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PlayStation Experience 2017 SEA – Visit

PCF Logo Final B (300 dpi)

19756563_1621488347883831_7287474631833589029_nHere are some of the sights at the inaugural #PSX2017SEA #PlayStationAsia So what is this PlayStation Experience? – Well basically the PlayStation Experience or PSX for short is an event that showcases the latest / newest / upcoming games for the PlayStation platforms…. PS4, PS VR, PS Vita etc.

r5It started out in 2014 & is a yearly event held in December in America. It debuted in Las Vegas in the first year & has moved to California since. This year, Malaysia is so privileged (if not extremely fortunate), to be the selected country / city for the PSX summer. To have this event in my own country is already a privilege but to be the host for the entire South East Asia region, is yet another honour too.

r9So, the PSX SEA 2017, which I dub to be PSX Summer haha or PSX Asian Summer haha (syiok sendiri because I am so happy), will feature most of the fresh stuff unveiled at the recent E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2017. E3 is an industry-only event, which means if you’re not part of the video game industry in some way, you don’t get to go 😦 But Hey! We got PSX SEA 2017 & it’s in Kuala Lumpur so rejoice!

Again I say rejoice! #Gamer #GamerForLife #Gamer4Life


1) It was announced as a ONE DAY ONLY event = it’s gonna be super packed early, queues were gonna be long and  early birds EXPECTED!

2) Venue announced – KL Live = KL Live is famous for being the go to venue for live show case or mini-concerts. It’s high roof which allows an upper tier seating / viewing is a charm & class that is hard to replicate at a compact venue.

3) With the above 2 points, we kind of guessed that this would be a the experiment event and because PSX is such a special event to the owners, chances it would not stay in Malaysia every year but rather would move around South East Asia.

Special Guest Appearance: Kazunori Yamauchi (Producer Gran Turismo series), Waz Hazmer (Lead Designer Final Fantasy XV), Ryozo Tsuijimoto (Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep), Tomoaki Ayano & Kansuke Sakurai (Marvel vs Capcom Inifinite),

 PlayStation®4 (PS4™): Detroit: Become Human, Everybody’s Golf, Far Cry 5, Gran Turismo Sport, Knack 2, Matterfall, Ni No Kuni II, and Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum Session!, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, FIFA 18, Dragonball Fighterz, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite,

PlayStation®VR (PS VR): Bravo Team, No Heroes Allowed! VR, The Inpatient, Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep, Stifled.

From what I gathered by asking the crowd, friends started lining up from 5am. The first 300 folks would get a goodie bag and from the number of PlayStation events I’ve been to, PS quite generous 🙂


1) That chance to try the latest DEMOS for free, in our own country! 
Seriously, I think Malaysia is the most deprived of having the chance to touch – feel – try the latest games (especially PS VR unless u have a PS VR). Maybe it doesn’t effect me that much as I make my yearly pilgrimage to GAME START ASIA in Singapore. But for all those Malaysia gamer folks who faithfully pre-order their games, get the premium edition collectors set or even the limited edition PS4… they almost have next to no chance to try the new demos, not talking about the ones you can download from the PS Store. So am glad that PS really brought this to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – YAY!

2) All the Special Guest
Well if getting to try the latest demos was rare, getting to meet the game producers of our favourite games is even rarer! Next to never! Not since Wan Hazmer himself brought the Square Enix boss to Comic Fiesta, did we ever get a chance to meet Game Producers of our favourite games!! Or should I say, we had to wait for a Malaysian to succeed in the industry first before they could bring back a guest for us?? xD Kudos again to Mr. Wan Hazmer, STILL doing Malaysia proud! A person like Kazunori Yamauchi is a real headliner for an event, then to have Ayano-san, Sakurai-san and Ryozo Tsuijimoto is a real treat!! Oh did I mention free meet + greet, free autograph signing session and free poster!! Honestly, I was surprised that Ono-san (aka the man that saved Street Fighter) didn’t make an appearance. Again, I am probably a bit spoilt because I get to see most of them every year at GAME START ASIA hehe xD

3) They Chose Malaysia
BROs from PlayStation Asia, our Malaysia ringgit is at and all time low. Please take advantage of it. Your Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, US Dollar are all Titans against us so please to our country for events. 1 event in Singapore = 3 shows in KL xD haha If you need free help, advice or assistance… do contact us! We want to help 😀 [PopCultureFun.MY@gmail.com] r4

4) Generous Freebies
In my experience working with PlayStation through the years, they have always been a very generous entity make lots of SONY IP premiums to be given away to fans & the public. Tee shirts, magnets, key chain, paper clips, tumbler, mobile phone charms, stickers etc. And this was no different. First 300 folks in will get a goodie bag (reminds me of GAME START ASIA xD) then once in, participate in a survey then take a chance at a lucky draw to win anything from PS button badge to a limited edition Horizon Zero Dawn statue of Aloy to a PS VR set!! #TooGenerous r3


5) They used the available space perfectly
I’m not a chief lay out guy but being to KL Live multiple times for numerous events, I am impressed at how they used the space upstairs and down stairs yet still have space for media, VIPs and queue lines. I hope some other entities will consider this venue for something besides concerts 🙂 Check out the videos. r1


On another note:
My first goal was to get all the coverage I could before the crowd gets in. Then again my little site here can’t really compare to all those tech savy giants of websites. Those folks get paid to do what I do… oh well, but still! I am rejoicing to be here!! 😀

After I got my coverage I wanted to try this all new Marvel vs Capcom Infinite huhu The graphics keeps getting more gorgeous as time goes along. I wasn’t sure if I was playing the 4K version but it was satisfying. Also with the fact that Ayano-san is here in attendance says quite a bit on the scale of this game & event!!

Next was to try the PS VR stuff which hard to come by, and I went straight to have a go at the FPS Bravo Team. The idea of it was intriguing but it still had a lot of bugs. I really dig, Light Gun Shooters… if not obsessed with them haha ever since Operation Wolf & Operation Thunderbolt. Anyways since Namco introduced the step-pedal in Time Crisis and then Konami’s Keisatsukan aka Police 911 aka Police 24/7 introduced motion sensors… Gun Simulators would never be the same again. So I was expecting Bravo Team to have a shorter learning curve to get adjusted to the controls but even after 20 mins. Two of the biggest put offs for me was the loading time to play again after dying and the basic point and shoot controls.

Loading time took a while probably because it was a coop mode and you had to wait for your partner to die before you can respawn… anyhow, this did help the learning curve to get to the controls.

The double grip rifle style, had a discrepancy that maybe the game developers or just plainly the demo staff / crew was not ready for – switching from a right handed player to a left handed player. For what ever reason at certain angle as I aim the rifle, the grips would flip 180 on screen and the rifle would be facing me dead right in my chest xD And I am terrified because the respawn time takes so long… then the enemies are shoot at me & I can’t fire back xD haha oh gosh it was terrible.

So I can’t say for sure if it was a game bug or poor calibration or a developer oversight… will be looking to try this game again in the future when there’s opportunity .


Full photo album here: PSX 2017 SEA – VISIT

So many other games to try but time was of the essence. All in all I’m very grateful to be invited to this event and also very happy for Malaysia to be the host for this historical event! All the best to the future PlayStation Experience in South East Asia.

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Gong Xi Fa Chai Luncheon with Playstation

16486905_1403189916392356_5229362412697127898_o_resizeSo fortunate to be invited by PlayStation Asia to a special CNY makan makan. PlayStation Asia Regional Head of Product Management, Mr. Arata Naito, was present to answer any questions we had about 2017. It wouldn’t be just your average PlayStation event if there were no announcements or advance demos. Got a chance to try out 3 games there too.

16463554_1403190309725650_899580824618869940_o_resizeFirst is the much anticipated Horizon Zero Dawn huhu which is an open world action RPG. All the hype is high as Horizon Zero Dawn won Best Original Game at the Game Critics Game Critics Awards 2015 & 2016. The country side environment looks like a page out of middle-earth! It’s also hard to not think that when the main character, heroine Aloy, draws a bow as ranged weapon. 3rd-person player games with Bows are just so intriguing to me!! This action RPG is a PlayStation exclusive & will be released 28 Feb 2017. The game is developed by Guerrilla Games who is best know for their Killzone game series. 16664986_1403189963059018_3463836743865071526_o_resize

Second was Nioh, which was a dark, samurai action RPG set in the 1600s Sengoku period fighting lotsa ‘yokai’ / supernatural foes in 3rd person fashon. This game is developed by Team Ninja & published by Koei Tecmo… some legendary gaming names there! Team Ninja is famous for the sexy fighting game Dead or Alive & … the Ninja Gaiden series. When Koei + 3rd person is mentioned I can’t help but think Dynasty Warriors / Samurai Warriors series. Yes it did turn out that way but with more gorgeous graphics, more skilled gameplay and tough ass baddies to beat. “Tough”? It’s “Ninja Gaiden + Tecmo” tough to beat… if u get my drift. 16463658_1403189896392358_1996014426530068550_o_resize

Third was the Singapore developed Stifled for the VR. This thriller brought a new dimension to suspense & fear by only giving you echolocation to navigate your way in the dark surroundings of this VR environment. That’s some pretty cool inovation & story telling there. Feels so much like Daredevil’s radar sense… sonar abilities… just minus that Ninja training by Stick, to kickass! haha Mr. Justin Ng from Gattai Games was present all the way from Singapore to answer anything we had to ask about the production of the game as well as developing a game for the VR. 16463057_1403190079725673_7931893669677757713_o

Nice afternoon. Looking forward to more PlayStation events in 2017!

Full album here: Chinese New Year Luncheon with Playstation

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*This was held in Hilton PJ, parking rate was horrific RM7 per hour – max flat rate RM30. Unless u went there for a dinner function, you’d be paying RM7 per hour or flat RM30. This is the absolute MOST amount I’ve had to pay for any event coverage. And I thought Mandarin Oriental KL flat rate of RM13 was expensive!! -__-

Game Start 2014 – Guest Update

For those of you all who have not yet heard, there are some additional special guest who will be appearing at Game Start 2014… namely the Game Producers of the following titles. I don’t know about you but I’m a fan & also a collector of sorts, so when I come across something that I really like Games, Comics, Movies – it really excites me to meet the people involved or better yet… produced the actual product! And since they’re already there, why not bring some other titles they’ve worked on. I know I’m packing my PS3 Borderlands & Borderlands 2 for the meeting with the FIREHAWK!! huhu

Anyways, here are the faces you should start to recognize:


Street Fighter series Producer Ono-san (Yoshinori Ono) and Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finalist -Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. 

Yosuke Futami – Producer Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (PS VITA)

Image source Playstation Asia & Game Start Facebook page.

Cosplay Guest Yasemin Arslan (Vera Chimera) from Australia

Guest Cosplayer Yuegene Fay (Mpd Yuegene) from Thailand – Day 1 & Day 2

Tessie Tan is the 3rd Guest Cosplayer from the homeland of Singapore. She has not yet reveal who she will be cosplaying so you all will just have to wait & see.

Tickets still available at the local stores:

See you all at Game Start 2014… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!