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Star Wars 40th Anniversary Fan Celebration 2017 – Malaysia

The Star Wars 40th Anniversary Fan Celebration 2017 – Malaysia dubbed​ #TheForceis40 event – is happening right now at the Blue & Orange Atrium at Sunway Pyramid. The Orange Atrium is where all the Brands are participating (as in the photos – Hasbro, Hot Wheels, Royal Selangor etc. The Blue Atrium is where the Fan Communities will be having their activities this weekend.

The schedule as stated in the first 2 shots. After last years #GoRogueMY Rogue One movie event, it’s great to see another Star Wars event so soon 🙂

Full album here on Facebook: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Fan Celebration 2017 – MALAYSIA.

My Top 5 most impressive stuff today were:
1) The Lego displays by the LUG of Malaysia​. Inspired the photographer in me 😀

2) #HotWheels Tracks to try!! 


3) That NEW Royal Selangor​ #RoyalSelangor #Pewter #MillenniumFalcon Millennium Falcon with retractable landing gear!! OMG a gorgeous RM2,200!

4) That NEW Royal Selangor Pewter #LukeSkywalker lightsaber! Beautiful!!

5) Glad to see PlayStation Asia​ there with the #PS4 with #StarWarsBattleFront demo stations & Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. 6 Stations to try them but the MOST IMPRESSIVE was the ability to try the #PSVR demo mission on Star Wars Battlefront​! Get in the cockpit of the classic T-65 X-Wing! Fly thru space with Red Squadron, back at your R2 unit, look down at your pilot suit, your boots, your gloves, your X-Wing dash board…. and even WATCH YOURSELF BREATHE!! It was amazing!!

So don’t forget to swing by this gigantic fan event. Almost all the Star Wars fan communities will be present & running their own activities on the weekend. Despite this being a fan event – official recognised (by Lucasfilm Ltd) groups such as The 501st Legion Malaysia Garrison, The Rebel Legion Malaysia Outpost, Fightsaber Malaysia and Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club will be in attendance! “Today will be a day long remembered!”

#PopCultureFunMY #StarWarsCelebration #StarWarsMalaysia #FightsaberMY #Fightsaber #Lego #LegoStarWars


STGCC 2015 Updates

Official news from STGCC!! More good stuff for the fans!


Singapore, 27 August 2015 – The eighth installment of the biggest annual pop culture event in Singapore, the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC), continues to bring a myriad of attractions to the show on September 12-13 at Marina Bay Sands! Hot Toys is thrilled to be joining the event once again this year and will be bringing a wide range of latest collectible figures from Marvel and Star Wars to fans to enjoy in the region! One of the most exciting and attention-grabbing news will be the world premiere and pre-order of exclusive 1/6th scale collectible figures from Iron Man and Star Wars by Hot Toys! Fans remember to stay tuned for more updates when the event date draws near!

Bringing even more exclusives and unique artworks to STGCC is the diverse mix of creative talent at Artist Alley, recording its largest turnout this year with 178 participants from 11 countries.

More notable personalities from Japan will also be joining the line-up of pop culture personalities at this year’s STGCC. Acclaimed voice actor Tomokazu Sugita and game designer Mori Toshimichi come from behind-the-scenes to up-close and personal with fans while Japanese crooner You Yanase and song-and-dance sensation Rie Yunohara will be staging a special music and dance segment for the first time in Singapore. Get ready for a weekend of pop culture indulgence at STGCC 2015!


Hot Toy releases to blow your mind

Collectors looking to expand their movie and game collectibles will not have long to wait as Hot Toys is bringing a host of 1/6th scale 2015 Toy Fair Exclusives to STGCC 2015.

The first to be announced is the Iron Man 3 Mark XXIV (Tank) Collectible Figure. The Heavy Combat Suit is made available at STGCC, accompanied by Mark IX and Mark XXVII (Disco) mini collectibles, forming a trio ideal for reenacting the scene in the Iron Man 3 poster featuring the House Party Protocol Suits fired up in mid-air!

Feeding more movie mania is the Maria Hill Collectible Figure. The tenacious agent from The Avengers will finally come in the form of a collectible, much to the delight of fans. Yet another spine-tinglingly movie-accurate collectible from Hot Toys, this piece is based on the image of actress Colbie Smulders.

One year after Hot Toys celebrated winning the rights to produce characters from the Star Wars universe at STGCC, the toy manufacturing giant releases a special version of Luke Skywalker, designed based on the image of actor Mark Hamill, disguised as a Stormtrooper, reminiscent of the scene in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, where Skywalker slips into the detention centre to rescue Princes Leia.

Collectors will know that movie-centric toys are not all Hot Toys is noted for. To show gaming collectible geeks some love, Hot Toys brings cyborg Raiden, one of the most famous characters from the game series Metal Gear, to STGCC. The Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance character stands gloriously armored in striking metallic red and gold.

Action City releases the Jiang Shi (Glow in the Dark Version) of BE@RBRICK at STGCC 2015. A collaboration with Medicom Toy, this exclusive is in remembrance of iconic Hong Kong vampire films of yesteryear like Mr Vampire (僵 尸 先 生 ) and Encounters of the Spooky Kind ( 鬼 打 鬼 ). Collectors can get their hands on the 100% and 400% versions, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready for the 1000% version on display!


Get your ‘green’ on with Hulk vs Hulkbuster

Are you big, green and mean enough? Be sure to practice your Hulk face and muscle-flexing as fans will get to challenge the real deal at STGCC. Requiring three months of labour from over 30 staff and partners, as well as an additional 8 hours to set up for display, is the 7m x 8.5m Hulk vs Hulkbuster. The jaw-dropping installation will keep you entertained with many a photo opportunity. 


Largest Artist Alley turnout at STGCC 2015

This year, 178 participants from 11 countries will call Artist Alley home for the weekend. Singapore-based Pobber is one of them, bringing five exclusives, from their one-of-a-kind toy display rack, Autumn Stag, to their sultry Bella Lee, given a vintage touch with the Noir edition. Black Seed from Hong Kong will release two exclusives, Cocoa Monster and Corm Monster, both adorable curios designed and hand-sculpted by its gifted founder, Kenneth Tang.


Hotshots in Comic Illustration STGCC is thrilled to announce more top-notch artists from the West that promise to excite comic fans

Jim Cheung, the brilliant penciler whose exclusive engagement with Marvel Comics has spawned Young Avengers, will come to Singapore for the first time to attend the show. Currently working on Secret Wars and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., he has also penciled for Marvel series Axis and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. Outside of Marvel, Jim has amassed an extensive portfolio of illustration projects that range from co-creating Scion for CrossGen Comics to penciling for Kill Bill (The Village Voice), and has worked with The New York Times, ESPN, Mattel and Dorling Kindersley (DK Books). 

llustrator and conceptual designer Adi Granov will be back for his second appearance at STGCC. His work on Iron Man: Extremis spurred the formation of the Marvel movie universe and paved the way for his role as a conceptual designer and illustrator on the Iron Man and Avengers films. Star Wars, Darth Vader and Princess Leia comics are just a few of his other notable illustrations. His work can also be seen on the special edition CD release of Opiate by multiplatinum American rock band Tool. 

Behind every superhero and super heroine lies an artist recognised for his vision and artistic talent. Renowned comic book artist Adam Hughes, who will appear for the first time in Asia at STGCC 2015, is one of the best. An Eisner, Harvey and Inkpot award-winner, he has brought to life legendary heroes like Captain America, Hellboy, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. With over 25 years of experience as a professional illustrator, he has worked with notable companies to produce favourites such as DC Comics – Catwoman, Marvel Comics – X Men, Dark Horse Comics – Star Wars Legacy and Warner Bros. Pictures – Wonder Woman. 


Go behind the scenes of the movies and games industries

Voice actors are often the unsung heroes behind many Japanese anime and games. Tomokazu Sugita, an acclaimed seiyuu (voice actor) returns to STGCC with his low and crisp voice. Gintoki of the popular Gintama, Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya and Joseph Joestar of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, are just a few of the adored lead roles in anime he has lent his voice to. He has brought to life characters from video games, such as Ragna the Bloodedge from fighting game BlazBlue.

Mori Toshimichi, the game producer and illustrator who has worked hand in hand with Sugita in many productions such as BlazBlue, will make an appearance in Singapore for the first time at STGCC. Mori, one of the creative forces behind Arc System Works, has produced many other prominent titles including the internationally renowned game P4U and XBLAZE. 2D video gaming fans will also get to know more about the video game producing luminary at the Spotlight on Mori Toshimichi segment. Tomokazu Sugita and Mori Toshimichi will take you behind the scenes by sharing what it is like to be a creator at the Creator Talk Show. While learning about the challenges and rewards that the duo have experienced, the audience will also get an inside scoop in what the pair is collaborating on.


Top cosplayers from the East and West make their Singapore debut at STGCC 2015

Joining the list of explosive guests from the West is Stella Chuu, dubbed Anime Princess of Burlesque for marrying cosplay and burlesque in her one-of-a-kind acts. She will be making her first appearance in Asia at STGCC. Her humorous and risqué performances in themes ranging from Pinkie Pie to Jayne Cobb from Firefly, as well as her trademark TRON routine, are her calling card to fame and saw her touring around the Americas. She is also recognisable for cosplaying Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur, Supergirl Kai and Devil Momura Akemi, all hinting at what she may bring to the table at her maiden appearance in Asia.

From the East, the doll-eyed wonder with sensual curves will come in the form of cosplayer Saku. Hailing from Japan and making her debut appearance in Singapore, she has brought to life the characters Ryuko and Satsuki of Kill la Kill, and Juliet Starling. Apart from female characters from animations, games and fantasy-themed titles including Vocaloid, the charismatic cosplayer also cosplays male characters.

One of Japan’s most well-kept secrets is Kuryu, who will be in Singapore for the first time with fellow cosplay personality Nakoto. The duo often pair up and are expected to enthrall fans at STGCC with a showcase of their artfulness and chemistry as demonstrated through their partnership as characters like Haruka Nanase and Tachibana Makoto of popular anime Free! Other famous anime brought to life through their cosplay are Diamond no Ace, Tiger & Bunny and Gintama.


Music and dance stars from Japan come together for a special segment

This year, STGCC introduces a special segment of music and dance, helmed by songstress You Yanase and song-and-dance professional Rie Yunohara. You Yanase brings her harmonious style of music, “Wa” (和) to the audience at her maiden STGCC appearance. With an individualistic talent for harmonising tradition and modernity, as depicted in both her music and get-up, Yanase enjoys a growing popularity in Japan. Stepping out in 2014 with a solo career based on the “sing and dance” theme after having gained fame as a member of the All Japan Idol National Team at the French Japan EXPO 2013, is Rie Yunohara. Get prepared to be treated to Rie’s strong vocals and energetic moves, all wrapped up with her bubbly personality. 

STGCC tickets are on sale now, priced at SGD$19 for a one-day pass and SGD$28 for a two-day pass. Tickets are available for sale at selected authorised retail outlets and at the event.

Visit http://www.singaporetgcc.com/ticketsqueues for more ticketing details.

Check out http://www.singaporetgcc.com for the latest STGCC news!

STGCC 2014 – Updates

Here are some STGCC updates. Firstly the guest list is now 100% FULLY LOADED!!

SPECIAL Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 36 will be unveiled at STGCC 2014!!

Here is the all important schedule which was just released!

For all the in depth details & latest news go straight to the STGCC website or to their Facebook page.

I’m so looking forward to returning to STGCC since my last trip was in 2009… before the Reed Exhibitions make over & way before the move to the Sands! Hope to see you all there! It’s the Captain signing off!