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Star Wars Toys Malaysia Doesn’t Get! – 2017

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Kuala Lumpur: 31 August is known to Malaysians as a…. PUBLIC HOLIDAY first haha What’s the occasion? Hari Merdeka… Independance Day for folks in Malaysia! This year, 2017, it had another cause for celebration – Force Friday II!

What is Force Friday?
Basically Force Friday is an event where Star Wars licensees launch all the new series / season of  Star Wars merchandise / toys / collectibles. It is a globally synchronized event organised by selected toy retailers (the big named ones), who use a ‘stroke of midnight unveiling’ style event aka ‘midnight launch’. The festivities on the list include crowd interaction fun games, activities,  trivia quiz, costume contest, which is held through the time of 10pm – 11:59pm. This can be very testing because the mall / shops close at 10pm, which means air-conditioning is shut down. Woe to the costumers!

So Malaysia’s Force Friday II took place in Mid Valley’s Toys R Us outlet. The gathering was a much anticipated one as it gave friends & fans  yet a another date on the calender to geek out!! The others are May 4th (May The FOuRth) or May 6th (revenge of the SIxTH), Star Wars READS, The Road to [Next Star Wars Movie]… and now Force Friday and other Star Wars movie anniversary. This year was a grand year as 2017 marked the 40th anniversary release of Star Wars: A New Hope.

_DSC7894Coincidentally, Tourism Singapore & Disney worked out a 3 year deal that will place Star Wars attractions at various locations in Singapore, launched on Force Friday II. This event is called Experience the Force SINGAPORE. Famous vehicles (and other displays like character statues) from the Star Wars universe, from miniature models to full sized 1:1 scale, will be build and placed at selected locations thru out Singapore and will be moved from location to location as time goes by.

So I was fortunately that Experience the Force SG, also ran through STGCC, which I was making my trip to. STGCC is Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention aka Singapore’s Comic Con.

Force Friday II Singapore was held in ION Orchard and the Experience the Force SG were held there itself within the mall as well as the whole entire street walk way on ION Orchard and the cross section of Orchard Road & Scott’s Road.

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Now that the back ground is set, back to the topic above.

I’ve heard friends & fans say before, that here in Malaysia we don’t get certain items / certain models of collectibles. Dollar for dollar, items in Malaysia were cheaper after conversion. Example a Hasbro 3.75″ figure would cost RM40, the same figure would cost S$20. So if you convert by some 2.85 Ringgit to the S$ dollar… it would be cheaper for Singaporean collectors to cross the border & buy in Malaysia. So in this light I think it’s a fair trade off for Malaysians. We don’t get everything, but for what we get (basic stuff), it’s slightly cheaper.

Regional Price Change
Then from 2015 I started noticing a big change at the pricing, the regional pricing and of course the weak Ringgit getting weaker. Now it seems that basic figures in Malaysia have gotten a price hike almost twice in a year which was 2016. Example Marvel Legends 6″ figures from RM79.95… jumped to RM99.95 and then to RM139.95. From 99.95 to RM139.95 within the same year, from one Marvel movie to another. Ridiculous.

Mean while, in Singapore Marvel Legends 6″ are priced at S$39.90 which converting at 3.12 still equals about RM 124.80. The difference is still about RM15 at the high of 3.12. This goes the same for the beloved Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures. And at the end of the day we still don’t get those special triple pack, or two pack or collectors edition. This really has Malaysia friends & fans angered.

The Stuff Malaysia Doesn’t Get
At least for Marvel fans, we can still get most of the Marvel stuff released by Hasbro but our Star Wars friends & fans are not so fortunate. Most of it is Hasbro stuff, though not all of it are. So here are the items that we spotted at Force Friday Singapore that Malaysia didn’t get…. nor do we know if we’ll ever get. #DamnTheMan

  1. The Black Series: Centerpiece – Darth Vader.
    FANS PISSED OFF – HIGH – [Level 10 of 10]
  2. The Black Series: Centerpiece – Luke Skywalker (Hoth Snow Speeder Pilot).
    FANS PISSED OFF – HIGH – [Level 10 of 10] IMG_20170908_120705 - Copy
  3. The Black Series: Luke Skywalker X-34 Land Speeder
    FANS PISSED OFF – HIGH – [Level 8 of 10] Possibly because they might already have the SDCC 2017 Limited Edition version!
  4. The Black Series: Rey’s Speeder (Jakku)
    FANS PISSED OFF – HIGH – [Level 8 of 10]
  5. Electronic PORG.
    FANS PISSED OFF – MID – [Level 7 of 10] Either you love them or hate them. Time will tell.
  6. NERF Rey’s Blaster (Island Journey)
    FANS PISSED OFF – HIGH – [Level 8 of 10] Because it’s remembered as a the last souvenir handed personally by the great General & Smuggler Han Solo
  7. BB-8 2 in 1 Mega Playset
    FANS PISSED OFF – MID – [Level 6 of 10] Old skool fans love these big play sets as they were one of the more innovative evolution of the era of just figures and vehicles, back in the 90s.
  8. Nerf Poe Dameron Blaster
    FANS PISSED OFF – MID – [Level 6 of 10] Not so hyped as Poe has yet to use his blaster as of Ep7. Who knows in Ep8
  9. Forces of Destiny (Dolls) – Princess Leia (Endor Adventure with Wicket, Hoth with R2-D2)
    FANS PISSED OFF – Uncertain- [Level Unknown] Sentiment & nostalgia because she was the fans first Princess of the galaxy! On the other hand, doll figures don’t usually sells so well.
  10. Forces of Destiny (Dolls) all the other LADIES! – Rey (Jakku / BB-8), Jyn Erso, Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano, Hera Syndulla, Padme Amidala.
    FANS PISSED OFF – Uncertain – [Level Unknown]


    Only managed to see Rey (Jakku) with BB-8 at the time.

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Star Wars 40th Anniversary Fan Celebration 2017 – Malaysia

The Star Wars 40th Anniversary Fan Celebration 2017 – Malaysia dubbed​ #TheForceis40 event – is happening right now at the Blue & Orange Atrium at Sunway Pyramid. The Orange Atrium is where all the Brands are participating (as in the photos – Hasbro, Hot Wheels, Royal Selangor etc. The Blue Atrium is where the Fan Communities will be having their activities this weekend.

The schedule as stated in the first 2 shots. After last years #GoRogueMY Rogue One movie event, it’s great to see another Star Wars event so soon 🙂

Full album here on Facebook: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Fan Celebration 2017 – MALAYSIA.

My Top 5 most impressive stuff today were:
1) The Lego displays by the LUG of Malaysia​. Inspired the photographer in me 😀

2) #HotWheels Tracks to try!! 


3) That NEW Royal Selangor​ #RoyalSelangor #Pewter #MillenniumFalcon Millennium Falcon with retractable landing gear!! OMG a gorgeous RM2,200!

4) That NEW Royal Selangor Pewter #LukeSkywalker lightsaber! Beautiful!!

5) Glad to see PlayStation Asia​ there with the #PS4 with #StarWarsBattleFront demo stations & Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. 6 Stations to try them but the MOST IMPRESSIVE was the ability to try the #PSVR demo mission on Star Wars Battlefront​! Get in the cockpit of the classic T-65 X-Wing! Fly thru space with Red Squadron, back at your R2 unit, look down at your pilot suit, your boots, your gloves, your X-Wing dash board…. and even WATCH YOURSELF BREATHE!! It was amazing!!

So don’t forget to swing by this gigantic fan event. Almost all the Star Wars fan communities will be present & running their own activities on the weekend. Despite this being a fan event – official recognised (by Lucasfilm Ltd) groups such as The 501st Legion Malaysia Garrison, The Rebel Legion Malaysia Outpost, Fightsaber Malaysia and Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club will be in attendance! “Today will be a day long remembered!”

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Captain America Shield Unboxed

Hi everyone,

Just posting a video because I was very excited to unboxing of my Marvel Legends Captain America shield by Hasbro aka ‘The Plastic’ version. This is shield  is 24″ or 60cm in diameter and is made of composite plastic.

As you may know I’ve been a big fan of Captain America since reading the comics in the 80’s. There never has been enough decent collectibles let alone affordable until the emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Captain America. *tears of joy* Finally they got it right! (mostly there) Compared to the others… the others didn’t exist lah! hehe

I’ve seen those Rubies & Disguise stuff… very affordable. Then I’ve seen the King Arts & custom made shield by TheRPF folks. All were good but of course you get what you pay for. So finally there is a mid range priced shield from the licensee who had the license to create it ALL THIS WHILE (but didn’t) till now. So I’m gonna check it out! Anyhow cheap was not “THAT” cheap any… I needed 2 installments to purchase this!

So here is a short review & comparison to other budget Captain America shields.

Hope you all like it. Thank you. #CaptainAmerica #Hasbro #Unboxing #MarvelLegends

Star Wars Titanium Series – Helmets

A cool find! @StarWars The Black Series Titanium Series helmets… reminds me of the Weta Workshops Helm series of the Lord of the Rings 🙂 Anyways these are really limited stock. Only about one each at our local Toys R Us.

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Captain America: Civil War Toys are on the shelves!

Oh man! ‪#‎CaptainAmericaCivilWar‬ @CaptainAmericaCivilWar toys are already out to suck our money! 6″ Marvel Legends, Legends series, Titan Hero Series etc by Hasbro! ‪#‎TeamCap‬ all the way! ‪#‎pokai‬ ‪#‎CivilWar‬


Looking forward to get the 6″ Marvel Legends that I want  but already now their very very scarce. I hope it is because of 1 per case and not because of you darn scalpers! (Scalpers, your time will come! And you will be repaid in full!)

On another note the sudden increase in the 6″ ML is shocking!! RM 139.90 for a figure o_O It’s a whole RM40 hike in price for whatever reason?


Out of all the Civil War stuff I’ve seen, this new ‘LEGENDS’ pack is really caught my interest. It calls out to me to buy…. but for RM139.90???? Are you kidding me? The figure is gonna cost some RM42.90… which means to say the bike is RM 97?? Really? It’s not even a licensed replica of the CA:TWS Harley Davison Street 750 or the Project Live Wire from Age of Ultron! I prefer to pair my figure with the low-rider Harley looking bike from the 3.75″ Wolverine movie series bike! haha! 

Looking forward to the movie! Team Cap all the way!

Hot Wheels – Star Wars Vehicle sightings

With the announcement of the latest installment in the saga… The Force Awakens, everyone is buzzing again with the Star Wars hype. Fans, merchandisers, TV channels… all busy & gung-ho in their enthusiasm about the culture icon. So much movie rumours as well as alleged leaked footage of the movie plot, the cast, star ships, characters, light sabers etc. it seemed all a bit too much at times & I really didn’t have the time to go thru all this stuff 🙂

Only after the release of the first trailer “Hey Chewie, we’re home” did I really have a good feeling about the force returning!! More so as I really will not get enough of Star Wars star ships in a dog fight or seeing Snow Speeders trying to take down the AT-AT walkers. With this being the draw factor… I was more amped about the announcement that Star Wars: BATTLEFRONT was in the works & will be release by end of this year! (17 November 2015 in America) That first SW:Battlefront trailer was so breath taking that we all could swore we were watching a movie! And you get to replay / relive it over & over again is you have a PS4 haha but I don’t 😦

How awesome is that game gonna be?? I can imagine it breaking some gaming records in the near future!! Anyways, the first phase of the marketing for Episode 7 has already begun with the unveiling of the Hasbro toys earlier this month. They had a midnight launch at the Mid Valley Toys R Us outlet. No coverage from us as we weren’t invited. But I managed to see the range of stuff just 2 days later & only a few items caught my interest… as they were in my budget range.

Anyways, I caught a break today as I was in the area for an appointment, I decided to swing by the nearby Toys R Us & managed to score 2 ships I liked but also saw this twin pack which I was not aware off. RM58.90. 

As far as I know there is no duplicate of the TIEs as the bottom one is the standard moon grey TIE & the top is the black Special Forces TIE. These 2 TIES can’t be bought separately from what I’ve seen. The single pack TIE comes in the a grey-ish blue colour like that of the TIE Interceptor. For the Falcon & the Ghost, they look generically the same. If you’re the old school fan like you’ll know that the only reason to have 2 Falcons would be the normal one versus the ROTJ battle damaged Falcon… which to hard core fans like us know – it’s just minus the satellite dish on the top xD haha

Here is the other thing I noticed. There is a difference in the packaging. After the Hasbro toy line launch we already know that the Ep. 7 colour scheme will be white, black & red. Which is why the later ones are as such. I thought it was strange that though just a year apart, that they couldn’t just save some money & use white-black-red design last year… but I guess there is a strict A&P plan to promote. After all its Star Wars… one of the biggest global marketing icon if not THE biggest!

I chose this over the familiar Hasbro “Titanium Die-cast” because these were about 20% larger than the Hasbro series. Plus the Hot Wheels brand (Mattel) has been making toys like these way longer than the Hasbro brand. I grew up with Matchbox brand cars & after it was sold to Mattel in 1997, Hot Wheels + Matchbox = their die-cast collectibles just got better! So this also equals a very promising product though I haven’t unboxed them yet. In this series, the Falcon is apple of my eye as my favourite Snow Speeder seems to be a bit small for my fancy.

Anyways, here is my selected collection so far – Millennium Falcon, Snow Speeder, X-Wing Fighter with RED 5 markings (distinguished feature S-foils in attack position) & the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (distinguished features are the skinny antenna & red stripe).

May the force be with you all!

Hasbro Marvel Legends – ANTMAN series has arrived

Just passing through a Toys R Us the other day & stumbled upon the new Hasbro Marvel Legends ANTMAN series. This 6″ series is one of the few Hasbro products that keep getting better & better. Better from the aspects of the sculpting… the tidiness of the edges… less colour bleeding… more extra parts like different hands, head & big ass guns! At first look, this would be the 3 that I would get if I had the cash for it. Movie version ANTMAN looks amazing… & the ML Infinite series has been looking amazing ever since I saw the Captain America Stealth Suit figure… & that justify handsome specimen head sculpt…. (for a change) SOMETHING GOOD HAS HAPPENED to this series of Hasbro figures!!

Spotted yesterday at Toys R Us – Sunway Pyramid

Before this, the Marvel Legends series were very random in the sense where they had some obscure characters released along side popular ones & the famous Hasbro trait of “REPAINT” & call it a variant. But unlike the TRANSFORMERS repaints, the Marvel Legends variants were pretty cool because the variant meant it was another version of the figure & they dug the version up from comic lore!! Yay!!

My favourite of the old series was the ML Nemesis series where both versions of the Punisher were MUST-HAVEs for me. Both of those paint jobs represented a classic Punisher look. Alas for Malaysian collectors… this task to find both versions is almost but a stroke of luck & diligent perseverance!

The down side to this ANTMAN discovery is that now each figure cost RM99.90 which makes it so much tougher on the wallet but at the end of the day… the Marvel Legends series still disappear really quickly from the shelves.