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Gong Xi Fa Chai Luncheon with Playstation

16486905_1403189916392356_5229362412697127898_o_resizeSo fortunate to be invited by PlayStation Asia to a special CNY makan makan. PlayStation Asia Regional Head of Product Management, Mr. Arata Naito, was present to answer any questions we had about 2017. It wouldn’t be just your average PlayStation event if there were no announcements or advance demos. Got a chance to try out 3 games there too.

16463554_1403190309725650_899580824618869940_o_resizeFirst is the much anticipated Horizon Zero Dawn huhu which is an open world action RPG. All the hype is high as Horizon Zero Dawn won Best Original Game at the Game Critics Game Critics Awards 2015 & 2016. The country side environment looks like a page out of middle-earth! It’s also hard to not think that when the main character, heroine Aloy, draws a bow as ranged weapon. 3rd-person player games with Bows are just so intriguing to me!! This action RPG is a PlayStation exclusive & will be released 28 Feb 2017. The game is developed by Guerrilla Games who is best know for their Killzone game series. 16664986_1403189963059018_3463836743865071526_o_resize

Second was Nioh, which was a dark, samurai action RPG set in the 1600s Sengoku period fighting lotsa ‘yokai’ / supernatural foes in 3rd person fashon. This game is developed by Team Ninja & published by Koei Tecmo… some legendary gaming names there! Team Ninja is famous for the sexy fighting game Dead or Alive & … the Ninja Gaiden series. When Koei + 3rd person is mentioned I can’t help but think Dynasty Warriors / Samurai Warriors series. Yes it did turn out that way but with more gorgeous graphics, more skilled gameplay and tough ass baddies to beat. “Tough”? It’s “Ninja Gaiden + Tecmo” tough to beat… if u get my drift. 16463658_1403189896392358_1996014426530068550_o_resize

Third was the Singapore developed Stifled for the VR. This thriller brought a new dimension to suspense & fear by only giving you echolocation to navigate your way in the dark surroundings of this VR environment. That’s some pretty cool inovation & story telling there. Feels so much like Daredevil’s radar sense… sonar abilities… just minus that Ninja training by Stick, to kickass! haha Mr. Justin Ng from Gattai Games was present all the way from Singapore to answer anything we had to ask about the production of the game as well as developing a game for the VR. 16463057_1403190079725673_7931893669677757713_o

Nice afternoon. Looking forward to more PlayStation events in 2017!

Full album here: Chinese New Year Luncheon with Playstation

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*This was held in Hilton PJ, parking rate was horrific RM7 per hour – max flat rate RM30. Unless u went there for a dinner function, you’d be paying RM7 per hour or flat RM30. This is the absolute MOST amount I’ve had to pay for any event coverage. And I thought Mandarin Oriental KL flat rate of RM13 was expensive!! -__-


WCS Malaysia 2013 Winner

This is the 3rd year that Malaysia has been part of the World Cosplay Summit competition & it still has not been a smooth ride yet. This is the 2nd time it has been held in Penang, organized by the established entity Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan. Their commitment to the competition & the Malaysian cosplayers is truly an act of valor that few would understand or appreciate. All in all, it proved to be better than last years & I truly believe that the BEST years for Malaysia are yet to come as more rise up to the challenge.

On 13 July, the representative for Malaysia aka Team WCS Malaysia 2013 was crowned at the beautiful Straits Quay in Penang (the venue sponsor). Tan Yee Gim & Kaien Yuu aka Team Dynasty Warriors 8 fought their way into an exciting final battle, literally, as the infamous Dynasty Warriors game series is just battle after battle with 8 renditions excluding the ‘Extreme Legends’ titles.

Gim was cosplaying the SHU hero – Zhao Yun who wields a spear and Kaien was cosplaying Wang Yi from the WEI who wields a Trishula, according to the Koei.Wikia.com but if you ask me it sure looks like a pair of SAIs on steroids 😀 haha

Follow their progress & cheer them on as they have already touched down in Japan – via the Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan (MCT) Facebook page.  For updates on the World Cosplay Summit event follow their facebook page.  The live stream of the WCS Finals in Nagoya, Japan will be on 3 August on the Nico Nico Douga site.

Cosfest X.1 2011 @ Pasir Ris, Singapore

Photos and article by Cappy.

On the weekend of 25th and 26th of June 2011, the annual cosplay event Cosfest was held at Downtown East D’Marquee, Pasir Ris, Singapore. For those Malaysian cosplayers who can afford the trip south, the event is a must-attend, being one of the more-celebrated cosplay-centric events in the region. The event is organized by the Singapore Cosplay Club (SCC) and is in it’s tenth year running.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this year, and though it was my second time attending Cosfest, I was quite excited.

What made this year’s Cosfest different from its previous editions was the fact that both the Asia Cosplay Meet (ACM) Championships and World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Representative Selections were going to be held at the same event. For ACM, three-person teams from Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Phillipines vied for the title of Best Country in Asia.

In the WCS Representative Selection, three pairs from Singapore and five pairs from Malaysia competed against each other for the privilege of representing their country at the WCS Championships at Nagoya, Japan in August this year. The competition held special significance for the Malaysian teams, since this year marks the first time Malaysia is competing in WCS since the international-level competition’s launch in 2005.

Cosfest this year too was held in conjunction with Comics World Asia, where comic artists from around the region set up booths for their fan-made merchandise of animes, games and manga. Comics World Asia was held at D’Tent, a smaller venue which sat right next to D’Marquee where the stage activities took place, and was basically an entire hall dedicated solely to doujin booths.

Cosfest Day 1 – 25th June 2011

I had decided at the last minute to recycle an old cosplay for Day 1 of Cosfest, which was the character Sacchan, from my all-time favourite anime, Gintama. It was nice to see so many other Gintama cosplayers at the event, doing an amazing job with their characters and basically just having fun being in-character. Photographers had set up little ‘mini-studios’ in the open area behind the stage hall, inviting cosplayers for photoshoots. Out in the front in the grassy area, cosplayers were milling about as well, getting their photographs taken by event-goers and the public alike.

The major stage event that was being held on Cosfest Day1 was the ACM Individual Skits. Each member of the countries’ three-person teams had to do an individual skit to earn points for their team, which would be added up into the total group score.

Team Malaysia did a splendid job, cosplaying from the popular game Dynasty Warriors and voice-synthesizing program Vocaloid for their individual skits:

Team Malaysia ACM Representative Zoey, cosplaying from Dynasty Warriors.

Wei Qi, also cosplaying from Dynasty Warriors.

Mile cosplaying as the Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.

The other countries’ teams put up amazing individual performances, showcasing each team member’s personal strengths as a cosplayer. You can check out more of the individual skits from the other ACM-participating countries at the SCC’s YouTube channel here.

Team Korea:

Team Phillipines:

Team Singapore:

Team Thailand:

I spent most of the day at the doujin booths at Comics World Asia – this year’s popular fandoms seemed to be Vocaloid, Touhou Project, Puella Magi Madoka Magika and, to my delight, Tiger & Bunny, a new anime series from Sunrise studios that I’m currently a huge fan of. Older fandoms like Katekyou Hitman Reborn seemed to be still getting plenty of attention, and it was awesome seeing newer series like Nichijou (famous throughout Malaysia for one character’s usage of the greeting, “Selamat Pagi!”) having their own fair share of fanmade merchandise.

Though I had heard complaints from event-goers that this year’s Cosfest lacked the energy and buzz of the previous year … but due to the amazing people there, and the time I spent catching up with old friends and making new ones, I had loads of fun.

Cosfest Day 2 – 26th June 2011

On the morning of Cosfest Day 2, my cosplay group and I had to get up extremely early (4.45am to be precise!) for a photoshoot we organized among ourselves. The reason why we had to get up so early was to catch the early-morning light, as well as taking into consideration the amount of time large a group takes to prep for cosplays!

Our photoshoot started at 8.00am and ended around 11.00am, and because of our long commute to the shoot location and back, the intense morning heat, as well as the tiring act of getting into cosplay so early in the morning, my team-mates and I were exhausted by the time we got back to our apartment! It was several hours before we headed down to the event itself, meaning that I missed most of the morning’s activities. But I was glad we made it in time for the next big stage event – the ACM Group Performances, as well as the WCS Country Representative Selections.

The stage events began around 3.00pm, kicked off with performances by the winners of yesterday’s karaoke competition, as well as a dance performance by Singapore’s own Inazuma Eleven cosplay team.

A shot of all the representative pairs competing to represent Malaysia for WCS 2011.

This was followed by the WCS Representative Rounds, Malaysian chapter. The two-person Malaysian teams did an amazing job with their respective skits, vying for the honour of representing Malaysia for WCS:

The first team to perform cosplayed from the anime and manga series Bleach, as the characters Ulquiorra and Ichigo.

All the way from Penang came Gim and Rei, cosplaying from the game
Gensou Suikoden.

Cosplaying from the game Koihime Musou were Johoreans Dolly and Rice.

Zoey and Wei Qi from Johor, who were also from the Malaysian representative team for ACM, with their impressive cosplay from the series Super Robot World.

Kuala Lumpur’s own Sky and Yuan, cosplaying from the game and anime series, .hack//GU.

The skits from Malaysia were followed by the three finalist teams from Singapore, who were competiting for the privilege of representing their country. If you’re interested, head on to the SCC YouTube Channel to catch their performances:

After an intermission, what followed after were the ACM Championships, where the three-man teams from Korea, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia would compete for the title of Best Country. The champion country would also take home SGD 10,000 in cash as prize money.

Team Malaysia for ACM, comprised of Zoey, Wei Qi and Mile, put on a fantastic skit based of Super Robot World for the ACM Chamiponships:

They were up against very fierce competition from the other countries’ teams, whose group skits you can view from the links below:

Personally, one of the most notable performances for me came from Team Singapore, whose skit was based on the series Star Driver. It is one of my absolute favourite anime series, and seeing a 2-metre replica of the series’ hero’s robot (known in-series as a “Cybody”), Taubarn, was like a fangirl’s fantasy come true!

Team Malaysia also put up an admirable fight – besides competing for Malaysia in ACM, they were also competing amongst the other Malaysian teams for the representative title for WCS! I find it impressive that they had prepared five separate skits (three individual, and two group) for the event, something which must have been quite exhausting and incredibly difficult to organize!

It was around 7.00pm that the results for both ACM Championships and WCS Representative Selections were announced.

First up were the announcements for the WCS Representative Selections for Singapore and Malaysia, and to be honest, I was extremely nervous for our Malaysian teams. I could literally feel my heart pounding just as EmCee was about to make his announcement!

In the end, the winning team who would eventually represent Malaysia at the WCS Championships in Nagoya, Japan were KL-ites Sky and Yuan, who did impressive cosplays of characters Atoli and Haseo from .hack//GU. I’m extremely proud of our Malaysian reps, and wish them all the best for Japan! They are the first representatives for our country in this prestigious competition, and I hope that as fellow Malaysians, we can lend them our fullest support so that we can show the rest of the cosplay world that we’re not just any little country to be trifled with~! 😉

Sky and Yuan receive their prize – representing Malaysia in WCS on an all-expense paid trip to Nagoya, Japan!

Next up were the announcements for who would be the Singaporean WCS representatives – among the three competing teams, Team DragonNest, comprised of Yui and Sara, nabbed the title, and would be following Team Malaysia to Nagoya next month.

Team Singapore’s costumes were amazingly well-constructed, one even with full body lighting intergrated with the costume! Their skit is equally as impressive, and you can check it out here:

Next up, where the announcements for the ACM Championships. It was a close battle amongst all countries – so close, in fact, that Team Korea and Team Singapore had tied in terms of points! Even the second runner-up, Team Thailand, were separated from Singapore and Korea by a single point, showing what a tight battle it was amongst all the countries!

In the end, the Best Country award went to Team Korea for their Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children group cosplay, a well-deserved win for their amazingly-choreagraphed skit and impeccably-made costumes!

After the winners’ announcements and initial celebrations, I had to head back up to my apartment to change out of costume and head out to dinner. All in all, Cosfest X.1 was a memorable experience, an event I will not be forgetting anytime soon!