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Special Offer Japanese Artist audio CD Albums

Hey friends & fans,

Was going by the usual rounds last month & walked into Speedy Video and saw that they were having (still having checked yesterday) a special offer price for Japanese Artist audio CDs! I think the highlight offer was more for the K-POP stuff… but the part I was only interested in the Japanese CDs section which is really …. really …. really few. All these offer stuff is going for RM31.90! Not particularly amazing price but if you’re a fan of getting the original CD of your favourite band then – EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!! –

Normally these Japanese artist albums range from RM60.90 – RM90 which is way out of my average budget. Even if you buy directly from Japan online… you’ll still have to cough up numbers like this. So with this latest offer price, it is very much welcomed! I hunted down many of the Speedy Video outlets because I’m such a SCANDAL fan and I wanted to see what I could get. So far these were my prized find! The SCANDAL Osaka Jo Hall 2013 concert DVD is such a bonus! I didn’t know they even brought them in. Again – EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!! –

Here are some other nice finds that you all might like:

  • Eir Aoi – Aube (1 Utama & Leisure Mall)
  • Haku – Wonderland (1 Utama)
  • Kalafina – Consolation / The Best “Red” (1 Utama)
  • Scandal – Queen are Trumps (1 Utama & a few others) / Encore Show (only 1 at 1 Utama)
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (can’t remember which one) (Leisure Mall)
  • Ikamono-gakari – Baradon / Newtral / Hajimari no Uta / Members Best Selection (Leisure Mall)
  • Angela Aki – Blue (Mid Valley, Great Eastern Mall)
  • Yui (can’t remember which one) (Leisure Mall)

Happy hunting!

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Cosplay Corner 2016 – 10 Reasons to GO!

It’s just hours away to the debut of the event Cosplay Corner! This is a first time event but it’s not the first event that the organisers are put. Personally I was not for the idea of them after they debut their successful 3DS Corner just last year. It’s pretty quick to embark on a new genre… especially one that’s already been very saturated!

After a short chat with the event director it was clear that Cosplay Corner was not going to be yet another “All in One” ACG event. It’s fundamental design is one that is very close to our heart here at Cosplay-Fun too! “A cosplay centered event to enjoy with friends and fans”.

When the Captain first started cosplaying in 2006, there were no MEGA* events yet except for Comic Fiesta who drew a crowd of 6,000+ folks over 2 days (please correct me if the number is wrong). Events back then were smaller, cozy and had enough space for cosplayers to mingle… chit chat. Avid cosplayers & photographers will know what I’m talking about.

*by mega events – we mean ACG events that can pull in more than 1,000 in attendance*

So we are really excited about Cosplay Corner because it is intentionally designed to be a “cosplay centered” event. Cosplay competition, cosplay market, cosplay performance, cosplay tutorials, cosplay photo competition… even cosplay emcees!! = COSPLAY CENTERED event! :) So with the organisers being gamers at heart + coincidental event date – they are parking the 3DS Gathering 2016 x Pokemon Go Launch at the Cosplay Corner event… at absolutely no extra charge to the entry fee!

Here’s 10 reasons to check out Cosplay Corner! Full article here.

  1. Cup Cat Studios is setting up a sample of background for attendees.

  2. The GG Twins are the Guest Emcees.

  3. Cosplay Stage Competition

  4. Cosplay Photo Competition

  5. Community Activities

  6. Cosplay Tutorials

  7. Cosplay Performers

  8. Guest Videographer

  9. MonHonCoser! (Monster Hunter Cosplayer) Benefits!

  10. Pokemon Go Launch Party! (blog post here)

There is a very nostalgic “humble begins / origins” vibe to it! It’s feels like it’s going to be a place to cosplay with fans & friends… as well as have the chance to meet and make some new ones too!

One of the things Cosplay-Fun always wanted to do was to have cosplay-centered event. This is so lacking in events today which usually opt for the “all in one” event concept style. The other irony is that, for the ACG pop culture genre that is the most visually impressive, crowd pulling and has magic like charisma… it doesn’t get their centered event or rather is NOT the highlight of their own event. And to a certain extend cosplay gets snubbed too at some mega events.

Is the “all in one” better than the “centered” event? We can’t say for sure. Maybe after we’ve organised a mega “all in one” event & a mega “centered” event we can give you some feedback. One thing we can say however, is that if your event is literally your own baby aka brain child, then you should stick to vision / goal in which you set out to achieve.

To all pop culture event organisers out there, keep up the good work! Event organising is a tough job. It’s not meant for everyone… and not everyone who is in it survives for long. Have a good 2nd half 2016!

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Pokemon GO Community Launch Party 2016 – Malaysia

Yes… yet another Pokemon GO event! But wait… we’re calling this one legit because it’s the only event we’ve seen so far that’s “GIVING OUT OFFICIAL LICENSED STUFF!” haha actually it’s much more than that.

On FB we can see a few local radio stations taking turns organising gatherings at KLCC park… and a few other entities starting to do the same. So far none are doing anything more than just cashing in on the initial hype of this fad & calling for people to gather. So, it’s safe for us to say that this Pokemon GO (Community) Launch Party is the first of it’s kind.. and organised by the local gaming folks! They’ve got sponsors giving out licensed plushies… giving out gaming stuff… and tee shirts too! If that’s not a legit game launch party then we don’t know what is!!

*As event organisers ourselves, we can tell you that no one will give you such nice goodies on one weeks notice so it means they must have gambled to prepare for a launch if Pokemon Go did make it to Malaysia!* Good foresight guys!*

Whats the hype?
– over 100 lure modules ready for the event
– 3 Poke Stops with in 100 meters radius of the event area.
– Pokemon Team / Theme cosplayers

Pokemon Contest!!
– Catch them All contest
– Mascot Photo Lucky Draw
– Creative Photo Contest
– Highest CP Contest

– Official Licensed Pokemon merchandise
– Official Licensed Pokemon gaming stuff
– Comic Fiesta special merchandise

#PokemonGo #PokemonGoMY #CosplayCorner #3DSCorner #PokemonGoLaunchParty #CosplayFunMY #TheCaptain #RukiaPlushHeaven #ImpulseGaming #ComicFiesta #GGTwins

Full details on this event segment here – MALAYSIA’S POKEMON GO LAUNCH PARTY

This event is brought to you by the same folks behind the 3DS Corner 2015 at KDU College (Damansara Utama campus) & at Comic Fiesta 2015. Please be informed that this Pokemon Go Launch Party 2016 is not even the main highlight of this weekend. The weekends main event… I can hear the WWE wrestling music anthems playing hahaha… the main event this weekend is actually Cosplay Corner 2016. We at Cosplay-Fun are excited about Cosplay Corner because it intentionally designed to be a “cosplay centered” event. Cosplay competition, cosplay market, cosplay performance, cosplay tutorials, cosplay photo competition… even cosplay emcees!! = COSPLAY CENTERED event! :)

So with the timing coinciding + being gamers at heart they are parking the 3DS Gathering 2016 x Pokemon Go Launch at the event… at absolutely no extra charge to the entry fee!

Cosplay Corner 2016 x 3DS Corner 2016 x Pokemon Go Launch 
13 – 14 August
10am – 6pm
Entrance Fee: RM10 per day

More on Cosplay Corner 2016 to come! Hope to see you there this weekend!


Batman V Superman Run Malaysia – CONTEST GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone, as promotional partners for this exciting run, we’ve already given out the special discount Promo Code in our previous blog post! Now we are going to giveaway 10 free passes to the Batman V Superman Run – Malaysia! In other words, if you are of the winners, your entry fee will be waived! So read on to see how to take part.

Team Batman

Contest Details:
Where? – the contest will take place on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cosplayfun). Wait for the contest post.
When? – the contest begins at 12pm, Thursday, 28 July 2016. Ends at 12pm, Friday 29 July 2016.
Results? – Winners will be announced on Saturday, 30 July 2016 at 12pm.

Team Superman

How to Participate?
1) First you have to LIKE the host page – Cosplay-Fun.
2) In the contest post ‘Comment’ section, please tag 5 fans or friends or runners who you think might like the Batman V Superman RUN & merchandise.
3) Tell us in not more than 30 words, why you’re excited about this run (in the same comment after tagging 5 friends).
4) You can also show us in a photo* – how excited you are about this run. (*Photo is optional)

For a complete entry – contestants need to complete 1) – 3).

Wit, creativity and fandom will be what the judges are looking for! So good luck! 

#BatmanVSupermanRUN #BvSRunMY #BatmanVSuperman
#TeamBatman #TeamSuperman #DCcomics #DC


Batman V Superman Run – Malaysia

Last year Penang got the first ever Justice League Run… this year we get the Batman V Superman RUN right here in the Klang Valley… in Kuala Lumpur to be exact. The classic running route of Padang Merbok will be the starting point for the Team Batman & Team Superman fans. Yes, that’s right… no Team Wonder Woman😦 Sad but who says there won’t be one in the future with the new Wonder Woman movie just finishing filming in May 2016.

Here’s some of the details of the event. For more info just go direct to the official website http://www.batmanvsupermanrun.com.my or you can email info@batmanvsupermanrun.com.my

Runners Singlet


Limited Edition merchandise for participants – 100% Cotton T-shirts (*?*)


Limited Edition merchandise for participant – VIGILANTE / JUSTICE Design (*?*)

Limited Edition merchandise for participant – SILVER FOIL design (*?*)

Limited Edition merchandise for participant – THE BRAVEST design (*?*)


Additional goodies – Justice League T-shirts [Micro Fiber] (*?*) 5 different designs

Superman design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Wonder Woman design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Batman design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Flash design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)

Green Lantern design Microfiber T-Shirt (*?*)





So Cosplay-Fun has hooked up with the organisers for some special treats (3 to be exact) for friends and fans who follow our page and blog. First treat, here is a promo code to get a 10% discount off the entry fee. By the way, you can also use this promo code to get the discount on the early bird fee to making it RM81 (from RM90).

BvS Run MY promo code for CosPlayFun

2nd treat – CONTEST to Giveaway 10 FREE entries is coming soon… in the next 2 days. Announcement here on the blog & contest on our FB page

Act quickly as early bird price ends 31 July 2016 and entries close for good on 31 August 2016!

#BatmanVSupermanRUN #BvSRunMY #BatmanVSuperman #TeamBatman #TeamSuperman #DCcomics #DC











Were you all paying attention? If not then I’m still glad that you all read on till the end of our post. We left a Nygma trail for you guys to follow. Here is the 3rd treat for our friends, fans & readers… we have a special privilege that cannot be revealed publicly. Hint – ‘fan wear’. To find out more about this you need to go to our Facebook page & look for the post. click here…

A tribute to Narukids

I’m so crushed this Monday afternoon to hear of the passing Narukids Deadfish. She lost her  3rd battle with cancer this morning.  I can’t really function to do the tasks I set out to do for today. Maybe after I do this, I can move on.

I said 3rd is because she managed to beat it twice before. And as she decided not to go thru a 3rd battle using chemotherapy again, doctor only gave her 6 months. Mind you doctor told her this early last year. So I’d say she still won this round too! hehe Managed to beat what the doctor said too haha. Maybe he got on to a bonus level or soemthing.. but that what I wanna believe🙂 I think she got in 14 months & more.

She was a VERY very loved person in the community. A friend, cosplayer, colleague, sister, kakak, adik or adek… she was always very gentle, helpful, funny, and HUGE Harry Potter fan aka Potterhead! One of the real “senpai” in our local cosplay community. These days the word ‘senpai’ is thrown around very lightly but I believe that she is one of the few authentic ones. 

Time out from photo shoot to makan cake sambil bergaya!

In my opinion, being a ‘senpai’ is not just about how much one has accomplished but also how much one has accomplished for others. Giving some back to the very community that we are apart of. For me part of what ‘community’ means is that we help each other. We may not know all the youth culture types in Malaysia…. but one thing we do know is that we cosplayers know what the cosplay community in our city is like🙂 One cannot help everyone single person but we do what we can, with what we have. 

She’s been cosplaying for 11 years but still a humble & simple person … very ‘king of the background’ as she likes to be. She helps others with their cosplay projects, she helps her buddies with competition preparations, becomes stage ninja and even attends cosplay events to support her friends who are competing. Once she even came to help us (Cosplay-FUN event) to jaga beg during one of our events because there just wasn’t anyone else around… let alone one who wanted to do something so unglamourous. 


“She appreciated beautiful things and in return was beautiful”.

I remember she saw this pic I took of her & she like it. Then she asked me for it :>

The only comfort for me right now is to know that you are in a better place. A place where sickness, illness & pain can’t harm you ever again. You will always be remembered with the sweetest & fondest memories. To the one and only Narukids Deadfish, my Siti Dura❤ Till we meet again….. will miss you much!

– Every death is a lost but let it help us contemplate our own mortality as we live on –

A tribute to a good friend Lisa Alice, gone too soon. -The Captain-

#Narukids #NarukidsDeadfish #LisaAlice #SitiDarliza


It’s not good bye but a DEPARTURE from this world… Okuribito! This version with the London Symphony Orchestra is so beautiful!

Ghostbusters (2016) Review – NO SPOILERS

Wow! Where do I start? Well I guess – THANKS – is always a good place to start from. So first of all thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia for the invite to the press screening! Cosplay-Fun was able to catch this reboot ahead of all the folks but also getting to experience it in IMAX 3D. So next would be a big thanks to TGV for hosting the press screening at their IMAX 3D cinema.

As you may already know this movie is not part 3 in the series but a reboot of the 80s cult classic movie series Ghostbusters (1984). I was fortunate to be able to catch it’s sequel in the cinema, Ghostbusters II (1989). I think I caught it at Cathay on Jalan Bukit Bintang, haha a hint at how old I am haha. This movie franchise had an interesting mix of comedy, science fiction & the paranormal. What I liked about it was that the cast of the Ghostbusters team played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson had a very good chemistry of humour and character stereotypes that didn’t demean race or ethnicity. And the other thing that is subtle but obvious was that the common folks / geek / nerds / socially weird (but brilliant) triumph over the ‘professional’ folks – aka they SAVE THE DAY! SAVE THE WORLD! Now that is always something to cheer for.


Look at those? I’ve watched all of them, watched the animated ones & also played the game (PS3).  I also have the soundtrack of Ghostbusters II on cassette if any of you still know what that is! Haha I just dropped the verses of Spirit by Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew just to refresh my ‘semangat’ for the movie. It had a good feel.

Now back to what is called Ghostbusters 2016 – just like any reboot or pop culture icon made in to a movie… there will be persecution! Again, let’s start at my favourite place – THANKFULNESS. So first of all thank goodness Uwe Boll was no where near this project because we all know how that would turn out.

In short this movie was great! It was not only a reboot (or some would say ‘genderswap’ reboot), it was also a current day & age UPDATE… if not an UPGRADE! There is so much apt tribute & respect to the franchise. This movie even fills in evolving issues of equipment, gear, locality and socially that even the original movies by passed. It felt more ‘well thought of’ as a whole journey.

TRIBUTE & RESPECT to the franchise – with original writer Dan Aykroyd & original Director Ivan Reitman still around, any fan should be fairly confident the originals will be respected.

Here is the sign of the level of tribute & respect – CAMEOS! The number of cameos is off the charts! Look for familiar faces, places, things, apparitions, names, gear & even lines – “Who you gonna call?”. There’s also tribute to the 80’s as Ghostbusters was an 80’s pop culture icon for a few reasons. MTV started 1981 & music videos were introduced to the Television world. However it always had a bias against black music artist & by 1984… it could no longer ignore the exploits of Michael Jackson hit songs & elaborate music videos (1983). The other hit it could not ignore was Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Who you gonna call?).

CAST – Interesting fact is that Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong  are Saturday Night Live (SNL) regulars and Bill Murray + Dan Aykroyd were SNL stars in their own right. Melissa McCarthy has hosted SNL 4 times. Well this means that they have a knack for comedy! This movie has 6 Oscar Nominees!

I found that these funny ladies did well as a team. They had a comedic chemistry & were able to pull off their character back stories given to them. I’m happy they didn’t do a Battlestar Gallactica – Starbuck in which the 70’s character was a guy & the 2004 series character of the same name is now a girl. So the names Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddmore will be left untouched & this series will be about the adventures of Yates, Gilbert, Holtzman & Tolan.

Two things that stood out for me – the cast performance made me feel empathise with these characters about ‘successful woman’ in this day & age. I thought it was a very important & relevant theme. They win your heart & will get you to root for them! If you think they are weak & powerless = which equals ‘lame’ then this movie is not for you haha The other thing was to break the stereotype of funny people (actor) playing different character genre i.e. Melissa McCarthy: plays a smart mouthed thief (Identity Thief), plays a accidental spy (Spy), plays a old skool street cop (Heat) etc. So for this movie, it felt that the team had some shoes to fill… character guidelines… source material to live up to in which it Melissa McCarthy & team did! Kudos!

*OMG Kate McKinnon! You stole my attention every single time!!*

Kudos! Let’s not forget the talented Chris Hemsworth who was able to show the other side of his talents in his native accent! Great casting. Enjoy his dudsy ‘beefcake’ performance!

Just in case you’re still uncomfortable with the fact that this beloved 80’s icon has become this 2016 ‘genderswap’ reboot, the Ray Parker Jr. classic music theme will not only help usher you along the journey but becomes almost a sort of lay motive for this movie to bridge the old & the new. Tribute again! This really works for me.

DOWNSIDE – Just a 2 minor snags I didn’t like: I was not a fan of the new PKE (psycho kenetic energy) meter haha I like the animated series one! 

To quote Mr. Ray Parker Jr. on the latest Ghostbusters song by Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliot – “It is interesting”. I’m not sold on it but I’m not a narrow minded purest either haha I really enjoy the Ghostbusters II soundtrack! Fans would remember Run DMC did their version of the title song there too. Keeping to another Ghostbusters tribute  which is being a located in the BIG APPLE… New York City! I felt Run DMC was a cool choice!! Ironically Ghostbusters was never shot in NYC xD haha TRIVIA!

CONCLUSION: From my point of view as a fan of movies and pop culture, there’s much to praise & enjoy about this movie. Being a child of the 80s also helps as it was a really exciting era for media, music and technology! Sharing more than the above would give away spoilers and we at Cosplay-Fun would definitely want to save that for you all to experience ON OUR OWN… I mean – on you own. (GB II Soundtrack pun). Girls / ladies / women are here since Day  6 of the Genesis creation and they are here to stay so I don’t see why can’t they get some light of day in Hollywood! Get over it!! Hahaha! Strong relevant themes of friendship, team work & people diversity should be something championed for in this day and age where almost everything surrounding us is trying to divide us. No bikins, skippy clothing, lingerie, cleavage, hot young girls were used to communicate this message either! So I echo again by saying that this 2016 GB Team is an update or even an upgrade from the 80s.

Kudos to Director Paul Feig on a great job as well as surviving the onslaught of death threats by hardcore purist . This gets my 8/ 10 STARS for being more than just a movie to pass the time in the summer! It’s interesting that Paul Feig said that the initial cut ran 4 hours 15 minutes long & now the theatrical release is 1 hour 56 mintues… so I am wondering will there be an extended version later?? ala Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition? hehehe We’ll see!

Watch it in IMAX 3D or 2D digital is not much of a difference but if you like a closer encounter with apparitions & ectoplasm (slime) then go watch it in IMAX 3D.


BUT WAIT!! THAT’S NOT ALL!! Do stay back  when the credits roll to see more pleasant surprises… and 1 POST CREDIT SCENE!! Mind you this is not a Marvel movie!! haha!! It’s a short but good one so stay back hard core fans!!!

Ghostbusters opens in Malaysian Cinemas 14 JULY 2016

#Ghostbusters #GBMY #GhostbustersAdventureLive #SonyPictures

#WhoYouGonnaCall #BustingMakesMeFeelGood #RayParkerJr #DanAykroyd #BillMurray #HaroldRamis #MelissaMcCarthy #KristenWiig #KateMcKinnon #LeslieJones


For more festivities check out the Ghostbusters Adventure Live! at Sunway Lagoon that launches this very week! 

Also did you know that we have our very own official Ghostbusters Malaysia fan club… costumes, props, gear available!! Now pass the Proton Packs! huhu After 27 years…. “Busting makes me feel good” again!! 



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