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Marvel’s Iron Fist – NOW STREAMING only on NETFLIX!

Oh man… the time is finally here. This is the last piece of the Hell’s Kitchen heroes team The Defenders… or Defenders Assemble if you like haha Any how it all started out with the debut of the NETFLIX exclusive Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 which lead to Jessica Jones Season 1, then Daredevil Season 2, followed by Harlem’s hero for hire Luke Cage. Now comic book fans will be excited to view all 17 episodes of Mr. Cage’s partner from the comics… the other ‘hero for hire’ – Mr. Danny Rand aka Iron Fist!

A big thanks to Netflix & Marvel Entertainment / Marvel TV for taking a chance on the genre & series that began with Daredevil! It has really changed the style & artistic story telling of  ‘TV series’! If you guys are reading this… please notice me!! xD A little big fan from a country called Malaysia!! 😀 Keep up the good work guys… now for some special time with Danny & Colleen!!

ALL 17 Episodes of @MarvelIronFist Marvel’s Iron Fist NOW streaming on @Netflix_MY @NetflixAsia Netflix Netflix Asia Danny Rand has joint he Hell’s Kicthen community!! One more step close to @TheDefenders The Defenders huhu #IronFist #MarvelIronFist #DannyRand #Netflix #NetFlixAsia#NetflixMY #TheDefenders #PopCultureFunMY

Also available in the Marvel series on Netflix: Daredevil Season 1 & 2, Jessica Jones Season 1 and Luke Cage Season 1. Coming soon later in 2017  – The Defenders Season 1!! huhu


Dave Ross artwork for Sale

Hey everyone, it is such a privileged to have a veteran comic artist in our country for so many days. There was an informal get together on Boxing Day. Some fans & friends had managed to get their hands on Dave’s recent book the Free Hand Figure Drawing for Illustrators book at the near by Basheer Books, brought them for him to autograph.

Comic sightings! Today 2 fans brought comics which Dave drew. The first was Richard who brought out his Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive trade paper back. Then later was his buddy who popped out a Daredevil hard cover trade paper back of “Guardian Devil and Parts of a Hole”.

Now that’s 2 Davids we both have met & also 2 Davids autographs on that comic – the amazing story writer & chinese brush wielding artist Mr. David Mack & now… Mr. David H Ross! Matt Murdock would be proud!

For those looking to purchase his prints or his original comic panels you can browse here: Dave Ross artwork For Sale 2015

Above are the 2 pages of the original A3 comic panel from Catwoman / Oracle which Dave drew for DC Comics. They are for sale!

Above are the 2 pages of the original A3 comic panel from JLA: Act Of God from 2001, which Dave drew for DC Comics. They are for sale!

Go here for the full album – Dave Ross Artwork for Sale 2015.

This is the last chance to purchase & get it autographed / personalized by Dave is 4th January 2016 – 11:59pm. His next stop is Singapore with a book signing event at Kinokuniya – Ngee Ann City on 9th January 2016.

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Dave Ross Illustrators Workshop

Out of the blue I got news that Pekomik was bringing a Marvel Comic artist to Comic Fiesta 2015. Wow! What an amazing treat! In all the 13 years of Comic Fiesta… this is the first that I can remember to have a western comic artist as a guest. Then again he was Pekomik’s guest & not CF’s guest, thus not receiving any promo or mention at all from the countries biggest ACG event. This is part of what lead to the joke tagline in the past like “Manga Fiesta” or “Cosplay Fiesta” haha.

Anyways, the special guest was Mr. Dave Ross aka Mr. David H Ross. He is an art lecturer in his homeland of Toronto, Canada. http://www.daverossart.com

So what’s up with him? Well here’s 3 major factors that made me (at the last minute) change my mind to want to go to CF (despite people jam & vehicle jam)!

  1. Mr. Dave Ross is a real veteran in the comic scene as he’s been involved since its glory days in the mid 80s till this decade.
  2. He is also one of the few comic artists to work for the “big 3” comic publishers – Marvel, DC and also Dark Horse! Titles he’s penciled are house hold names from across the genre like Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, Spiderman, Aliens vs Predator, X-Men, X-Factor, Excalibur, New Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Justice League, Daredevil, Punisher, my first comic series Alpha Flight & many more! 
  3. I visited his website (www.daverossart.com/checklist.html) & ran through the checklist of his work… and WOW!! I actually have comics of his work & it’s some of my favourite titles – THE PUNISHER!

Well unfortunately I couldn’t make it to CF15 even if I wanted to due to work. Fortunately Pekomik & Abang Sireh Cartoonist posted that Mr. Dave will be conducting an art workshop at Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya on Tuesday, 22 December 2015. A small fee of RM 20 to meet the man himself & get hims to autograph my comics huhu!! This is really so much more relaxed & different from the schedule chasing experience of Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention (STGCC) but with the same excitement!

So here are some of the sights from the full house work shop titled – Free Hand Drawing for Illustrators by David  H Ross.

Full photo album here: Free hand Drawing Workshop with Dave Ross

His book by the same title will be arriving to Malaysia somewhere this next week at Kinokuniya. Estimated price is RM 92.90.

So happy to meet him & get him to autograph my comics! Punisher War Journal #14 & #15. And by far the one in best of condition – The Spectacular Spider-man Annual #9: Atlantis Attacks!

UPDATE: For those of you who missed the chance to catch Mr. David Ross at Comic Fiesta & the workshop, here is a 3rd chance for you – MR DAVE ROSS will be making an unofficial mini appearance this Saturday, 26 December at Avenue K – 1230pm to 230pm. I am guessing it is on Level 4 where Cosmart was held but we’ll see how. For more updated news stay tuned to the Cosplay-Fun Facebook page. The actual link to the post is below.

Pekomik post here: https://www.facebook.com/pekomik/posts/970002693068388

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STGCC 2014


STGCC is short for the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention

Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 2014 – Fans of anime and cosplay can expect to see stars at this year’s annual Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) as the event announces the first wave of six top-notch pop culture personalities from the East and West.  Making their way to STGCC from the East are three renowned DJs from Japan, each highly-regarded for their work in the different realms of Japanese music – Anisong, Touhou and Vocaloid.

 Inu, D.watt and sasakure.UK will take to the stage on the first night of the two-day convention with a music showcase. Spinning the latest hits from popular Japanese games and anime, the STGCC DJ Night will teleport fans of anime and games to Japan.


From the West are three multi-talented artists – Humberto Ramos, who is well acquainted with Spiderman, Alex Solis, the father of “The Famous Chunkies” featuring oversized superheroes, and Simone Legno, the creator of the popular tokidoki brand.


Bringing together the best of pop culture from the East and West, STGCC 2014 takes place on the 6th and 7th of September at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Marina Bay Sands. “The show has matured over the past six years, and we have amassed a very loyal following of fans from Singapore and the region by bringing together vibrant international content from the East and West for a regional audience,” said Ms. Rita Magnus, Senior Manager, Pop Culture Cluster for SGTCC.

Taking over the helm of Southeast Asia’s leading pop culture show for the first time, Ms. Magnus, who has been the show’s Western content programmer for the past three years, has fresh aspirations for the show. “With a strong list of pop culture personalities and attractive offerings for our fans, we aim to put together a stellar content of substantial mass appeal and pave way for the show to be elevated to the next level,” said Ms. Magnus.


SGTCC – the leading pop culture show in Southeast Asia – in 2013 concluded with a record-breaking attendance of 40,000 local and regional visitors.



STGCC DJ Night profiles

Since his destined encounter with the popular anime Sailor Moon, Inu has been hooked on the Anisong genre and has dedicated himself to anime sound track production. His latest pieces include the rearrangement of anime theme songs from Sengoku Collection.

D.watt has released more than 250 CDs with the notoriously famous IOSYS, a Japanese musical ensemble known for their Doujin (self-published works) releases from the Touhou Project series (a popular Japanese doujin game series) and the Denpa music genre. The group is a regular contributor of tunes for popular arcade games such as Beatmania IIDX by Konami and Maimai by Sega.

“Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Bird?” is sasakure.UK’s major debut in 2010, blasting his name to fame in the Vocaloid world. His music outlook is characterised by a distinct pop flavour with a deep atmosphere, interjected with blip-bloppy chiptune sounds as well as changing key and rhythm. Some of his famous songs are frequently used in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva rhythm games as well!


Popular artists from the West

Works from the first wave of Western pop culture personalities can be seen on the most popular everyday platforms – from TV to watches and bags. Come and meet these three amazing artists at STGCC and get their autographs on your favourite merchandise!STGCC tickets are up for grabs now! Priced at S$19 for a one-day pass and S$25 for a two-day pass, tickets are available for sale at selected authorised retail outlets and at the event itself. Visit www.singaporetgcc.com/tickets-queues for more ticketing details.



Humberto Ramos – Spiderman
Humberto Ramos’ affinity with everyone’s favourite web-head dates back in 2003 when he started working on both Peter Parker and Spectacular Spiderman for Marvel Comics. With his distinct manga style artwork, Ramos has made a name for himself and is currently working on the newly re-launched Amazing Spider-Man series, drawing some of the best characters to date featuring Electro, Black Cat and Silk. 

Alex Solis  
Creative artist Alex Solis (or alexmdc in the T-shirt world) is one of the most successful artists on Threadless, an online platform where the top voted designs make its way onto T-shirts and other apparels. In an attempt to address the relationship between fast food and obesity, he came up with a series of humorous depictions of what would happen to superheroes if fast food becomes part of their daily diet. Check out his oversized Batman and Superman at STGCC! 

Simone Legno – tokidoki
The popular tokidoki brand is a classic staple of STGCC, with fans lining around the block to meet Simone Legno, the charismatic creator behind the hugely successful pop culture phenomenon. An Italian with an undying passion for Japanese culture, Legno has worked on many high profile design projects for big brands such as Volkswagen and Microsoft. 



(*portion added 31 July 2014 by Cosplay-Fun Malaysia)

Andy Price
Since issue 1, Andy Price has been the lead pencil/ink artist for the incredibly successful and record breaking MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC comic book from IDW Publishing. MLP broke the 100,000 presale mark, the first independent book to beat out DC or Marvel in 9 years! The book has reached an all age audience, and bought new readers to comic shops!

Andy is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, and has also done work for BOOM!Studios, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Rittenhouse Archives, Breygent, Innovation, and Slave Labor Graphics, among others. He lives in Georgia, USA where he is completely swamped with Batman collectibles and makes steak & guiness pie for his wife Alice. He also celebrates Batman’s and James T. Kirk’s birthdays. 

Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart is an award-winning writer/artist best known for his original webcomic-turned-graphic novel Sin Titulo, which won Eisner and Shuster Awards and was nominated for Harvey, Eagle and Stoker Awards. He has written and/or drawn Batman and Robin, Seaguy, Assassin’s Creed, BPRD, Catwoman, and many more. Originally from Canada, he now lives in Berlin, Germany. 

David Mack
David Mack is the New York Times Best Selling author and artist of the KABUKI Graphic Novels, the writer and artist of Daredevil from Marvel Comics, and the author and artist of his children’s book THE SHY CREATURES from MacMillan. 

Harvey Tolibao
He has worked on What If?: Civil War; Young Avengers: Hulking; Ultimate X-Men with Robert Kirkman; Secret Invasion Avengers: The Initiative Tie Up; Darkhawk; Snowbird; Nation X; he was popularly known for his mini-series, Psylocke (written by Chris Yost); X-Men: Hellbound (written by Christopher Yost); Uncanny X-Men and Variant Covers for Heroes For Hire.

Oliver Coipel
Olivier Coipel is a French comic artist, who started on Legion of Super Heroes at DC comics. He then moved on to Marvel and been producing work for Marvel comics since then. Coipel keeps on getting more and more popular especially after completing his 3 issues on the mega popular AvX (Avengers vs. X-Men) book. He is has also worked with Brian Wood on the series: X-MEN. As of this writing, he is currently working on a top secret Marvel project.



And from the East we have:

Shirahane Nao
Nao is famous for her character design and contributions to various works namely – Nintendo 3DS game “Onna no ko no misshitsu ni itara maru maru, shicau kamo shirenai” by D3PUBLISHER INC, PSP Game “Sucre” by GIGA, Mascot design for Culture:Japan, Insert illustration in light novels and magazines also serialized manga published by Kadokawa and Koudansha. 

Tomokazu Sugita
Tomokazu Sugita is a famous seiyuu (voice actor) who will make his debut appearance in Southeast Asia at STGCC! He is best known for voicing many memorable roles in various Japanese anime and game titles – from Gintoki of the popular Gintama, to Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya and Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, he also brought to life Ragna the Bloodedge from fighting game BlazBlue, which spawned an anime series. 

Stayxxxx is a cosplayer hailing from Taiwan who squeezes in time to cosplay in the midst of her fanatic doseof Anime, Manga and Gaming. She appreciates cosplay with a sense of realness, and hand makes all her costumes. Cosplaying at her own pace and a hopeless Otaku, Stayxxxx hopes to live life to the fullest with her 5 cats. 

All info is accurate as of 31 July 2014. For the latest & complete STGCC news, go to www.singaporetgcc.com



All images courtesy of Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2014 & the individual artists / artistes. It’s building up to be another great STGCC, hope to see you all there!

 (*portion added 31 July 2014 by Cosplay-Fun Malaysia)




Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organiser, with a growing portfolio of over 500 events in 40 countries, and a staff of 3500 exhibition specialists. Our events serve 43 key industry sectors, and in 2013 we brought together over 6 million active event participants to drive sales, network and learn.


We have over 50 years unrivalled experience in developing, marketing, selling and organising exhibitions and events. We excel in creating brand leading, highly targeted events where people from around the world can come together to do business, network and learn. Our vision is to deliver contacts, content and communities with the power to transform your business.


We are the world’s premier exhibition organiser, with a network of 34 offices worldwide, and a rapidly growing portfolio of events and partners in the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Middle East. This global perspective enables us to share local knowledge and world-leading expertise and resources for the benefit of our customers worldwide.



 The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention combines the best of pop culture from East and West to Asia, uniting the worlds of comics, anime, toys, collectibles and games. It is the pre-eminent event in the Asian market that fits with other shows in the Reed pop culture portfolio, including New York Comic Con (NYCC), the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Star Wars Celebration, PAX, NYC – Special Edition and OZ Comic Con.


STGCC will reach out to a whole new world of fans in Asia and opens a vast market with exciting opportunities for companies to break into the Asian market and/or reinforce a growing presence. Fans will experience a showcase of pop culture’s coolest and latest products, and be thrilled by personalities and characters from the worlds of superheroes, villains and realms of fantasy.


STGCC’s vision is to deliver quality content and spread the currency of cool in Asia and aims to be the leading catalyst for the pop culture industry.