event… TIME WILL TELL!


So its The Captain signing off! Lets have a great 2012 ❤ *Salute* And remember…

Cosplaying should first be – FUN!


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